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50Th Anniversary Of Medicare And Medicaid July 30, 2015
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Mr. President, Republicans called it “the beginning of socialized medicine.” The Wall Street Journal accused Democrats and the President of “politicking with a nation’s health.” One Republican Senator called the health care law “brazen socialism.”"
Prohibiting Federal Funding Of Planned Parenthood Federation Of America—Motion To Proceed—Continued July 30, 2015
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"Put simply, Medicaid is probably the worst health insurance in the country and the President’s health care law did nothing to improve the quality of care provided by the program. Fewer and fewer doctors accept Medicaid because it pays them so little, and the program’s reimbursement formulas for prescription drugs limit beneficiaries’ access to a number of important medications."
Hire More Heroes Act Of 2015—Continued July 28, 2015
John Barrasso, R-WY
"Mr. President, every day it seems as though Americans are hearing more and more news about how badly ObamaCare is failing. Some of the latest headlines have had to do with just how expensive health insurance is going to be next year under the President’s health care law. The price increases that are being reported are truly staggering. Insurance companies are planning to raise rates 20 percent, 30 percent, even 40 percent on some of their plans, and they say it is because of the health care law."
Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act June 24, 2015
John Thune, R-SD
"Unfortunately, missing systems are just par for the course when it comes to the President’s health care law."
King V. Burwell Decision June 22, 2015
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"We know what the health care law has meant in Ohio and across the country. Patients can’t be dropped from coverage or charged higher rates just because they got sick. Also, 97,000 young Ohioans have been able to stay on their parents’ health insurance until their 26th birthday, giving them the chance to focus on careers, education, and future plans. Lifetime insurance caps are no longer bankrupting people with chronic conditions. Those with preexisting conditions, such as children with diabetes and asthma, will no longer be denied coverage or charged higher premiums."

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