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Entry Title Date
Tribute To Mg (Ret) Joe Robles September 19, 2014
Joaquin Castro, D-TX
"In 2010, Joe led the San Antonio and Bexar County United Way campaign to a record result, and in 2012, he was tapped by my brother, then-San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, to co-chair the city’s Brainpower Initiative, which led to the Pre-K 4 SA program to fund preschool education for thousands of San Antonio’s children."
Personal Explanation September 11, 2014
Terri Sewell, D-AL
"Mr. Speaker, I would like to submit an explanation for my absence during legislative business on the evening of Monday, September 8 and Tuesday, September 9. On these two days, I was in my district hosting the United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro during their visit to the 7th Congressional District of Alabama. I hosted Secretary Duncan for a stop in Birmingham on his 5th Annual Back-to-School Bus Tour. We met with community leaders, educators, parents, and other education advocates in Alabama to showcase reforms and investments the Department has made in Birmingham and across the State of Alabama. Secretary Castro joined me on his first visit to the 7th District since being sworn in as the HUD Secretary. During their visit, the cabinet secretaries and I participated in a “My Brother’s Keeper” panel discussion at Phillips Academy which was attended by community leaders, educators, and many bright young students from throughout Birmingham. Considered and passed by the House during my absence was H. Res. 644, a resolution condemning President Obama for the exchange of five Guantanamo Bay prisoners for the release of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. I would like to state for the record that I supported President Obama’s decision to act swiftly and exercise his constitutional responsibility as Commander-in-Chief to protect the lives of U.S. service members. Furthermore, I agree with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who unanimously supported the exchange, along with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. The United States has a sacred obligation when sending our service men and women onto the field of battle with the assurance that we will honor their sacrifice by leaving no one behind. Army General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said the swap was “likely our last, best opportunity” to free Sergeant Bergdahl. The timing of this condemnation was also particularly poor. The debate and vote coincided with a meeting in which the President discussed his strategy to confront ISIS with House and Senate leaders at the White House and a day before his address to the nation. At a time when the President needs Congressional support in rallying international support to combat the rising threat of Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, I believe the timing of this vote was counter to our national interests. I am disappointed that House Republicans chose such inappropriate timing to conduct their political gamesmanship."
Waiving Requirement Of Clause 6(A) Of Rule Xiii With Respect To Consideration Of Certain Resolutions Reported From The Committee On Rules, And Providing For Consideration Of Motions To Suspend The… August 1, 2014
Jim McGovern, D-MA
"Mr. Speaker, it is my privilege to yield 1 minute to the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Castro)."
Legislative Session July 21, 2014
Ted Cruz, R-TX
"When Hugo Chavez’s death was confirmed 15 months ago, there were hopes that his hand-picked successor Nicolas Maduro would prove more moderate and friendly to the United States. These hopes quickly proved groundless, as Maduro doubled down on his predecessor’s disastrous socialist economic policies and his close partnership with Castro‘s Cuba, not to mention Khamenei’s Iran."
Lowering Gasoline Prices To Fuel An America That Works Act Of 2014 June 26, 2014
Rob Bishop, R-UT
"Now even though the Cubs manager went out there, claiming how unfair this was—and I was yelling at the TV screen for hours afterwards—history books will still say that Castro had a strikeout at this particular event."

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