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Recognizing The Khojaly Massacre March 26, 2015
Tim Ryan, D-OH
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to all of the victims of the Khojaly Massacre which occurred on February 26, 1992 in the small Azerbaijani town of Khojaly. The Khojaly Massacre claimed six hundred and thirteen innocent civilians and remains one of the most devastating acts of violence in South Caucasus history. To date the fate of one hundred and fifty Khojaly civilians remain unknown. Due to the rising tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan there are countless casualties and innocent lives taken daily. More so than ever the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict calls for fair, political, and comprehensive settlement in order to encourage multi-national stability and economic prosperity. As co-chair of the Minsk Group, the United States remains devoted to working with both sides to achieve these goals. As we honor the victims of the Khojaly Massacre we must stay committed to working together to protect the human rights of all."
Medicare Access And Chip Reauthorization Act Of 2015 March 26, 2015
Paul Ryan, R-WI
"Dear Chairman Upton: Thank you for your letter regarding H.R. 1021, Protecting the Integrity of Medicare Act of 2015, which was ordered reported by the Committee on Ways and Means on February 26, 2015. I appreciate your decision to facilitate prompt consideration of the bill by the full House. I understand that by foregoing a mark-up of the bill, the Committee on Energy and Commerce is not waiving its interest in the provisions within its jurisdiction. Per your request, I will include a copy of our exchange of letters with respect to H.R. 1021 in the Congressional Record during House consideration of this bill. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with you as this bill moves through the Congress. Sincerely, Paul Ryan, Chairman."
Recognizing Pedernales Electric Cooperative Employees March 25, 2015
Lamar Smith, R-TX
"Mr. Speaker, today I want to recognize three power linemen from Pedernales Electric Cooperative in my district for their service and for putting into action cooperative principle #6—cooperation among cooperatives—in Haiti. Marshall Verette, Andrew Ridge and Mark Moreno volunteered to go to Haiti last February to work with Haiti’s first electric cooperative, the Cooperative Electrique de l’Arrondisement des Coteaux (CEAC). This work was part of a rural electrification project through the NRECA International Foundation with support from the United Nations Environmental Program and USAID. They spent two weeks in the town of Coteaux to help build a distribution system that will connect three towns. Upon completion, the diesel-solar hybrid electric system will provide safe, affordable and reliable power to 1600 consumers. Their contributions included upgrading lines, installing new lines and service drops, and training locally hired lineman in proper construction methods, pole climbing techniques, proper handline use, and important safety practices. Electricity is a critical element in improving the quality of life and in providing health care, education, access to clean water and economic opportunity. In Haiti, less than 15 percent of the population has regular access to electricity. In appreciation of all they have done, Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues join me in thanking them for their humanitarian efforts."
Honoring The Life Of Captain Charles Rush March 25, 2015
Martha Roby, R-AL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life of Mr. Charles Rush, an exceptional Alabamian who set an example of leadership for all to follow. His lifetime of dedication and service stands as a monument to the exemplary man he was, and his gallantry in battle continues to inspire future generations. Rush was born in Greensboro, a small farming town in west Alabama. When he was seven, his family moved to Dothan, Alabama where he went to elementary and high school. After completing high school at the Gulf Coast Military Academy in Gulfport, Mississippi, Rush was awarded an appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Graduating in 1941, he was then assigned duty aboard a destroyer and stationed at Pearl Harbor. Later, Rush volunteered for submarine duty where he completed a total of seven patrols with the USS Thresher and the USS Billfish. In 1943, three enemy destroyers attacked the Billfish, bombarding it with depth charges for twelve hours. During this terrifying attack, the ship’s commanders became unable to ensure the safety of the submarine. Then Lieutenant Rush took control of the situation, outsmarted the enemy destroyers, and helped lead the submarine and all of the men aboard to safety. Nearly sixty years after the attack, Rush was awarded the Navy Cross in 2002—an honor insisted upon by his fellow crew members of the USS Billfish on board during the attack. Captain Rush was a friend, mentor, respected colleague, and gentleman to many, and will be remembered for his courage and integrity. Captain Rush passed on February 27th, 2015, just shy of his 96th birthday. He is survived by LaVonne, his wife of 39 years, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and a host of other family members."
Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2016 March 25, 2015
David Schweikert, R-AZ
"MALONEY of New York. Mr. Chairman, in response to my good friends on the other side of the aisle, numbers don’t lie. These numbers were compiled by the bipartisan Bureau of Labor Statistics and updated in early March. It clearly shows that our economy was shedding 800,000 jobs a month before President Obama took office. And then because of his policies, it has continued to grow. Mr. Chairman, 12 million private sector jobs were added in the past 60 months—the longest of streak on record of job growth—and 288,000 private sector jobs added in February."

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