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Our Unconscionable National Debt February 12, 2016
Mike Coffman, R-CO
"Today, it is $18,991,325,677,268.42. We’ve added $8,364,448,628,355.34 to our debt in 6 years. This is over $8 trillion in debt our nation, our economy, and our children could have avoided with a balanced budget amendment."
Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act Of 2015 February 12, 2016
Tim Walberg, R-MI
"This bipartisan bill would protect small businesses from overbearing FDA regulations that harm workers, job creators, our economy, and, oh, by the way, personal freedom of choice for individual citizens, who, in most cases, make good decisions and ought to have a choice in America."
Honoring Donald “Buddy” Wray February 12, 2016
Steve Womack, R-AR
"For over 50 years, Buddy was instrumental in everything the company did. As president and COO, he helped build Tyson Foods into one of the world’s leading food companies and a major contributor to our State’s economy."
Border To Border Broadband: Better Together February 12, 2016
Rick Nolan, D-MN
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today, along with my Minnesota colleague Congressman Collin Peterson, to recognize the Blandin Foundation and all they do for rural Minnesota, and particularly for their efforts to provide broadband internet service to all Minnesotans. I was honored to recently speak at the `Border to Border Broadband: Better Together’ conference, which was sponsored by the Blandin Foundation and the Minnesota Office of Broadband Development. More than 170 participants came together and agreed on a vision statement for the future of broadband of Minnesota. Today, Congressman Peterson and I rise in strong support of that vision, which states that “All Minnesotans will be able to use convenient, affordable world class broadband networks that enable us to survive and thrive in our communities and across the globe.” The fact is, we need high-speed broadband in our rural communities. It’s a necessity required to help grow our small town rural economy and compete, start new businesses, create new jobs, attract new people and modernize the education and health care services so essential to quality of life. Across our expansive and diverse district the Blandin Foundation is working hard to make sure rural communities have access to world-class high-speed broadband internet. Once again, we would like to thank the Blandin Foundation for all they do to strengthen rural Minnesota through their many important programs, in addition to their work on rural broadband."
President’S Budget Proposal February 12, 2016
Garret Graves, R-LA
"I urge, Mr. Speaker, that, as we move forward, we move forward with commonsense reforms to reduce spending, to bring the debt under control, to begin reducing our national debt, and to make sure that we are spending money in places where it makes sense, to fulfill commitments to the people in St. John and St. Charles Parishes, to ensure that our communities and our economy are more resilient, and not to continue mortgaging our future and continue allowing our environment to degrade, as it is in coastal Louisiana."

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