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Obamacare April 27, 2016
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"So the bottom line is this: Americans continue to be unfairly hurt by a health care law that was forced on them through backroom deals and is literally littered with broken promises. Too many have seen their premiums and deductibles skyrocket. Too many have suffered from tax increases and lost coverage. Now too many are set to face even fewer choices and significant price hikes in the year to come."
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016—Continued April 26, 2016
John Barrasso, R-WY
"Remember, the President said to Democrats that they should forcefully defend and be proud of that health care law, but one out of four Americans—25 percent of Americans—say they have been personally harmed by the President’s health care law. So we put it on his desk to do a repeal, and he vetoed that."
America’S Small Business Tax Relief Act Of 2015—Motion To Proceed— Continued April 5, 2016
John Barrasso, R-WY
"Mr. President, a couple of weeks ago was the sixth anniversary of President Obama’s unpopular health care law. Every year at this time, that birthday is not one people actually want to celebrate. When we take a look at the reasons Americans aren’t celebrating ObamaCare’s sixth birthday, it is pretty obvious. Let’s read them: unsecured data through the Web site, fewer provider choices, over $1 trillion in new taxes on American families, 2 million jobs’ worth of hours lost, and skyrocketing premiums and deductibles. It is no surprise that the health care law continues to be very unpopular."
Federal Reserve Transparency Act Of 2015—Motion To Proceed January 12, 2016
John Barrasso, R-WY
"Mr. President, tonight President Obama will be coming to Congress to deliver his final State of the Union Address. His advisers have been all over television talking about what the President is planning to say. Tonight, I expect President Obama will talk a little about the health care law. Last year in his State of the Union Address, the President bragged—he actually bragged—that more people have insurance now than when he took office. I expect he will probably say something similar tonight."
The State Of The Union January 12, 2016
John Thune, R-SD
"In addition to the lack of economic opportunity, families have had to shoulder new burdens thanks to the Obama administration. Chief among those burdens, of course, is ObamaCare, the President’s disastrous health care law, which has failed to reduce the cost of health care, ripped away millions of Americans’ preferred health care plans, forced families onto insurance plans they don’t want and can’t afford, reduced patients’ access to doctors and hospitals, increased taxes, and wasted literally billions of taxpayer dollars."

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