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Tribute To Dawn Justice March 25, 2015
Michael Crapo, R-ID
"Dawn’s efforts and advocacy on behalf of the Idaho banking community have been exceptionally helpful as we have worked together over the years. She has been an outstanding advocate in explaining the need for traditional banking and the costs of overregulation on consumers, small businesses and communities. She was instrumental in providing valuable insight and recommendations that helped me craft and advance my regulatory relief legislation into law. Additionally, her help pushing back against harmful Dodd-Frank rules and providing insight into how many of these rules would negatively impact credit and economic growth opportunities in Idaho has been especially appreciated."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2016 March 25, 2015
Kevin Brady, R-TX
"Mr. Chairman, 4.5 years after enactment of financial regulations, regulators still haven’t completed writing more than 40 percent of the new rules required under the Dodd-Frank Act; meanwhile, our local bankers and local businesses have not been able to finance growth in their communities as a result of these regulations."
Dodd-Frank And Other Financial Services Bills March 4, 2015
Andy Barr, R-KY
"Mr. Speaker, today, I rise to discuss the negative consequences of the Dodd-Frank law, as well as reforms to the law that would represent much-needed solutions for middle class families in Kentucky and across the country."
Budget Of The United States Federal Government March 3, 2015
Tom Rice, R-SC
"The President’s budget, in addition to more taxes, more spending, and more government programs, it is just another big growth of government, which we have seen over and over again during this administration. From Dodd-Frank to ObamaCare and other things, you have seen a huge explosion in government."
Unfunded Mandates Information And Transparency Act Of 2015 February 4, 2015
Dan Kildee, D-MI
"I want to echo the comments of Ranking Member Waters. As a member of the Committee on Financial Services, I am particularly concerned with the direction that this bill takes us at a time when, on one hand, many of my colleagues have criticized the agencies charged with implementation of important regulatory reforms, such as Dodd-Frank, charging those agencies with not bringing forth rules in a timely fashion, and then at the same time reducing, through the budget process, the necessary resources to provide those agencies with the tools that they need to move forward on the rulemaking process, and now this, yet another, I think, effort to create another cumbersome step in the process of developing rules intended to implement legislation that was passed here by the United States Congress, law that is on the books."

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