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In Honor Of Bob Conners Upon His Retirement From 610-Wtvn December 12, 2011
Pat Tiberi, R-OH
"Bob came to Columbus from Pittsburgh over 40 years ago and since then has brought acclaim to and instilled pride in the central Ohio community. His morning show, Bob Conners in the Morning became one of the most popular shows in the area, attracting listeners from miles around. Known as the “Morning Monarch” for his longstanding service to the station, Bob eloquently presented national and local news, along with sports, weather and traffic reports."
In Honor Of Mr. Alex A. Boudreaux March 3, 2011
Pat Tiberi, R-OH
"After 90 years of life, Alex Boudreaux recently passed away leaving a legacy of unwavering service to his country and to central Ohio. In light of his contributions and service, I believe he deserves great respect and admiration. He will be a sorely missed member of the central Ohio community and his influence will be felt for years to come."
H.R. 4840, To Designate The Facility Of The United States Postal Service Located At 1979 Cleveland Avenue In Columbus, Ohio, As The “Clarence D. Lumpkin Post Office” March 24, 2010
Pat Tiberi, R-OH
"I hope you will join me in honoring the life and accomplishments of Clarence D. Lumpkin and recognizing his dedication to the Central Ohio community."
Recognizing The Work Of Jim Mccann July 31, 2009
Pat Tiberi, R-OH
"For several decades, Jim served the Central Ohio community as the principal of Westerville North High School, passionately dedicating himself to the education of thousands. We all should strive to make a difference in this world, and Jim brought a remarkable level of energy and decency to his job, winning admiration from the community for his commitment to “The Warrior Way.”"
Recognizing The Retirement Of Joseph W. Testa As Auditor Of Franklin County, Ohio July 31, 2009
Pat Tiberi, R-OH
"In addition to his work with the county as an elected official, Joe made a lasting impression on the greater Central Ohio community. Driven by his deep faith, he has made service a priority throughout his life. Serving as an adjunct professor at The Ohio State University, and a founder of a local charter school, Joe spent much of his free time helping provide a quality education for area students. Joe also founded a local non-profit which helps to locate, renovate and restore veteran gravesites going back to the Revolutionary War, ensuring that all veterans are remembered for their sacrifice."

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