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Occurrences in the Congressional Record

Entry Title Date
Marketplace Fairness Act November 19, 2014
Lamar Alexander, R-TN
"I will begin with why conservatives support it. If I were to ask the question, what do the following people have in common, and the following people would be Al Cardenas, the most recent chairman of the American Conservative Union; the late William F. Buckley; Art Laffer, who is President Reagan’s favorite economist; Governor Mike Pence, the conservative Governor of Indiana; Governor Gary Herbert; Governor Robert Bentley; former Governor Mitch Daniels; and former Governor Jeb Bush, you might say: What do they have in common?"
Bring Jobs Back Home Act—Motion To Proceed—Continued July 17, 2014
Jeff Sessions, R-AL
"A few more: T-Mobile announced 2,250 layoffs in 2012. Archer-Daniels-Midland laid off 1,200. Texas Instruments, nearly 2,000. Cigna 1,300. Verizon sought to cut 1,700 jobs … Marriott announced `hundreds’ of layoffs this year. International Paper has closed plants and laid off dozens.—including an old, big plant with 1,000 workers or so in north Alabama— And General Mills, in what the Minneapolis Star-Tribune "
Nomination Of Sylvia Mathews Burwell To Be Secretary Of Health And Human Services—Continued June 4, 2014
Jeff Sessions, R-AL
"Regrettably, it seems Ms. Burwell followed a consistent pattern. Rather than using OMB as the central agency to reform this massive, out-of-control spending government, to stop wasteful spending and tame the debt—as former OMB Directors such as Mitch Daniels and Rob Portman did; now-Senator Portman submitted a balanced budget when he was OMB Director under President Bush—she has not submitted any reforms to bring our government under control in OMB."
Energy Savings And Industrial Competitiveness Act Of 2014—Motion To Proceed—Continued May 6, 2014
Lamar Alexander, R-TN
"We have an honor roll of conservatives who do not think States ought to have to play “Mother May I?” with the Federal Government on this question. For example, Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union; Art Laffer, President Reagan’s favorite economist; Charles Krauthammer; Representative Paul Ryan; Governor Mike Pence, a former Member of the House of Representatives; Governor Chris Christie; former Governor Jeb Bush; former Governor Mitch Daniels; and the late William F. Buckley, not to mention Governor Bill Haslam of the State of Tennessee, agree that recognizing the power of State legislators to make these decisions for themselves is consistent with the 10th amendment and our constitutional framework."
Executive Session March 5, 2014
Patrick Leahy, D-VT
"The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives gave its “unwavering support” to his nomination. We have letters of support from Detective Terrance Daniels, a retired member of the New York City Police Department; the New York State Attorney General; and several district attorneys and Federal prosecutors."

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