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Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions November 19, 2015
Maria Cantwell, D-WA
"Mr. President, last year the Pacific Northwest, and the Nation lost one of our greatest civil rights heroes with the passing of Billy Frank, Jr. It is clear a great leader has been lost when an entire community shows up to commemorate his life and celebrate his spirit. I attended Billy’s memorial, along with Senator Murray and 6,000 others, and was honored to have the chance to pay tribute to the man who fought for the civil rights of Native Americans, the principles of environmental stewardship, and the importance of salmon recovery and preservation in the Pacific Northwest."
Recognizing Joliet Central High School’S Annual Veteran Ceremony November 19, 2015
Bill Foster, D-IL
"Joseph Berman; Charles Muller; Bill Thorns; Ted Micci; Felix Pasteris; Dan Ursitti; Edward Mena; Christo Dragatsis; Jerald Brazeal; Donald Boyer; Gregory E. Warren; Larry Musson; Frank Varman; Larry Evert; and Hank Pillard."
Marking 20 Years Since The Signing Of The Dayton Agreement November 19, 2015
Christopher Smith, R-NJ
"As a member and later Chairman of the Helsinki Commission, I remember those events vividly—many Bosnians and Serbs testified before the Helsinki Commission in the 1990s (including victims of human rights abuses and human rights defenders) and some have since played leading roles as elected officials. In 1991, Frank Wolf and I visited Vukovar in neighboring Croatia while it was still under siege. With a group of other Helsinki Commissioners and Members of Congress, I urged a decisive international response under U.S. leadership from the very beginning of the war. In 1995 we spearheaded a movement to lift the arms embargo on Bosnia, so that it would not present such an inviting target to Serb militias. Sadly the embargo was lifted too late for the Bosniaks in Srebrenica."
Dodd-Frank Legislation November 19, 2015
Jeff Merkley, D-OR
"Before we established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, consumer protection was handled by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve also handled monetary policy. Monetary policy was much more exciting, and perhaps they thought it was more up to their sophisticated educations. They took consumer protection and put it in the basement of the Federal Reserve, and they locked it up and then threw away the key. They never honored their responsibilities for consumer protection, allowing all of these predatory practices that we had to end through the Dodd-Frank legislation."
Budget Agreement November 19, 2015
Christopher Coons, D-DE
"As the ranking member of the Appropriations financial services subcommittee, I want to be clear that it is particularly unacceptable to me to use the appropriations process to roll back many of the critical Wall Street reforms put in place over 5 years ago in response to the financial crisis that was devastating to the economy, to families, and to businesses throughout Delaware and the country. If the majority wants to bring a bill to the floor that rolls back some of the key consumer protections put in place in the Dodd-Frank bill, then let’s have that debate. Frankly, it is a debate we at times have been engaged in on large- and small-scale issues."

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