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Debt Management And Fiscal Responsibility Act Of 2015 February 11, 2016
Dan Newhouse, R-WA
"If I could, in the name of all that is fiscally sane, I would enact an amendment to the Constitution right now requiring us to balance our budget. But, unfortunately, Mr. Chairman, our Constitution requires two-thirds of our colleagues here in Congress to approve that amendment, which history and previous votes on constitutional amendments have shown is a very difficult bar to reach. While this measure may not be the balanced budget amendment that our country desperately needs and deserves, it will help draw a very clear line of distinction in the sand."
The Pro-Life Movement Is Alive And Well January 7, 2016
Daniel Lipinski, D-IL
"I look forward to continuing to work with all of them and with my colleagues here in the House to bring us to the day where all life in our Nation is protected by our laws, from conception to death. Only then will our Nation truly stand up for life and all that our Nation was founded upon."
Searching For And Cutting Regulations That Are Unnecessarily Burdensome Act Of 2015 January 6, 2016
Tim Walberg, R-MI
"Some of my colleagues here in Congress believe that more bureaucratic red tape and mandates from the Federal Government will actually increase wages and reduce inequality. While these regulations may sound good in theory—some of them—the hard truth is that, over time, they limit economic growth and career advancement opportunities. Most alarming is that these negative economic impacts affect lower wage workers the very most—immobilizing them from finding work, from rising in their careers, and from increasing their wages."
Wildfire Provisions In The Omnibus Appropriations Bill December 16, 2015
Lisa Murkowski, R-AK
"We have had many conversations—Senator Cantwell and I and many in this body—with Members who were hoping to see a different proposal. The House had a proposal, colleagues here in the Senate had a proposal, and the administration had a proposal. They were hoping it could be factored into the omnibus, but for a number of reasons it was not included within the bill."
Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act December 9, 2015
Dean Heller, R-NV
"I said on the floor recently when we were having this debate that nobody in America supports this; nobody in America supports a 40-percent excise tax on their health care benefits. Nobody does. There may be a few here in Washington, DC, but when you get outside of Washington, DC, nobody supports it. That is why we are having this discussion today, so we can inform not only Nevadans, not only New Mexicans but our colleagues here in this Chamber how important and how onerous this is."

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