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birth control

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National Equal Pay Day April 12, 2016
Elizabeth Warren, D-MA
"Even though we have solid data, the Republicans in Washington refuse to act. Heck, they would rather spend their time trying to defund Planned Parenthood health clinics and cut women’s access to birth control than do anything—anything at all—to give working women a raise."
Additional Statements March 17, 2016
Tammy Baldwin, D-WI
"Tamara quickly gained the respect of her colleagues as a passionate, strong voice for equity, fairness, and the expansion of opportunity. She immersed herself in the legislative process as a member of the joint finance committee and as chair of the assembly committee on children and families. She was an outspoken and effective advocate on critical issues such as access to scientifically based sex education and birth control, expansion of transitional jobs to connect unemployed individuals with work, examination of the State’s disproportionate Black incarceration rate, and the collection of racial data in police traffic stops. She stood fast against opposition to low-income tax credits and quality health care for low-income Wisconsin residents."
Women’S Health Care March 10, 2016
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"Louisiana just passed its own version of HB2. Just yesterday the news came down that legislators in Florida have passed a similar measure. The Florida bill goes one dangerous step further by going after funding for Planned Parenthood. Attacks on Planned Parenthood aren’t anything new, not in statehouses like Tallahassee or here in the Congress. When you threaten Planned Parenthood in this way, you are going far beyond restricting access to abortion. Here is the list of vital women’s health care services which have absolutely nothing to do with abortion, and these services which have nothing to do with abortion are under threat: pregnancy testing, birth control, prenatal services, HIV testing, cancer screenings, vaccinations, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, basic physical exams, treatment for chronic conditions, pediatric care, hospital and specialist referrals, adoption referrals, nutrition programs."
When Weakness Is Provocative March 3, 2016
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"Apparently, some religious beliefs dictate against birth control. Mine doesn’t, my Christian beliefs. But I absolutely respect the religious beliefs of those who are against it. They should not have to pay for people to violate their religious beliefs."
Women’S Right To Health Care February 29, 2016
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"Another woman wrote saying that she had a child at 13 and gave up the child for adoption. After that she made the choice to get educated about family planning and birth control. She couldn’t afford to go to a family doctor, so Planned Parenthood was where she turned to make sure she never had to go through that experience again."

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