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Entry Title Date
Honoring Pennsylvania State Trooper Joseph J. Sepp, Jr. September 19, 2014
Keith Rothfus, R-PA
"Trooper Sepp was born on August 23, 1968 in Wilkinsburg and raised in Windber. He graduated from Windber Area High School in 1986 and the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown in 1991. He joined the Pennsylvania State Police on February 24, 1992, fulfilling his lifelong dream of serving as a State trooper."
Honoring The Life Of Tom Beckham September 19, 2014
Jim Costa, D-CA
"Tom was born in Clovis, California, on February 11, 1947. He was raised in the foothill area above Millerton Lake and graduated from Sierra High School."
Honoring Nicole Montna Van Vleck September 19, 2014
John Garamendi, D-CA
"Nicole Montna Van Vleck (Rice grower and industry leader; Sutter and Sacramento Counties): Nicole Montna Van Vleck is the managing partner of family owned and operated Montna Farms in Yuba City, a major grower of Japanese short grain specialty rice. Nicole is actively involved in all aspects of the operations from growing to drying and milling and her involvement with California agriculture is long-standing. She is a third generation Sutter County rice farmer who has been a leader in numerous associations as an advocate for the state’s farmers. For more than a decade she has served on the California Rice Commission where she currently sits on the Board of Directors and on numerous committees. She is a member of the California Rice Industry Association Board and in 2011 joined the Board of Directors for American Commodity Company. From February of 2011 to July 2013, Nicole served as co-chair for the USA Rice Federation Rice Quality Task Force and remains active. She also is active in the USA Rice Producers Group. In the area of water, Nicole has leadership roles in the Northern California Water Association. She is Vice President of the Sutter Bypass Butte Slough Water Users Association, having been president for more than a decade. She is Treasurer of Garden Highway Mutual Water District. Outside of agriculture, Nicole is a member of the Board of Directors for River Valley Community Bank. Nicole is a graduate of the California Agricultural Leadership Program, and of the USA Rice Leadership Program. Early in her career she worked as a legislative analyst for the law firm of Morrison & Foerster before returning to the family farm in 1994. As Vice Chair of the California State Fair Agricultural Advisory Board, Nicole advocates for agricultural education programs for youth. She raised money for State Fair Scholarships and school tours of the State Fair Farm. Nicole is a respected leader and champion for women in agriculture statewide and for economic development in Sutter County."
Recognizing Zions Bank September 18, 2014
Mike Lee, R-UT
"Such economic tenacity was woven into the character of Zions Bank. During the Great Depression, the bank’s livelihood was threatened when in February of 1932, depositors withdrew $1.5 million in 2\1/2\ days. In order to quell the panic and reassure depositors that the bank was sound, bank President Heber J. Grant ordered signs to be posted at branch locations. The signs noted that the bank was “in a very strong, clean, liquid condition,” and that it could “pay off every depositor in full.” The note ended, “There is no safer bank in the state or the nation.” Because of the trust that the bank developed with customers over previous decades, the panic was subdued and deposits quickly exceeded withdrawals. The bank stood firm in the midst of an extended national economic struggle. During every significant economic downturn since 1873, Zions Bank has weathered the storm and come out stronger for it. This success speaks to the impeccable leadership and business acumen of bank leaders and the hard work of Zions Bank employees."
Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015 September 17, 2014
Charlie Dent, R-PA
"At a hearing in the Appropriations Committee in February of 2012, I questioned then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about why we were not doing more to help the moderate Syrian opposition. She flatly rejected providing support then. Now, however, I fear we may have effectively missed the time in which arming the FSA will impact the barbarism of ISIL in the region. Unfortunately, since 2011 and early 2012, the situation in Syria has become dramatically more complex, and identifying true allies in the fight against ISIS will be exceedingly difficult."

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