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Entry Title Date
Disability Insurance Trust Fund February 10, 2015
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"Currently, Treasury Secretary Lew, Labor Secretary Perez, HHS Secretary Burwell, and Social Security’s Acting Commissioner Colvin serve on the board. This is not what anyone would consider a band of fiscal hawks. Yet, in their most recent report, these trustees—who are, once again, high-ranking officials in the Obama administration—urged Congress to take action “as soon as possible to address the DI program’s financial imbalance.” Those are pretty clear words. Those are not the words of any Republican trying to manufacture a crisis. They are not the words of any Republican trying to hold anyone or anything hostage, as some of my friends on the other side have claimed. Rather, they come from Obama administration officials who, in their roles as trustees, are forced to acknowledge reality."
Agricultural Act Of 2014—Conference Report February 4, 2014
Debbie Stabenow, D-MI
"Grant Colvin has worked so hard on commodities as well as livestock and trade and, of course, exports. They are so very important to us. It is an area of real strength and jobs for our country. I thank Grant for all of his expertise."
Honoring Ms. Sandy Colvin Roy October 10, 2013
Keith Ellison, D-MN
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today in honor of Ms. Sandy Colvin Roy for her many years of public service to the citizens of the Twelfth Ward of Minneapolis and to congratulate her on her receipt of an award of Lifetime Achievement from the National Organization to Insure a Sound-controlled Environment (NOISE)."
Tribute To Colvin W. Grannum November 27, 2012
Edolphus Towns, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute and to honor Colvin Grannum, for his commitment to developing his community."
Welcoming The Eighth Honor Flight South Alabama To Washington, Dc September 13, 2012
Jo Bonner, R-AL
"I salute each of the veterans who made the trip to Washington. May we never forget their valiant deeds and tremendous sacrifices: Hector Anderson, Eason Andrews, Robert Andry, Charles Baggett, James Ballard, Robert Barnes, Edward Beasley, Tommie Beasley, Joseph Betbeze, Jr., William C. Betbeze, Elmore Blake, Floyd Bivens, Nolan Black, Robert Bock, Richard Bolks, Samuel Branch, William Branscomb, Bernard Bringhurst, Wilton Brunson, Benjamin Canavello, Millard Carter, William Chapman, John Cherry, John Clark, Joseph Collie, William Colvin, O.S. Conerly, Jr., Benjamin Cooper, Bob Copley, Quincie Curtis, James Dailey, Carroll Darby, James Daves, John Davis, Perry Davis, Jeffrey Davis, Glenn Dehlin, William Douglas, Robert Drollinger, Robert Eastburn, Russell Faulkner, William Fox, Frank Frith, Aubrey Fulford, Luther Fuller, William Gilly, Edward Gold, Schauss Greben, Horace Gray, Doyle Griffiths, Michael Guarino, Nathan Gulley, Lawrence Hansen, Joe Harris, Jr., Thomas Harris, Jr., William Hatter, Benjamin Hays, Jr., Felix Hills, Jr., George Holladay, Robert Hughes, James Hummer, Alfred Hyde, Willard Johnson, Junior Keller, Roger King, Albert Kinnison, Joseph Knapp, Fred Levin, Lonza Lewis, Bernard Losse, Marjorie Markert, George Massengale, Jr., James Mathews, Jr., Elbert McCall, John McClelland, Eugene McGuire, Amy McHenry, Harold McLain, Olen McManus, Cecil McMullan, Bert Milling, Douglas Modling, Roland Montalvo, John Motes, Norman Mullen, Lloyd Mullen, Arthur Perez, Jr., Riley Pettis, Hiram Phillips, Rufus Pinkerton, Charles Reaves, I.G. Reeves, Hilburn Richards, James Robertson, Rudolph Rolison, Sr., Will Sawyer, Herman Shaddix, Dayton Shell, John Sheppard, John Shiver, Jr., William Smith, William Spaulding, James Stapleton, Preston Stengel, Ross Street, Robert Tanner, Donald Thomson, Shelby Trice, Alexander Trione, Etheridge Turner, John Vickers, Ray Wadsworth, Robert Wallace, Thomas Warner, Jr., Ennis Warren, Harold Watters, Jr., Billy West, Sr., Vernon Whiteside, Lavaine Williams, Walter Williams, and Ross Wingo."

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