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Drinking Water Protection Act August 5, 2015
Rob Portman, R-OH
"Mr. President, I come to the floor once again to make an attempt at passing a very important, commonsense piece of legislation that is bipartisan. It helps to ensure that the drinking water supplies in northern Ohio, Lake Erie, and throughout our State, the freshwater reservoirs and other lakes that are providing water—and also around the country—to make sure that will be something the U.S. Federal Government is helping with as much as possible through new legislation to get the EPA more involved."
Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions August 5, 2015
Dan Sullivan, R-AK
"I believe a huge part of the problem of what is holding us back is actually this town, the Federal Government, and the agencies here that are stifling economic growth with redtape from the alphabet soup of agencies—the IRS, the EPA, and the BLM—that are constantly promulgating new regulations. As opposed to being partners in opportunity, our Federal Government wants to regulate everything, all aspects of our economy."
Authority For Committees To Meet August 4, 2015
Richard Burr, R-NC
"Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the Subcommittee on Superfund, Waste Management, and Regulatory Oversight of the Committee on Environment and Public Works be authorized to meet during the session of the Senate on August 4, 2015, at 9:30 a.m., in room SD-406 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building, to conduct a hearing entitled “Oversight of Litigation at EPA and FWS: Impacts on the U.S. Economy, States, Local Communities and the Environment.”"
Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Of 2015—Motion To Proceed— Continued August 4, 2015
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"In 2007, in its landmark decision called Massachusetts v. EPA, the U.S. Supreme Court found very clearly that carbon pollution is covered under the Clean Air Act. I think it is important to note that the Bush administration took the position that carbon pollution could not be covered under the Clean Air Act. They wasted about 8 long years litigating the matter, and we lost a lot of time. But when the Supreme Court finally spoke out, this is what they said, and I quote from the decision:"
The Administration’S Clean Power Plan And Coal August 4, 2015
Steve Daines, R-MT
"Mr. President, I would like to shift gears for a moment and share some comments about President Obama’s news that he made yesterday with the EPA. Yesterday, President Obama and the “Employment Prevention” Agency, the EPA, continued to wage their war on American energy, American families, and American jobs. As President Obama was announcing his plan to devastate Montana’s coal industry and the good-paying jobs it provides, yet another coal company filed for bankruptcy."

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