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Our Unconscionable National Debt July 22, 2014
Mike Coffman, R-CO
"Today, it is $17,599,556,606,441.85. We’ve added $6,972,679,557,528.77 to our debt in 5 years. This is over $6.9 trillion in debt our nation, our economy, and our children could have avoided with a balanced budget amendment."
Energy Action Team July 22, 2014
James Lankford, R-OK
"For viewers that are on C-SPAN and the lights in this room, we understand that energy drives our economy. We don’t interact with anything in our economy, whether it is food, whether it is transportation, whether it is home heating, whatever it may be and however we operate, it operates because of energy."
Make It In America July 22, 2014
John Garamendi, D-CA
"I actually think, if I might say so, it is a small group in the Republican Party that is really taking the lead in this issue. Somehow they believe that government ought not be involved in commercial enterprise, when in fact since the very beginning of our Nation government has been involved, and together with the private sector is responsible for the growth of this incredible economy. This is but one example. There are numerous other ones."
Travel Promotion, Enhancement, And Modernization Act Of 2014 July 22, 2014
Fred Upton, R-MI
"Mr. Speaker, this bill, the Travel Promotion, Enhancement, and Modernization Act of 2014—yes, it is a very important bill that is going to increase jobs and boost the economy by promoting the U.S. as a world-class travel destination."
Immigration Takes American Jobs July 22, 2014
Mo Brooks, R-AL
"First, the report determined the American economy created 5.6 million new jobs in the 16-65 age bracket over the past 14 years."

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