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Entry Title Date
Energy And Water Development And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016 April 26, 2016
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"We know that mosquitoes spread the disease. We know that the arrival of warm weather signals the start of mosquito season, but America is currently unprepared to deal with an outbreak of this dangerous virus. We must improve vector control. We must expand access to family planning, education, and contraception. We must accelerate efforts to develop a vaccine as quickly as humanly possible."
The Little Sisters Of The Poor Vs. The Federal Government March 17, 2016
Walter Jones, R-NC
"The federal government’s argument is this: The Little Sisters of the Poor must violate the tenets of their Catholic faith and authorize their third-party health care administrators to provide contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients to recipients of their health insurance. Never mind that the government has granted complete exemptions of this mandate to massive, secular companies such as Exxon and Pepsi. The government would rather force the Little Sisters of the Poor to reject their sincere and righteous religious beliefs than grant them a full exemption like larger, secular companies have received. The government would rather force the Little Sisters out into the streets when they can’t pay the oppressive fines if they don’t comply with this unjust mandate. It’s morally disgusting, and it’s insulting to any lover of freedom."
Women’S Right To Health Care February 29, 2016
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"It means no Federal dollars for the program administered by the Administration for Children and Families in the Department of Health and Human Services to educate adolescents on abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So this legislation that Governor Kasich signed that these privileged, mostly White men in the State legislature—politically far to the right, the majority of the State legislature—the bill they passed and Governor Kasich signed would mean that we wouldn’t be able to use the Federal dollars we have to educate adolescents on abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections."
Filling The Supreme Court Vacancy February 29, 2016
Charles Grassley, R-IA
"Freedom of religion protections under the First Amendment wouldn’t be far behind. Another liberal Justice could allow the government to force Americans to comply with laws that violate their deeply held religious views. For example, a new Justice could provide the fifth vote to overturn the Hobby Lobby decision, which recognized the right of the owners of a closely held corporation to resist laws on religious grounds, such as ObamaCare’s contraception mandate."
Remembering Justice Antonin Scalia February 22, 2016
Charles Grassley, R-IA
"And under the Free Exercise of Religion clause, according to Justice Scalia and four other Justices, a closely held corporation is exempt from a law that its owners religiously object to, such as ObamaCare’s contraception mandate, if there is a less restrictive way to advance the law’s interests."

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