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Entry Title Date
Personal Explanation May 13, 2014
Yvette Clarke, D-NY
"Had I been present, I would have voted “yes” on rollcall No. 212, the Castor amendment; “yes” on rollcall No. 213, the Jackson-Lee amendment; “yes” on rollcall No. 214, the Wilson (FL) amendment; “yes” on rollcall No. 215, the Langevin amendment; and “yes” on rollcall No. 216, the Bonamici amendment."
Success And Opportunity Through Quality Charter Schools Act May 13, 2014
Diana DeGette, D-CO
"Mr. Chair, today I rise in support of the Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Act, H.R. 10. I believe it is imperative that America provide high-quality public education so that our students can succeed and compete in the global economy. I am a strong supporter of public education, from early education programs such as Head Start and Pre-K to higher education and career and technical education. As we look to improve educational outcomes, we cannot overlook the promise of innovative teaching practices and charter schools. This new authorization of the Charter School Program makes important improvements to the existing charter school framework. In particular, I support provisions to aid in the dissemination of best practices from charter schools to other public schools, and the updated language that helps extend the reach of charter schools into communities that are currently underserved, including minorities and those with special needs. However, the underlying bill is not perfect. While one of the founding ideas behind charter schools is to reduce red tape and let educators take the reins, there have been worrying reports of gross mismanagement and embezzlement of public funds by some charter school staff, which requires some attention. I think the amendment offered by Representative Castor goes some way to addressing this issue, which would require the Department of Education to develop and publish regulations addressing conflicts of interest surrounding charter schools. In addition, I support the amendments offered by Representative Jackson Lee and Representative Bonamici respectively, which would increase the information available to parents and the public related to attendance of charter schools, and the efforts in disseminating and implementing best practices across the public school spectrum. There is more work to be done improving our education system, but we must be mindful not to create a two-tiered public school system. I hope H.R. 10 provides the intended improvements to charter schools, and the public education system as a whole."
Success And Opportunity Through Quality Charter Schools Act May 9, 2014
Sean Duffy, R-WI
"Mr. Speaker, on Friday, May 9, 2014, I was at home in Wisconsin taking care of my amazing wife and our new baby daughter. Had I been present. I would have voted in the following ways: H.R. 4438—American Research and Competitiveness Act “yea,” Castor Amendment “nay,” Jackson Lee Amendment “nay,” Wilson (FL) Amendment “yea,” Langevin Amendment “yea,” Bonamici Amendment “yea,” H.R. 10—Success and Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools “yea.”"
Success And Opportunity Through Quality Charter Schools Act May 9, 2014
John Kline, R-MN
"The Acting CHAIR. The question is on the amendment offered by the gentlewoman from Florida (Ms. Castor)."
Women’S History Month March 11, 2014
Alan Grayson, D-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today in honor of Women’s History Month, to recognize State Representative Karen Castor Dentel. Karen is a third-generation Floridian raised in Tampa. She earned a degree in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University, a Masters from UNC Chapel Hill, and a PhD from the University of Florida."

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