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Occurrences in the Congressional Record

Entry Title Date
Recognizing Colonel Arthur Jeffrey May 20, 2015
Dan Newhouse, R-WA
"One of the Fighter Aces being honored is Colonel Arthur Jeffrey, who was credited with shooting down 14 enemy aircraft during World War II. Colonel Jeffrey flew air cover missions during D-day. In December 1944, he was awarded the Silver Star for his “courage, combat skills, and gallant leadership” while thwarting an enemy mission."
Recognizing Colonel Kevin Kennedy May 20, 2015
John Thune, R-SD
"Mr. President, today I recognize Colonel Kevin Kennedy, commander of the 28th Bomb Wing, Ellsworth Air Force Base, near Rapid City, SD. Colonel Kennedy has been the commander at Ellsworth for the past 2 years, and has served in his position admirably."
Tribute To Colonel William P. Davis May 20, 2015
David Vitter, R-LA
"Mr. President, today I honor the career of one of Louisiana’s heroes and most accomplished residents, retired Marine Corps Col. William P. Davis. Colonel Davis was born at Camp Pendleton, CA, the son of a career marine, and spent his youth following his father’s military postings. He is a combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm, and subsequently assigned as the supply, fiscal, and contracting officer for Landing Force Training Command Atlantic. In 1997, he was assigned to his first tour at the Marines Forces Reserve in New Orleans, LA. During that period, he was a parent volunteer for the Young Marines chapter in Slidell, LA, where he organized training events and tours to units and bases. In addition, he provided classes for the annual regimental encampment as well as at recruit training events."
Honoring West Virginia Veterans May 20, 2015
Shelley Capito, R-WV
"In addition to Sergeant Watson, West Virginia veterans participating in this year’s Always Free Honor Flight Program include Joseph F. Graham, Bluefield, WWII; Staff Sergeant Robert Graham, Hinton, WWII and Korean war; First Sergeant Melvin L. Grubb, Bluefield, WWII and Korean war; Staff Sergeant Robert G. Kushner, Charleston, Korean war; Airman First Class Herbert R. Dickerson, Beckley, Korean war; Corporal Billy G. Cooper, Milton, Korean war; Corporal James W. Bennett, Charleston, Korean war; Richard L. Graham, Beckley Korean war; Petty Officer Second Class William B. Sowers, Princeton, Korean war; Petty Officer Third Class Charles E. Turley, Scott Depot, Korean war; Colonel Jack E. Fincham, Brenton, Vietnam war; Sergeant Philip Templeton, Milton, Vietnam war; Petty Officer Second Class John W. Fleming, Princeton, Vietnam war; Master Sergeant Edward F. Simmons, Bluefield, Vietnam war; Airman Second Class Nancy J. Simmons, Bluefield, Vietnam war; Sergeant Fred R. Smith, Hurricane, Vietnam war; Sergeant Marshall G. Mann, Princeton, Vietnam war; Sergeant James R. Bond, Midway, Vietnam war; Senior Airman Allan D. Harbour, Princeton, Vietnam war; Sergeant First Class Andrew J. Thompson, Bluefield, Vietnam war; Captain Charles H. Mann, Athens, Vietnam war; Seaman Thomas E. Caruso, Lashmeet, Vietnam war; Sergeant Gordon L. Caldwell, Jr., Bluefield, Vietnam war; Lance Corporal Ricky D. Williams, Beckley, Vietnam war; Senior Airman Mary Byrd, Nitro, Vietnam war; Corporal Johnny L. Sanson, Cyclone, Vietnam war; Sergeant Dennis C. Hurley, Cyclone, Vietnam war; Corporal William Cox, Bluefield, Vietnam war; and Corporal William L. Harry, Butler, TN, Korean war."
Congratulating Lieutenant Colonel Henry Buttelmann May 13, 2015
Dean Heller, R-NV
"Mr. President, today, I wish to congratulate Lt. Col. Henry Buttelmann on receiving the Congressional Gold Medal, honoring his role as an American Fighter Ace during the Korean and Vietnam wars. American Fighter Aces are pilots who shot down five or more enemy planes in aerial combat during time of war. It gives me great pleasure to honor Lieutenant Colonel Buttelmann for his bravery and his accomplishments while serving the United States of America."

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