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Tribute To Ray Allen March 27, 2014
Patrick Leahy, D-VT
"The chain of islands running up the center of Lake Champlain was once home to more than 100 commercial apple orchards. Today there are fewer, but the Allen’s have thrived through creativity. They have diversified the farm to include many new apple varieties, and they now produce and retail their own cider, ice cider, hard cider, applesauce, and more than 3,000 apple pies every year."
Recognizing Westview Orchards June 26, 2013
Debbie Stabenow, D-MI
"Since its founding in 1813, the orchard has been a part of Michigan’s way of life. It is where families go to pick their own peaches and strawberries in the summer, and where they go to pick apples, take wagon rides and enjoy the cider mill in the fall. It has been a source of fresh food since the War of 1812 was being waged from Michigan to New England to New Orleans."
In Honor Of Thomas A. Rider March 19, 2013
Sam Farr, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Thomas A. Rider for his continued dedication to the agricultural industries of Santa Cruz County and the Pajaro Valley. Tom is a thoughtful, soft-spoken, intelligent leader and his contributions have translated to increased viability of these crucial industries throughout the Central Coast. It is with great honor that I recognize Mr. Thomas A. Rider as the 2013 Al Smith Friend of Agriculture award winner. Tom is part of the fifth generation of his family in the Pajaro Valley. He graduated from Watsonville High School in 1966 and went on in 1971 to obtain his degree from Oregon State University. In the early to mid 1980s, Tom helped this family’s business, H.A. Rider & Sons Bottles, make the successful transition from producing apple juice and cider to being a co-packer of flavored waters, brewed teas, energy drinks, and lemonades. Tom has served on the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau Legislative Committee, in addition to chairing the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency. Later in his career, Tom served as the 4th Supervisorial District Representative for the Genetic Engineering Subcommittee for Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency, HAS. Additionally, Tom represented the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau on the Transportation Funding Task Force, which is comprised of over 90 members representing business, neighborhood, environmental, health, and community-based organizations. Tom has also been a champion of the Basin Management Plan Committee for the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency, PVWMA. Committed to improving the agricultural industry, Tom is currently a board member for the Central Coast Agricultural Task Force, CCATF and a member of the Legislative Committee for the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau. Mr. Speaker, I have no doubt that agricultural industries of Santa Cruz County and the Pajaro Valley will continue to thrive with Tom’s devotion."
Recognizing The New Haven Lions Club March 27, 2012
Richard Blumenthal, D-CT
"Founded in 1922, the New Haven Lions Club is the second oldest Lions Club in Connecticut. The members—or Lions, as they aptly call themselves—come together four times a month at the New Haven Long Wharf to plan the community outings that have become well known and anticipated events. Their impact is felt when they hand out free hot cider at the New Haven tree lighting or deliver food donations to the Connecticut Food Bank. Since its start, the club has raised more than $717,000 in charitable contributions."
Ringhausen Family Wins 23Rd Annual Illinois Cider And National Cider Contest February 17, 2012
Timothy Johnson, R-IL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the Joe Ringhausen Orchard and Apple House of Fieldon, Illinois in winning the 23rd Annual Illinois Cider and National Cider Contests on January 12 13, 2012. Joe and his wife Sina, along with son Dennis and other family members, exemplify excellence in their business and contribute to the overall economic success of their community. The orchard makes between 500 and 700 gallons per week during peak season. The Ringhausen Orchard is well known for their award-winning ciders. Joe’s experience in cider-making spans forty years."

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