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In Honor Of Bishop W. W. Hamilton October 21, 2015
Sam Farr, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Bishop W. W. Hamilton on the occasion of the 35th pastoral anniversary of his leadership of the Greater Victory Temple Church of God in Christ in Seaside, California. Bishop Hamilton is a beacon of service to God and his community and an example of love and compassion for all to follow. Under his leadership, Greater Victory Temple has grown into one of the strongest community pillars of the Monterey Peninsula and all of northern California. Bishop Hamilton was born in San Antonio, Texas. He followed his father, the late Bishop E.E. Hamilton, on the path of religious service and received a Doctor of Divinity degree from Simpson College in San Francisco. He then served as the founding pastor of the Hamilton Memorial Church of God In Christ in San Francisco, California. In 1987, W.W. Hamilton was consecrated as the Bishop and Prelate of the California Northwest Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ, the church his father had established. In 1980 Bishop Hamilton was appointed to serve as Pastor of the Victory Temple Church of God In Christ of Seaside, California. Under his Pastoral leadership a new church building was completed and on March 16, 1984, the Great Victory Church of God In Christ was dedicated debt free. In addition to the remodeling, Bishop Hamilton sought to provide housing and family resources to his community. Bishop Hamilton has also focused his leadership on community service. He served as the executive director of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Later, under his leadership, the Greater Victory Temple has become a force for community service on the Monterey Peninsula. It offers services for youth such as after school tutoring programs, a community computer lab, after school chess club, and hosts scout groups. It also offers a food pantry in partnership with the local food bank, divorce counseling, works with other community organizations to bring peace to the community, and has invested in community based senior housing. Throughout his 35 years of leadership, Greater Victory Temple has impacted the lives of countless people within the Seaside and surrounding Monterey Peninsula communities. All those who have had the pleasure to meet Bishop Hamilton know first hand his love and personal commitment to his congregation and surrounding community. Mr. Speaker, I know that I speak for the whole House in extending our deepest gratitude to Bishop Hamilton for his many years of dedication to the Greater Victory Temple family and the broader community of the Monterey County and Northern California. Our world is a better place because of his efforts. "
Celebrating The Lives Of Ben Kuroki And Susumu “Sus” Ito October 6, 2015
Mark Takai, D-HI
"From playing chess during downtime to posing with the Colosseum during their trek into Rome, he spent the war revealing the daily lives of this little known mostly Japanese American unit."
Nuclear Agreement With Iran And Government Funding September 17, 2015
Harry Reid, D-NV
"What Republican colleagues are doing now is very, very cynical. They are taking serious issues and turning them into pawns on a political chess board. Here is what Senator Stabenow said yesterday. Remember, she is the Senator from Michigan. She has a person from Michigan who has been held in Iran for some time now. Here is what she said yesterday:"
National Security, The Rule Of Law, And Planned Parenthood Videos July 28, 2015
Steve King, R-IA
"She said: What is going on in this cold war—and that was near the height of the cold war—what is going on is Monopoly and chess on the same board. The United States and the Soviet Union are playing chess and Monopoly on the same board. It is just that the only question is: Will the United States of America bankrupt the Soviet Union economically before the Soviet Union checkmates the United States militarily?"
Tribute To Honor The Life Of Thomas D. Sege April 14, 2015
Anna Eshoo, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor the life and work of an extraordinary American, Thomas D. Sege. Thomas Sege was born on May 17, 1926, in Novi Sad, in the former Yugoslavia. He died on March 3, 2015, at his home in Woodside, California. At the age of 12, Thomas Sege fled Yugoslavia with his parents and brother. He spent his youth in New York City and earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Columbia University. He first worked at Sperry Gyroscope in New York, and then in 1963 became General Manager of EIMAC in Silicon Valley. EIMAC merged with Varian Associates and Thomas Sege became its CEO, serving in that position from 1981 to 1990. He was a pioneer in radio transmitting tube technology and in klystron tube technology. Thomas Sege was devoted to his family and friends, and was an avid reader, a passionate gardener and traveler. He loved to play chess, bridge and Scrabble, and spoke multiple languages. He was also a poet and a philosopher. He suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for the last 12 years of his life but never lost his spirit and humor. Mr. Speaker, I ask the entire House to join me in extending our heartfelt condolences to Thomas Sege’s son Ronald, his daughter-in-law Gina Sege, his daughter Kathleen McNamara, and his grandchildren Scott McNamara, and Christopher, Jonathan, Georgia, and Alexi Sege. I ask my colleagues to honor the life of this exceptional man who made enormous contributions to our country, making us a better people and a stronger nation."

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