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The Four Principles Of Conservatism April 8, 2014
Steve King, R-IA
"That is what we have, Mr. Speaker, in the Justice Department today. It is hard to call it justice. It is going to be hard to take this country to the next level of our destiny. These values that I have brought out in the beginning—these values of respect for tradition and wisdom of past generations, the rule of law, individual freedom and liberty, and a belief in a law higher than man’s law—we must restore in this country if we are to restore the pillars of American exceptionalism."
Comprehensive Immigration Reform April 2, 2014
Steve King, R-IA
"Whatever you think about demographics, whatever you think about political power, and whatever you think about economics, there is an essential pillar of American exceptionalism that we can’t do without and still be a great country. It is called the rule of law."
Mchugh Nomination March 11, 2014
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"One of the problems I have with our current President is that I don’t believe he believes in American exceptionalism, and he is doing so many things that are destroying our exceptionalism. The rest of the world knows it, but our folks here in America are having a rough time grasping it. I think it is a desire to always treat everybody well, to try to support our Presidents, which certainly we ought to try to do, but there is a reason we are starting to slip."
Judeo-Christian Values February 25, 2014
Steve King, R-IA
"We need to elect the next President, a very astute foreign policy president who believes in free enterprise, who believes in the pillars of American exceptionalism, and believes in exporting them to the rest of the world, because we are far better off with an American policy and a promotion of our beliefs and our ideals in other places in the world, where they want to embrace our way of living, than we are pulling back and allowing that vacuum to be filled by the power-hungry despots of people like a Castro, a Chavez, a Maduro, a Putin."
Conflating The Terms February 10, 2014
Steve King, R-IA
"What is right is the understanding of first principles, the understanding of the pillars of American exceptionalism, the understanding that put those parameters in place by our Founding Fathers well more than 200 years ago, when they saw that we had to have the rule of law in America. Without the rule of law, we are not a lot different from Third World countries."

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