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Entry Title Date
Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations The Right To Appeal Act May 20, 2015
Rand Paul, R-KY
"This is happening in other forums. There is something that folks are calling parallel construction. This is an article from the Electronic Frontier Foundation by Hanni Fakhoury entitled “DEA and NSA Team Up to Share Intelligence, Leading to Secret Use of Surveillance in Ordinary Domestic Crime.”"
Protecting Volunteer Firefighters And Emergency Responders Act May 7, 2015
Jeff Sessions, R-AL
"One more thing. This is the way the system works and has worked for the last 50 years—40 years at least. A crime occurs. A prosecutor or the DEA agent investigates. They issue a subpoena to the local phone company that has these telephone toll records—the same thing you get in the mail—and they send them in response to the subpoena. They send those documents. They maintain those records."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget, Fiscal Year 2016—Conference Report—Continued May 5, 2015
Jack Reed, D-RI
"While adding funds to OCO would provide some relief to the Defense Department, it is to defense alone, leaving domestic agencies at sequestration levels. And the truth is that the Defense Department cannot do its job without other departments. As General Mattis said, “If you don’t fund the State Department fully, then I need to buy more ammunition.” And in recent testimony, the commanders of Northern Command and Southern Command stated they could not accomplish their mission of protecting this country without the Coast Guard, the Border Patrol, DEA, and the intelligence community."
Ensuring Patient Access And Effective Drug Enforcement Act Of 2015 April 21, 2015
Frank Pallone, D-NJ
"H.R. 471 would help drug distributors, pharmacies, and others work with DEA to achieve the difficult balance between keeping controlled substance prescription drugs away from drug abusers, but not from patients who urgently need them."
Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act Of 2015 April 15, 2015
Jason Chaffetz, R-UT
"Can we do things better? Yes. Part of that is weeding out the bad apples. If you are sitting there watching pornography on your computer 4 hours a day, then you should be fired. If you are a DEA agent down serving in Colombia and you have sex slaves coming before you paid by them, then you should fire them. If you are a Federal worker thumbing your nose at the Federal Government, not paying your taxes, then you should be eligible to be fired by the supervisor. That supervisor, don’t we trust them to make that decision and say: You know what? This person is so vital, they do such good work, we are going to keep them?"

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