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commonwealth of virginia

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Protecting Volunteer Firefighters And Emergency Responders Act April 23, 2015
Tim Kaine, D-VA
"But I would say in a personal way, because of maybe representing the Commonwealth of Virginia, we have to send a unified message to the men and women in our armed services who serve, who are serving in battlefields, who are serving in theaters of military operations around the world. When we are contemplating decisions about something so big that could potentially lead to war—we just deployed Virginia-based ships like the Theodore Roosevelt to Yemen to potentially check Iranian ambitions vis-a-vis the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Those are Virginians, many from other States, who are deployed on those ships."
Justice For Victims Of Trafficking Act Of 2015—Continued April 16, 2015
Tim Kaine, D-VA
"The Virginia Tech student who killed and wounded so many, Seung-Hui Cho, should never have been able to purchase weapons at all. He had been adjudicated in a court in the Commonwealth of Virginia as mentally ill and dangerous and was thus barred by Federal law from purchasing or owning weapons. That is a longstanding Federal law, but the Federal law is only as good as the background record check system that is able to determine when someone purchases a weapon if they have, in fact, been adjudicated mentally ill and dangerous. Because the record of his adjudication had not been entered into the national NICS database, he slipped through the cracks, and this troubled individual illegally bought the weapons that destroyed so many lives and removed so much promise from this Earth."
Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions February 11, 2015
Tim Kaine, D-VA
"This legislation is critically important because it strives toward reconciling an historic wrong for Virginia and the Nation. While the Virginia Tribes have received official recognition from the Commonwealth of Virginia, acknowledgement and officially-recognized status from the federal government has been considerably more difficult due to their systematic mistreatment over the past century."
Department Of Homeland Security Funding February 4, 2015
Mark Warner, D-VA
"But if the loudest voices get their way and hold this funding hostage, not only would it make our country more vulnerable to terrorist threats but a DHS shutdown would jeopardize our national security by disrupting other important programs, such as grants to train local law enforcement and to protect our communities. And as many as 240,000 people responsible for frontline security—more than 80 percent of DHS employees—will still have to show up to work—they just won’t get paid for it. Many of them in the Commonwealth of Virginia."
Recognizing Our Law Enforcement Agencies January 27, 2015
Robert Goodlatte, R-VA
"Sadly, many law enforcement have made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. Last year alone, 120 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty, including three from the Commonwealth of Virginia. These are sober reminders that our Nation’s law enforcement professionals face danger every day as they carry out their duty to protect the American people."

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