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Nomination Of Michelle T. Friedland To Be United States Circuit Judge For The Ninth Circuit—Resumed April 10, 2014
Jack Reed, D-RI
"Madam President, it has been 103 days since emergency unemployment insurance expired and 3 days since the Senate sent a bipartisan agreement to the House which would restore these benefits for up to 2.7 million Americans. These benefits are fully paid for and would lift the entire economy. That is why the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that failing to renew the benefits for a full year would cost the economy 200,000 jobs. We recognize our bill is a partial restoration, not a full year. The restoration we proposed will increase jobs in the economy as attested by the CBO."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 April 10, 2014
Dan Kildee, D-MI
"I think we can agree at least on the rhetoric that the best thing we can do to balance our budget in the long-term is to grow the economy, but it is pretty clear we have a different vision as to how that will actually happen."
Bureau Of Consumer Financial Protection Small Business Advisory Board Act April 10, 2014
Denny Heck, D-WA
"Yet, one group was left out, and that group was America’s small businesses. While identified as “small,” they are mighty when it comes to our local economy and job creation. As a small business owner, I know they have insight to offer during the development of new rules and regulations."
Republican Budget Unmitigated Disaster April 10, 2014
Mark Takano, D-CA
"I want a budget that will grow our economy, create jobs, invest in the American people. Mr. Ryan wants a budget that will make Ayn Rand proud. I want a budget that improves our national education system. Mr. Ryan’s budget will cut funding for nearly 8,000 schools. I want a budget that expands job training. Mr. Ryan’s budget would deny 3.5 million Americans access to job training programs. I want a budget that keeps the promises to our seniors. Mr. Ryan’s budget ends the guarantee of Medicare and turns it into a voucher system."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2015 April 10, 2014
Steve Scalise, R-LA
"If you look at our economy, our economy is struggling in many ways because of policies coming out of Washington, because of Washington’s failure to confront those challenges."

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