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Zika Virus And Va-Milcon Funding Bill June 28, 2016
Harry Reid, D-NV
"These organizations are blasting this Republican conference report because they want real legislation to fund Zika. They call on Congress to pass a bill that “provides appropriate funding levels for all aspects of Zika response, including contraception for women who wish to avoid pregnancy, and to prevent the sexual transmission of Zika.”"
Transportation, Housing And Urban Development, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016—Conference Report June 28, 2016
Patty Murray, D-WA
"There is a lot to be concerned about in this legislation, but, critically, this proposal would impose politically motivated restrictions that limit women’s access to contraception and health care with providers they rely on. It should go without saying, but in the midst of a public health emergency that impacts women and families, the last thing Republicans should be doing is playing politics with women’s health and making it harder for them to get care when and where they need it. It is truly frustrating, especially since just weeks ago, Senate Democrats and Republicans agreed on a bipartisan downpayment on the President’s proposal, and that bipartisan legislation could have already passed the House and Senate, could have been signed into law by the President, and started helping women and families in need by now."
Transportation, Housing And Urban Development, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2016—Conference Report—Continued June 28, 2016
Robert Menendez, D-NJ
"This morning the Senate voted not to invoke cloture on a bill to provide funding on Zika because it not only lacks the funding necessary for an adequate response for Puerto Rico—and, for that fact, the entire country—it also includes several unacceptable policy riders. One example is to further restrict access to contraception for a disease that is not only sexually transmitted but has potentially devastating effects on fetuses. So that doesn’t make any sense."
Supreme Court Decisions And Filling The Supreme Court Vacancy June 27, 2016
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Because of Senate Republicans, employers can deny women who are working access to contraception coverage; because of Senate Republicans, companies can misuse the private information of consumers; and because of Senate Republicans, lenders can discriminate against married women."
Executive Session June 27, 2016
Patrick Leahy, D-VT
"Now that the Supreme Court has finished its term, we can see the full scope of the damage caused by Republican obstruction. In addition to the nondecision in the immigration case, there have been six other cases where the Court could not reach a final decision on the merits. We still do not know whether lenders can discriminate against married women; whether consumers can sue companies for misuse of private information; whether employers can deny women employees access to contraception coverage; whether public-sector unions can recover fair-share costs for collective bargaining; whether a person can sue another State; or whether tribal courts can hold nontribal wrongdoers on tribal lands civilly liable. These are important questions, and the American people should have definitive answers. Our Constitution ensures equal justice for all; not a patchwork of different rights in different parts of the country. This is the result of Senate Republicans’ refusal to do their job and provide a hearing and a vote for Chief Judge Garland."

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