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Entry Title Date
Sportsmen’S Heritage And Recreational Enhancement Act Of 2013 February 4, 2014
Bill Enyart, D-IL
"Opponents of the Senate-passed flood insurance bill say that it overwhelmingly benefits wealthy Americans who buy beachfront property. I urge those opponents to come to my southern Illinois district. My district borders more than 150 miles on the mighty Mississippi. The folks who live there are not owners of second homes or vacation rentals, but are middle class families in Jackson, Union, and Alexander Counties, and in the American Bottom in the Metro-East St. Louis area."
Jobs December 10, 2013
Bill Enyart, D-IL
"It was said four decades ago, five decades ago, if you wanted to work, go to East St. Louis, Illinois, and there will be a job for you there. There were jobs in the steel mills. There were jobs in the packing houses. There were jobs in the stove foundries in Belleville. There were jobs in the coal mines of southern Illinois. Those jobs are, by and large, gone today."
Illinois Storms November 20, 2013
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"The EF4 that tore through Washington was one of two that touched down in my State that day. The other one struck New Minden, which is down near the metro East St. Louis area, and caused unbelievable damage."
Building Infrastructure Creates Jobs November 19, 2013
Bill Enyart, D-IL
"One of the other important aspects of the bill for my particular district—you were talking about the Sacramento River. But one of the particular parts of bill that we want to see added that has passed the Senate establishes the Metro East Flood Risk Management Program. What we are talking about there is the urban industrial area in southwestern Illinois across from St. Louis, running all the way from Alton, down through east St. Louis, south to Columbia, Illinois."
Additional Statements September 19, 2013
Mark Kirk, R-IL
"Mr. President, I wish to support three Illinois citizens from East St. Louis who have made a lasting impact on their community. These leaders are the late James E. Williams, Sr., the first African-American mayor of the City of East St. Louis, his wife Lillian Croom Williams and Milton Wharton, a retired circuit court judge of the 20th Judicial Circuit of Illinois. It is my pleasure to honor their service and highlight their commitment to the city."

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