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four chaplains

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The Four Chaplains February 5, 2014
Steve Stivers, R-OH
"Mr. Speaker, this week marks the 71st anniversary of a dramatic sacrifice made by four U.S. Army chaplains during World War II on February 3, 1943. On that day, the USS Dorchester was torpedoed by a German submarine, and it sunk. Out of that tragedy came the story of the four chaplains."
Making Continuing Appropriations For Fiscal Year 2014—Motion To Proceed—Continued September 24, 2013
Ted Cruz, R-TX
"I had the opportunity recently to speak at the American Legion’s national convention. I had the opportunity to share it. There were a number of particularly older veterans, World War II veterans, who knew the story of the four immortal chaplains. That is the story of the USS Dorchester that was hit by a U-boat torpedo and was sinking. There were four chaplains aboard that ship."
Welcoming Rabbi Jeffrey Astrachan February 7, 2012
Todd Platts, R-PA
"Mr. Speaker, I am honored to host our guest chaplain, Rabbi Jeffrey Astrachan, to give today’s opening prayer. Rabbi Astrachan is here today to help honor the sacrifice of the four chaplains who gave their lives during the sinking of the troop ship Dorchester during World War II. This is especially significant because one of the four chaplains, Lieutenant Alexander D. Goode, was once a rabbi with the same congregation in York, Pennsylvania, my hometown that Rabbi Astrachan now serves."
Paying Our Respects To Chaplains Fox, Poling, Washington, And Rabbi Goode February 7, 2012
Jeff Miller, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, this year’s tribute to our lost four chaplains, last seen on the decks of the USAT Dorchester offering comfort and their only chance for survival to others, is particularly poignant. For it was this past year that these men were reunited at this country’s most hallowed grounds, Arlington National Cemetery."
Four Chaplains February 7, 2012
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the incredible story of the USAT Dorchester’s four chaplains. The brave “immortal chaplains,” a Jewish rabbi, a Catholic priest, and two Protestant ministers, selflessly provided comfort and guidance to their interfaith community aboard the transport ship as it sunk into icy waters on February 3, 1943. These leaders of different faiths gave up their lifejackets and stood strong, singing prayers and hymns, sharing words of healing and peace as the ship went down."

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