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Entry Title Date
The 35Th Anniversary Of The Founding Of Full Gospel Assembly Church October 11, 2013
Hakeem Jeffries, D-NY
"The leaders and parishioners of Full Gospel Assembly have touched the lives of countless individuals through their compassionate service. In 1986, the church sponsored its first missionary trip, where 45 parishioners traveled to Guyana to minister to the residents of Georgetown and Linden. The Berean Bible Study Center, which opened in 1989, has trained hundreds to be leaders in the church’s ministries. To meet the needs of its diverse congregation, the church has a wide range of active ministries including those for children, youth, and families."
Tribute To Reverend Randy Lee Ware November 28, 2012
Edolphus Towns, D-NY
"Reverend Ware joined Berean Missionary Baptist Church in 1977 and was baptized under the leadership of the late Dr. Hylton L. James. He entered the ministry at Berean in 1983 under the leadership of Reverend Gus Roman. On April 12, 1992, under the leadership of Dr. Arlee Griffin Jr., he was ordained. He was an associate minister at Berean Missionary Baptist Church and was involved in the Christian Education Department, taught the Young Adult Sunday School class and taught at the Berean Bible Institute. He served two years as the interm minister at Kenilworth Baptist Church, Brooklyn."
Tribute To Ms. Diondra Jade Harp November 28, 2012
Edolphus Towns, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to celebrate and pay tribute to Ms. Diondra Jade Harp for her contributions to the community. Ms. Diondra Jade Harp is a fourth generation member at the historic Berean Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY where Dr. Arlee Griffin, Jr. is their Pastor and Rev. Byron Benton is the Youth Pastor. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Diondra says “I was destined for greatness and am privileged to be one of the honorees of the Concerned Women of Brooklyn, Inc.” Ms. Harp is currently a sophomore at Delaware State University where she is pursuing a degree in criminal justice with a 3.4 grade point average. She is a student mentor for the 2012-2013 incoming freshman class. She is also a member of the Delaware State University Gospel Choir and will join the Concert Choir in the spring of 2013."
Tribute To Percel Jones November 15, 2012
Edolphus Towns, D-NY
"In 1961, he moved to Brooklyn, NY where he applied his skills in restaurants, school lunchrooms and New York hospitals. In 1967, he began employment with the New York City Transit Authority as a conductor, was elevated to motorman and retired as a motor instructor after 24 years, 3 months, and 7 days on the job. He is a member of Berean Baptist church where he serves faithfully as an usher. In 1973, he entered, passed and was raised to a master mason in African 459 Lodge #63, PHA."
A Tribute To Tremaine Antoine Price June 19, 2012
Edolphus Towns, D-NY
"Tremaine Price is a drama minister and playwright, his original play is titled “For Christian Girls” and it debuted in August 2011. He strives to incorporate performance art into worship, which not only means acting out skits, but also revealing the truths of our triumphs, fears, suffering, and joys through the Christian faith. He is a member of the Young Adult Ministry (Praise Team), the Berean Brotherhood, and the servant leader for the Spiritual Expressions Drama Ministry. He intends on pursuing higher education degrees in Theatre Education and hopes to one day grace the Broadway stage."

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