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Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Emergency Water Delivery Act February 5, 2014
John Garamendi, D-CA
"Mr. Chairman, I don’t know if it is proper to ask you a question, but is this February 2? I am reminded of the movie “Groundhog Day.” We continue to repeat what happened yesterday and the year before. This is a repetition of a bill that came to the floor 2 years ago. It was a bill that had a lot of different pieces to it but was very, very simple in what it accomplished, or attempted to accomplish, and that was to take water from someone—the environment, fish, and the delta, farmers, communities, Contra Costa County, the East Bay of San Francisco—and deliver it to someone else. That would be the San Luis Unit of the Central Valley Project. That was 2 years ago. It must be February 2. It must be Groundhog Day because we are doing it all over again. Whatever little whistles and bells and bows you want to put on it, this is essentially a theft of water from someone to give to somebody else. Plain and simple, that is what it is about."
Honoring Dr. Frank Eugene Staggers, Sr. January 27, 2014
Barbara Lee, D-CA
"As an advocate for equality in healthcare, Dr. Staggers actively served in many leadership roles. Notably, he served as Chairman of the American Medical Association’s Advisory Committee on Minority Physicians. He was also President, Vice Chair, and Chair of the California Medical Association Foundation, as well as President of the Alameda-Contra Costa County Medical Society. In addition, he was President and a member of the Golden State Medical Association, the National Medical Association, and the Sinkler Miller Medical Association."
Building Infrastructure Creates Jobs November 19, 2013
John Garamendi, D-CA
"So in this area, channel maintenance at the Port of Oakland, channel maintenance for the Ports of Sacramento and the like and, of course, up along the Contra Costa County area, where the refineries and the oil tankers come and go."
Acknowledging Dr. Cheryl Domenichelli September 9, 2013
Jeffrey Denham, R-CA
"She is a proud member of the Association of California School Administrators, where she is a Regional Representative to the Equity, Achievement and Diversity for Success Committee. Dr. Domenichelli’s memberships also include the National Association of Secondary School Principals and Phi Delta Kappa International, Contra Costa County Chapter 1072."
Marking 30 Years Of San Ramon April 10, 2013
Eric Swalwell, D-CA
"It has grown from about 4,000 people in 1960 to over 70,000 today. It’s the fourth largest city in Contra Costa County. It is the location of the headquarters of 24-Hour Fitness and Chevron, and it is the west coast headquarters of AT&T. Both of its high schools, California High School and Dougherty Valley High School, were ranked by U.S. News & World Report as being in the top 200 California high schools. These are just a few examples of the highly educated, hardworking folks who live in San Ramon."

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