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Recognizing Central Virginia Students For Their Praiseworthy Decision To Enlist In The United States Armed Forces April 27, 2016
Robert Hurt, R-VA
"Of the 90, 36 have chosen to join the U.S. Army to include the U.S. Army Reserves and U.S. Army National Guard: Benjamin P. Arrington (NG), Alexander Barton, Ethan R. Bernier, Colton Breedan, Sean Brenneisen, Hannah T. Brock, Tanner C. Brooker (NG), Eric M. Calvert, Jason D. Cooke, Anthony Cruz, Terra D. Daniels, Scott M. Dice, Christian Donavant, Ryan Eckert, Steven Gandy, Michael R. Hampson, Ruston L. Hill, II (NG), Robin G. Jat, Minjung Kim, Youjung Kim, Brittany Maddox, Francisco Leiva Magana, Alejandro J. Mastrapa, Mardin Mohammadzadeh, Aaron E. Molloy, Mason L. Plum, Michael L. Robinson (NG), Jonathan C. Shifflet, Aaron M. Spurlock, Caleb A. Staff, Matthew J. Sullivan, Maria Torres Trujillo, Chihao Wang, Kaiying Wang, Lorenzo Wells and Cheyenne Williams. "
Tribute To Paul Kanning April 7, 2016
Steve Daines, R-MT
"Mr. President, today I wish to recognize Paul Kanning of Daniels County, a fourth-generation Montana farmer. This week, Paul testified before the Senate Committee on Appropriations about the importance of assisting veterans find employment opportunities in agriculture."
Debt Management And Fiscal Responsibility Act Of 2015 February 11, 2016
Lloyd Doggett, D-TX
"Those weren’t the words of a Democrat. Those weren’t the words of a progressive institution. They were the words of Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a bipartisan organization. On their board is Mitch Daniels, Alan Simpson, and a host of Republicans."
In Honor Of Dolores Eaton January 6, 2016
Charles Rangel, D-NY
"After retiring from MONY, Dolores served as district director for the late Harlem Assemblywoman, the Honorable Geraldine Daniels; where she worked hard to help to make history by electing the first African American Mayor of New York City, the Honorable David Dinkins. In 1990 she helped to make history again, by working hard to bring South Africa’s first black president, Hon. Nelson Mandela to African Square on W. 125th Street during HARLEM WEEK. In 1994 she joined the staff of the first elected public advocate, the Honorable Mark Green. Dolores continued to serve public advocate Green, and public advocate Betsy Gotbaum as Director of Ombudsman Services until Dee’s retirement in 2009. Dolores served as vice president of the Harlem Canaan House Tenant’s Association, where, along with her son, Geoffrey and Cristal Johnson she advocated for and worked with management and it’s residents to keep the building affordable and functioning at the highest level for all residents. She was a fierce fighter, brilliant advocate and hero to all of the tenants."
Victims Of Gun Violence December 10, 2015
Scott Peters, D-CA
"Arthur Daniels, age 51."

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