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Entry Title Date
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 April 8, 2014
Chris Van Hollen, D-MD
"I am now pleased to yield 1\1/2\ minutes to the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Castro), a distinguished member of the Armed Services Committee who has focused a lot on defense."
Paycheck Fairness Act—Motion To Proceed—Continued April 7, 2014
Robert Menendez, D-NJ
"Since the end of the Cold War, peace, prosperity and progress has largely been the order of the day for hundreds of millions of people but not for the people of Cuba. Not one of those core principles of democracy can be found on the island. Fidel and Raul Castro have been the only names on any ballot in over 50 years. Not one free election has been held, not one Cuban has been allowed to own their own company, not one legitimate trade union has been allowed to be organized, and not one peaceful protest has occurred without being brutally squashed by the regime."
Cuban People Deserve Freedom April 3, 2014
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-FL
"The funds help provide technology-based training to get through—to cut through the censorship of the Castro brothers. Our goal is to stimulate new ideas to help the Cuban people tackle pressing issues such as human rights abuses."
Affordable Care Act April 2, 2014
Mark Takano, D-CA
"It has been a pleasure sharing this time with you on the floor, Representative Castro."
Honoring Ms. Rosa Maria Paya Acevedo March 27, 2014
Mario Diaz-Balart, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, in recognition of Women’s History Month, I rise today to honor Rosa Maria Paya Acevedo, an outstanding individual who has been a strong advocate for a democratic Cuba and an inspiration to women around the world. Ms. Paya Acevedo was born on January 10, 1989 in Havana, Cuba. She graduated with a degree in physics and is an active member of El Cerro en La Habana, a Catholic parish where she participated in youth groups and parish activities in her childhood. Her parents, Oswaldo Paya Sardinas and Ofelia Acevedo Maura, were the leaders of the Christian Liberation Movement, and she soon became very involved in the organization herself. Ms. Paya Acevedo collaborated with Harold Cepero Escalante to coordinate the younger members of the Christian Liberation Movement and eventually published “Somos Liberacion,” a newsletter the group still continues to write. Unfortunately, her life took a tragic turn in July of 2012 when her father and Mr. Cepero Escalante were both killed in a car crash under suspicious cirumcstances. There is significant evidence, including statements from Angel Carromero, the Spanish politician who was driving the car, that the Castro regime is responsible for the deaths of Mr. Paya and Mr. Cepero Escalante. After her eloquent speech before the U.N. in February 2013 about the need for a formal investigation of the accident, she returned to Cuba and began receiving death threats. This has forced her to live in exile in the United States, where her relentless journey to achieve justice for the death of her father and Mr. Cepero Escalante continues. Her courageous and determined spirit is truly inspiring. Mr. Speaker, I am honored to pay tribute to Ms. Rosa Maria Paya Acevedo for her continued fight for democracy and truth against the murderous Castro regime, and I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing this remarkable individual."

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