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Notice Of Intention To Offer Resolution Raising A Question Of The Privileges Of The House June 24, 2015
Bennie Thompson, D-MS
"Whereas on February 9, 1861, the Confederate States of America was formed with a group of 11 States as a purported sovereign nation and with Jefferson Davis of Mississippi as its president;"
Recognizing The Victims Of The Charleston Shooting June 24, 2015
Ted Deutch, D-FL
"And I congratulate South Carolina for trying to lower the Confederate flag. It is the right thing to do."
Progressive Caucus: Addressing Gun Violence June 24, 2015
Bonnie Watson Coleman, D-NJ
"Mr. Speaker, let me say this: I fully support the permanent removal of the Confederate flag. It represents one the darkest stains on our Nation’s history. It represents baseless hate, disrespect for the civil rights and freedoms this Nation was founded upon, and enduring mistreatment in communities of color."
Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act June 24, 2015
Christopher Murphy, D-CT
"Quite frankly, removing one flag from one building in South Carolina doesn’t cut it, and neither does a handful of retailers ceasing to sell Confederate flag paraphernalia. Don’t get me wrong. I actually think the tidal wave of sentiment to remove the last vestiges of this symbol of slavery and racism is significant. That flag has quietly endorsed conscious and subconscious racism, particularly in the South—but really all across the country—for as long as it has continued to be perceived as a mainstream American symbol."
Confederate Flag June 23, 2015
Robert Pittenger, R-NC
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today in full support of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s call to remove the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina statehouse grounds, and North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s call to discontinue State-issued Confederate flag license plates."

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