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Occurrences in the Congressional Record

Entry Title Date
The Hudson River School Of Painting April 8, 2014
Eliot Engel, D-NY
"I rise today not only to celebrate the Hudson River School’s contributions to America’s artistic canon, but also to the environment they so beautifully immortalize."
When All Oppression Shall Cease December 5, 2013
Frank Wolf, R-VA
"During the debate in the House of Commons, Canon Andrew White, famously dubbed the “Vicar of Baghdad” as he oversees the only Anglican Church in Iraq, was quoted as saying that Christians “are frightened even to walk to church because they might come under attack. All the churches are targets.”"
Congratulating Actors Theatre Of Louisville On The Occasion Of Its 50Th Anniversary Season September 26, 2013
John Yarmuth, D-KY
"Since its formation in 1963, Actors Theatre has transformed from a scrappy collective headquartered in a tiny downtown loft to one of the nation’s premier artistic institutions and a staple of the city’s downtown revitalization. Its world-class collection of theatre artists and administrators have introduced more than 400 new, original plays into the American theater canon, and they continue to defy even the highest expectations."
Honoring John Brenkle February 14, 2013
Mike Thompson, D-CA
"Monsignor Brenkle attended St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park, California, and was ordained on June 14, 1958 through the Archdiocese of San Francisco. He received his Doctorate in Canon Law from The Catholic University of America in 1962. He served as Chancellor of the Diocese in Santa Rosa until 1971, followed by two years of teaching in Zambia."
Honoring Montana’S World War Ii Veterans September 21, 2012
Denny Rehberg, R-MT
"Lee Alderdice (Polson, MT); Milton Lyman Amsden (Broadus, MT); Harry A. Arvidson (Lincoln, MT); Peter N. “Bert” Bertram (Absarokee, MT); Leonard E. “Len” Bestrom (Laurel, MT); Warren Charles Bodecker (Plains, MT); Ralph Floyd Brewington (Broadview, MT); James C. “Jim” Brook (Lewistown, MT); William Boner “Bill” Brown (Billings, MT); Jackson Lamar “Jack” Burger (Lavina, MT); Filmore Burton Canon (Broadus, MT); John M. Clark (Butte, MT); Harold Lee “Hal” Conrad (Lewistown, MT); Hollis E. Coon (Butte, MT); Gool Counts (Livingston, MT); Carley Rhein Cromwell (Missoula, MT); Leo Eckhardt (Billings, MT); James E. “Jim” Elander (Missoula, MT); James “Jim” Ellison (Billings, MT); Charles T. “Bosco” Eskro (Billings, MT); Frank D. Evans (Billings, MT); Alvin Oscar Fisher (Billings, MT); Samuel W. Frank (Laurel, MT); Durl J. Gibbs (Buffalo, MT); Raymond P. “Ray” Gregori (Hungry Horse, MT); Robert Glover Hall (Potomac, MT); Charles E. “Chuck” Halstead (Columbus, MT); Thomas A. “Tom” Hanel (Billings, MT); Russell LeRoy Hartse (Missoula, MT); James “Jim” Hasterlik (Great Falls, MT); Milam V. Hearron (Billings, MT); McDonald Watkins “Don” Held (Billings, MT); Lewis Wiliam “Louie” Holzheimer (Great Falls, MT); Bernard E. “Barney” Ilertson (Corvallis, MT); Earl T. Jackson (Deer Lodge, MT); Elwin M. Johnson (Laurel, MT); George L. Kimmet (Billings, MT); Vincent Leo “Vince” Koefelda (Laurel, MT); Vernon Lee “Vern” Koelzer (Billings, MT); Frank J. Koncilya (Lewistown, MT); Andre Rioul “Andy” Kukay (Great Falls, MT); Willard E. “Bud” LaCounte (Billings, MT); Albert Raymond “Al” Lasater (Ryegate, MT); Harold J. Lasater (Forsyth, MT); Gorvan J. “Duke” LeDuc (Laurel, MT); Oscar Lawrence “Lawrence” Lee (Shepherd, MT); Norman D. Leonard (Billings, MT); Joseph Biggs “Joe” Litle (Bozeman, MT); Max E. Long (Laurel, MT); Robert W. Lubbers (Billings, MT); Leonard John “Pat” Mager (Harlowton, MT); James J. Marshall (Missoula, MT); William R. “Bill” Matthew (Anaconda, MT); Paul Messer (Billings, MT); Elizabeth Steele “Betty” Meyer (Paradise, MT); Geraldine E. “Gerry” Mihalic (Missoula, MT); Gerald Kenneth “Jerry” Nelson (Billings, MT); John H. “O’bie” O’Bannon (Stevensville, MT); Clarence Allan “Ole” Olson (Billings, MT); Eddie C. Olson (Vida, MT); Ray A. “Ole” Olson (Billings, MT); Thomas F. “Pat” Patterson (Stevensville, MT); Roy Louis “Pete” Peters (Roy, MT); John W. Porter (Deer Lodge, MT); Carl “Corky” Redding (Billings, MT); Michael Gene Rhodes (Billings, MT); Robert V. “Bob” Ryan (E. Helena, MT); Charles Franklin “Frank” Sandford (Missoula, MT); Dave Schledewitz (Townsend, MT); Laurence Norbert Shipp (Miles City, MT); William James “Jim” SiveIle (Poison, MT); Anthony William “Bill” Skorupa (Bridger, MT); Charles E. “Chuck” Smith (Billings, MT); Donald E. Smith (Melville, MT); Kenneth C. “K.C.” Smith (St. Regis, MT); Robert M. “Bob” Standefer (Billings, MT); John R. “Jack” Stevenson (Missoula, MT); Frank Phillip Thatcher (Billings, MT); Clifford V. “Cliff” Thomsen (Billings, MT); Robert E. “Bob” Torgrimson (Billings, MT); Ronald Wilmar “Buck” Torstenson (Kalispell, MT); James Arthur “Jim” Vick (Billings, MT); Albert “Al” Wade (Billings, MT); James Forest “Jim” Walker (Billings, MT); Bernard Edgar Wanderaas (Vida, MT); Joseph A. “Joe” Weber (Deer Lodge, MT); Allen L. “Buster” Whittington (Billings, MT); Bryce Wood Williams (Billings, MT); Andrew R. “Pete” Winter (Ronan, MT)."

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