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Climate Change September 15, 2014
Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI
"So what are we doing now? While Congress snoozes in the snug embrace of the big polluted interests, President Obama has stepped into the vacuum. His chief lieutenant in this effort is EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. She delivered our second keynote."
Waters Of The United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act Of 2014 September 11, 2014
Harold Rogers, R-KY
"Over the last five years, we have seen attempt after attempt to add layers of environmental red tape to any economic development that our states, counties, and cities may undertake. The new “Waters of the United States” proposal is no different. With this, the EPA seeks to gain jurisdiction over most of the country by claiming authority to regulate dry beds, ditches, pipes, farmland ponds and anywhere water could conceivably run. They would require local communities, businesses and individuals to navigate the costly and time-consuming process of obtaining additional permits for activities around these waters, making it harder to mine coal, to construct roads and shopping centers, and even to build homes. This is one of the largest federal power grabs we have ever witnessed in this country, and there is no question that the economic impact would be profound."
Waters Of The United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act Of 2014 September 10, 2014
Robert Goodlatte, R-VA
"Mr. Chair, I rise today in support of H.R. 5078, the Waters of the United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act. In Virginia and the larger Chesapeake Bay watershed we have already seen the Environmental Protection Agency micromanaging state and local water decisions. The EPA‘s Waters of the U.S. rule expands the regulatory over-reach we have seen in the Bay watershed to the entire United States while imposing even more harmful regulations on even more small streams, creeks, manmade ponds, and nearby wetlands under the agency’s control."
Waters Of The United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act Of 2014 September 10, 2014
Chris Van Hollen, D-MD
"Today’s legislation would prohibit the Army Corps and EPA from continuing proposed action to ensure that the streams and wetlands that feed our waterways and provide drinking water for millions of Americans are protected from pollution. In 2001 and 2006, Supreme Court decisions created confusion about precisely which upstream tributaries were covered by the law. Subsequent policy guidance only increased legal uncertainty and undermined efforts to protect drinking water for more than 117 million Americans, including more than 26 million residents in the Chesapeake Bay watershed."
Safe And Secure Drinking Water Act September 10, 2014
Marcy Kaptur, D-OH
"Despite this realization, the U.S. EPA fails to take a most basic step to protect public safety—setting federal guidelines or standards for unsafe consumption levels, testing practices to determine the presence of Microcystin in water systems, or feasible treatment techniques. Without these basic protections, millions of Americans’ health is at risk."

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