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Energy Action Team July 22, 2014
Jeffrey Duncan, R-SC
"We know of the regulations the gentleman from Texas was talking about that the EPA continues to push down on Americans, and America’s farmers are feeling the brunt of it on where they can spray their pesticides or their herbicides and how far from ditches they need to be. There is some common sense there, I understand, but there is regulation after regulation. We have even combated, since I have been in Congress, the regulation of farm dust. Now, can you believe that the EPA would want to regulate dust created through the normal agricultural process?"
Nomination Of John W. Degravelles To Be United States District Judge For The Middle District Of Louisiana July 22, 2014
James Inhofe, R-OK
"Later this week we are going to have the EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy come to our Environment and Public Works Committee to testify about the greenhouse gas rule being developed for existing fleets of powerplants. We know what the rule is for the new powerplants; this is for the existing."
Unanimous Consent Agreement—Executive Calendar July 17, 2014
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"The proposal in question was a uniquely awful idea. The goal was for the EPA to grant itself the authority to garnish the wages of private citizens without even giving them a day in court. Imagine. You received a letter from the government accusing you of violating some obscure regulation, a regulation most likely you never heard of and did not even know you were violating. The government then hits you with massive fines, sometimes on the order of tens of thousands of dollars a day, as you weigh your legal options and whether to fight it in court."
Unfunded Liabilities—The Greatest Threat To Our Future July 16, 2014
David Schweikert, R-AZ
"After we do this, I want to do a little talking about a piece of legislation that I have that has made it through committee, and I am hoping, over the next couple of months, we will come to the floor and what that piece of legislation, I believe, means to sort of transparency here in our government with the EPA and hopefully as just sort of the future of how we deal with data in this Federal Government."
Executive Session July 15, 2014
Rob Portman, R-OH
"At our May 20 hearing, I asked Mr. Bay whether he agreed with the developing consensus that baseload power plants, the “always on” energy resources vital to reliable operation of the grid, deserve additional consideration for the irreplaceable reliability benefits they provide. Mr. Bay answered that he looked forward to reviewing comments on the issue. I then asked whether as a commissioner he would look at the cumulative effect of EPA rules that, by various estimates, have resulted in the announced closure of 40,000 to 70,000 megawatts of coal-fired power plants across the country, many of them in Ohio, the closure of which has raised strong concerns about maintaining electric reliability in many parts of the country. He answered that if confirmed, he would be willing to discuss the issue with his colleagues to see if consensus could be reached."

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