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Drug Free America Foundation Chair Betty Sembler July 28, 2015
David Jolly, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, in 2008, the DEA Museum Foundation presented its Lifetime Achievement Award to Mrs. Sembler for her 30 years of leadership and commitment to fighting drugs."
Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act June 24, 2015
Roy Blunt, R-MO
"Bob Levinson, who is a retired DEA and FBI agent, disappeared in March of 2007 while visiting Iran’s Kish Island. It is very likely, many people believe, that Mr. Levinson is currently a prisoner in Iran. Just 3 weeks after he disappeared, Iranian state television reported that he was in the hands of Iranian security forces."
Salts Act June 22, 2015
Amy Klobuchar, D-MN
"My bill, the Synthetic Abuse and Labeling of Toxic Substances or SALTS Act is focused instead on the underlying factors for what makes something an analogue drug. Why do we need this new legislation? Because expert chemists are able to slightly alter the chemical makeup of synthetic drugs so they are no longer on the list of banned substances. To address this, current law provides the DEA with the mechanism to prosecute the sale and distribution of drugs that are analogues—analogues—that are substantially similar to controlled substances. However, the law specifically says that an analogue drug does not include any substance “not intended for human consumption.” This can be a big problem because synthetic drugs often are explicitly marked as “not intended for human consumption.” But manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and abusers of these substances all know exactly what to do with them—ingest them or snort them to get a dangerous and many times unpredictable high."
Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations The Right To Appeal Act May 20, 2015
Rand Paul, R-KY
"This is happening in other forums. There is something that folks are calling parallel construction. This is an article from the Electronic Frontier Foundation by Hanni Fakhoury entitled “DEA and NSA Team Up to Share Intelligence, Leading to Secret Use of Surveillance in Ordinary Domestic Crime.”"
Protecting Volunteer Firefighters And Emergency Responders Act May 7, 2015
Jeff Sessions, R-AL
"One more thing. This is the way the system works and has worked for the last 50 years—40 years at least. A crime occurs. A prosecutor or the DEA agent investigates. They issue a subpoena to the local phone company that has these telephone toll records—the same thing you get in the mail—and they send them in response to the subpoena. They send those documents. They maintain those records."

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