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Paying Tribute To Judge Dennis Carroll For His Outstanding Service To Madison County July 22, 2015
Susan Brooks, R-IN
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Judge Dennis Carroll on the occasion of his retirement. For more than three decades, Judge Carroll has served as judge of Madison Circuit Court, Division 6 in Madison County, Indiana. The people of Indiana’s Fifth Congressional District and especially Madison County are forever grateful for Judge Carroll’s contributions to the Hoosier community."
Arrest Statistics Reporting Act Of 2015 July 22, 2015
Mo Brooks, R-AL
"Is Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District’s experience with illegal aliens an anomaly? Or is illegal alien crime as bad in the rest of America?"
Paying Tribute To Pat Kiely For His 23 Years Of Outstanding Service To The Indiana Manufacturers Association July 22, 2015
Susan Brooks, R-IN
"Pat has been a champion for manufacturers in Indiana and across the country for decades. On behalf of the grateful constituents of Indiana’s Fifth Congressional District, I would like to congratulate Pat on all of his success and extend a huge thank you for his extraordinary contributions to the Hoosier community. I wish the very best to Pat, his wife Mary Pat, and his entire family as he enjoys a well-deserved retirement."
National Dairy Month July 8, 2015
Glenn Thompson, R-PA
"As I travel across Pennsylvania and throughout the Pennsylvania Fifth Congressional District, I am always inspired by our farmers and our farm families. They work hard. They work 7 days a week. Their work is arduous, and the challenges of running a farm are never ending."
Protect Medical Innovation Act Of 2015 June 17, 2015
Glenn Thompson, R-PA
"Mr. Speaker, the medical device tax is a terrible policy that is stifling innovation and United States competitiveness and is hurting small businesses all across the Nation, and certainly in the Pennsylvania Fifth Congressional District."

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