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Safe And Accurate Food Labeling Act Of 2015 July 23, 2015
Jared Polis, D-CO
"It is the right of States to be able to determine how they label their food. States are doing it as we speak, just as they do with many other things: sell-by requirements; labels on bottled water around deposit requirements; States requiring origin of seafood and catfish, whether it is farm raised or wild caught."
Nuclear Agreement With Iran July 22, 2015
John Barrasso, R-WY
"While it will not happen overnight, Iran is likely going to gain access to what will eventually amount to more than $100 billion. This massive injection of resources is ultimately a direct deposit into Iran’s terrorism accounts. Why was there nothing in this agreement to stop Iran from using this money in ways that could harm America and our allies?"
Dodd-Frank Bill July 22, 2015
Jeff Merkley, D-OR
"That type of destruction in which Wall Street casinos fared so well and American workers were so destroyed must not happen again. That is what the Wall Street reform bill is all about. On the fifth anniversary, we have ended through the Volcker rule the proprietary trading that was basically large hedge funds embodied within banks being essentially done on the backs of Federal deposit insurance; that is, the government was insuring the banks that were engaging in these highly leveraged hedge fund operations. That is just wrong."
Fifth Anniversary Of Dodd-Frank Act July 22, 2015
Scott Garrett, R-NJ
"For example, Dodd-Frank gives the FDIC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the authority to do two things, first, purchase the debt from the creditors of a failing institution at par or even above par and, two, pay any obligations of an institution that it believes are necessary and appropriate during that time of crisis."
Mortgage Servicing Asset Capital Requirements Act Of 2015 July 14, 2015
Ed Perlmutter, D-CO
"The language before us today represents a compromise simply requiring the Federal banking regulators—and by those I mean the Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the National Credit Union Administration, and the Office of the Comptroller of Currency—to jointly study the capital treatment of mortgage servicing assets or mortgage servicing rights, and I will say MSRs or MSAs, under the Basel III Accords. It is nearly identical to section 116 of S. 1484, offered by Chairman Shelby in the Senate Banking Committee."

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