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Keystone Xl Pipeline Act January 29, 2015
Lisa Murkowski, R-AK
"I would like to recognize my staff on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee who have done a fabulous job with every part of this process: My staff director, Karen Billups, Pat McCormick, Kellie Donnelly, Colin Hayes, Lucy Murfitt, Tristan Abbey, Kate Williams, Robert Dillon, Chelsea Thompson, Chuck Kleeschulte, Cathy Cahill, Chris Kearney, Mike Pawlowski, Chester Carson, Mike Tadeo, Isaac Edwards, Jason Huffnagle, and Brian Hughes, on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and on my personal staff as well. Our interns on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Samin Peirovi and Will Treadwell, also did a great job assisting my staff, including putting together binders, making sure we had the current amendments and the modifications that were in front of them. So they did a great job as well."
Honoring Our Armed Forces July 16, 2014
James Inhofe, R-OK
"Mr. President, it is my honor to also honor the life and sacrifice of Army SGT Anthony Del Mar Peterson, of Chelsea, OK who died on August 4, 2011, serving our nation in Paktya province, Afghanistan. Sergeant Peterson was assigned to B Company, 1st Battalion, 279th Infantry, 45th Brigade Combat Team, OK Army National Guard."
Workforce Innovation And Opportunity Act June 25, 2014
Lamar Alexander, R-TN
"We know these bills don’t just suddenly appear. The Senate Legislative Counsel staff work long hours on the bill and then on the amendments, so I would like to especially thank Liz King, Amy Gaynor, Chelsea Koester, and Kristin Romero."
In Honor Of Barbra Minch, President And Ceo Of The William F. Ryan Community Health Center June 17, 2014
Jerrold Nadler, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to join the people of New York’s tenth congressional district in saying a fond farewell to President and CEO of the William F. Ryan Community Health Center, Barbra Minch, as she enters her retirement. After 35 years of service to the community, Barbra leaves behind an incomparable legacy and has been an immeasurable asset to the community as a whole. The Ryan Center’s wonderful contributions would not have been possible without her dedicated service. Barbra E. Minch has lived and worked in the Upper West Side community for over 42 years. As a single parent raising two children, Ms. Minch has been an advocate for affordable housing and quality public schools, a teacher, and an educational administrator. In 1979, Ms. Minch joined the William F. Ryan Community Health Center as an Administrator, and was soon promoted to Deputy Director. In 1995, she was appointed Executive Director by the Board of Directors, and was then appointed President & CEO in 2001. In this role, Ms. Minch provided leadership to 17 sites throughout Manhattan and has represented the Ryan Center in the Community Health Center movement on a federal and statewide scale, contributing unmatchable leadership and philanthropy. Over the years, I have worked with Barbra on many issues regarding health care on the Upper West Side, in Chelsea and Clinton, and in Lower Manhattan. I have always found her to be irrepressible, creative, energetic, and singularly focused on improving access to quality health care at minimal cost to the low-income people among us. Our community has been blessed by Barbra’s energy and dedication for many years, and despite her having trained and put in place a dedicated team to continue her work, we shall sorely miss her continuing contributions."
Honoring High School Seniors From Wayne, Macomb And Oakland Counties That Have Enlisted In The Armed Forces May 19, 2014
Candice Miller, R-MI
"Allyn, Vincent; Anderson, Clintina; Andrews, Donovon; Atiyeh, Alecia; Avery Conner, Rhonda; Bakare, Adebowale; Ball, Jeffery; Bennett, Steven; Berschbach, Alex; Bettner, Cameron; Bibbs, William; Black, Raquel; Blassic, Devin; Bratasheva, Lidia; Brown, Reginald; Bryant, Zachary; Bullen, Thomas; Burns, Nathaniel; Byrd, Jonathan. Campbell, Samuel; Carlstrom, Christopher; Carter, Malik; Ceri, Rrigels; Christian, Andrew; Clark, Colin; Coker, Bryan; Cosby, Erica; Cote, Taylor; Couzens, Nicholas; Cox, Tyler; Crawford, Christopher; Cummings, Dominic; Davis, Pete; Dempsey, Brianna; Dixon, Sabrina; Dockus, Anthony; Edghill, Peter; Ellsworth, Hunter; Farrow II, Kelly. Frazier, Samantha; Freeman, Alexander; Gackiewicz, Christian; Gifford, Eric; Gilbert, Christopher; Goins, Jeffrey; Goode, Tyler; Gordon, Joseph; Gray, Sergei; Green, Bailey; Green, Jacob; Griffith, Donald; Grimes, Autumn; Guilmette, Zachary; Hall, Brenton; Heffley, Daniel; Heythaler, Bethany; Hill, Tayler; Hill, Windall; Holmes, Alexandra. Houle, Joseph; Hourmiz, Jonathan; Hudak, Anna; Hurd- Laskowski, Nathan; Jackson, Aaron; Jackson, Glenn; James, Robert; Janssen, Chase; Johnson, Malik; Jones, Dante; Jones, Townesen; Jones, Zachary; Juarez, Abraham; Justice, Kyle; Justice, Michael; Kalia, Kartik; Kasza, Zachary; Keller, Jesse; Kelley, Jorden; Kelly, Matthew; King, Jordan. Kinney, Camdin; Kinney, Michael; Krause, Anton; Kreklau, John; Kuecken, Lindsay; Kwiecien, Max; Laitis, Dylan; Lange, Brian; Lashley, James; Lawson, Brandon; Leach, Tabatha; Lindsay, Aaron; Lopez, Juan; Lucas, Brandon; Maciejewski, Cameron; Mack, John; Mason, Angela; Massoud, Mysaruh; Matney, Jakob; Mawby, Donald; Maybin, Johnny. McCoury, Jacob; McDermott, John; McKenzie, Kurtis; McLatchie, Robert; McPherson, Nigel; Medina, Chelsea; Merrill, Alexander; Milspaugh, Brett; Morgan, Chad; Mullins, Jason; Mullins, Mason; Neil, Colin; Nimmo, Stephen; Novak, Michael; Nowicki, Chene; Obi, Charles; Orman, Nicholas; Orozco, Alexis; Ouellette, Tyler; Overholt, Christopher. Parker, Johnathon; Patrick, Dejanee; Paulczak, Alexander; Prush, Steven; Ray, Tanner; Reid, Ashleigh; Retheford, Tyler; Richardson, Ronald; Robinson, Austin; Rodriguez Morales, Charles; Rogers, Reign; Salisbury, Calvin; Sarna, Nicholas; Scott Coles, Lenard; Sergi, Anthony; Short, Laurissa; Simmons, Brian; Skwierc, Krystina; Smith, Andrew; Smith, Kyle. Sonberger, Zachary; Sorathiya, Atulkumar; Staschke, Ryan; Stennett, Connor; Stoddard, Patrick; Stone, Michael; Stone, Zeke; Tanner, David; Thill, Joseph; Thomas, Deonte; Thompson, John; Tokarczyk, Logan; Twigg, Christopher; Vincent, Kenneth; Walker, Elizabeth; Wallace, William; Wargo, Joshua; Weatherspoon, Juwan; Weaver, James; West, Garret. Wilcox, Alexander; Willhite, Samuel; Williams, Rodsalan; Williams, Shaeley; Wilson, Robert; Windmon, Ahkeim; Winters, Deshau; Witt, Christopher; Yang, Patrick; Zuccaro, Randy."

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