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Mentioned most often by

  1. 100.0% Rep. Eliot L. Engel, D-NY
  2. 38.0952380952% Rep. James A. Traficant, D-OH
  3. 14.2857142857% Rep. Dan Burton, R-IN
  4. 9.52380952381% Rep. Christopher H. Smith, R-NJ
  5. 4.7619047619% Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-NY

Occurrences in the Congressional Record

Entry Title Date
Pro-Indian Charities Support Terrorism September 5, 2002
Edolphus Towns, D-NY
"It is probably advisable for the American Government to hold an official inquiry into fund-raising in the U.S. by groups implicated in the Gujarat violence. TERRORISM COMES in many guises. An armed assault against Parliament House in New Delhi. A suicide bomber detonating high explosives in a crowded bazaar. Political assassination. Angry young men flying commercial aircraft into the World Trade Center. And, yes, hate-consumed mobs butchering innocent women and children. The people of India need no instruction from foreigners regarding the moral issues raised by this spring’s communal violence in Gujarat. Except for an embittered but fortunately minuscule minority, Indians of all religions and beliefs reacted with horror and disgust to the great human tragedy that unfolded in their country earlier this year. All those who admire Indian culture and accomplishments, who celebrate the extraordinary progress India has achieved in its still brief national existence, understand that the tragedy of Gujarat strikes at the very essence of India’s being and promise. The assassination earlier this year of Abdul Gani Lone, who opposed Indian rule in Kashmir but who in his final years had come to the realisation that violence and extremism offer Kashmiris no way out in their struggle with New Delhi, represented another blow to the ideals of tolerance and moderation, another triumph for the forces of hatred and sectarian-based violence. In this sense, the tragedies of Gujarat and of Kashmir are inextricably linked. Kashmir was certainly not the cause of Gujarat. Sadly, the seeds of Godhra and Ahmedabad and Baroda spring from still more ancient soils. But the continued violence in Kashmir makes the hatred recently seen in Gujarat more likely, and in a perverted sense, more “respectable”, or at least acceptable. Perhaps, it does not go too far to assert that until the Kashmir sore is at last healed, the poison that produced Gujarat will make other Gujarats increasingly likely. Some Indians, of course, say that the tragic events in Gujarat are a domestic Indian affair, and that the United States and the rest of the world have no business intruding into a purely internal Indian matter. This is a self-serving falsehood. Important American interests, including the global war against terrorism, can be directly impacted by what the U.S. says—;and fails to say—;about Gujarat. At this particular moment in history, the U.S. cannot allow the impression to take hold that Americans somehow value a Muslim life less than the life of a person of another religion. Sadly, there are those in the Islamic world who assert that the present conflict is a war directed not against terrorism, but against Islam. That the U.S. does not care about Muslims. That Washington seeks to hijack the tragedies of 9/11 to carry out long-held plans to repress the Islamic world. These are detestable lies, but many in the Muslim world are prepared to believe them. So leaving aside the moral issue, it is essential that India’s friends in the U.S. speak out to condemn the injustice and hatred so prominently displayed in Gujarat, and to lend support to those Indians, of all religious beliefs, who are working to strengthen the forces of secularism, tolerance and multiculturalism. Some have asked what impact the recent events in Gujarat will have—;should have—;on the new and healthier relationship that the U.S. is developing with India. No one needs to be reminded of the tortured history of U.S.-India relations over the years, or the difficulty the two nations have had in working collaboratively with one another, even on those issues where our purposes and interests ran along parallel tracks. Over the past half dozen or so years—;and notwithstanding the temporary if traumatic jolt to the relationship administered by India’s 1998 nuclear tests and subsequent imposition of U.S. sanctions—;Washington and New Delhi have begun to construct a qualitatively better relationship, so much so that the Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee, has come to describe the two countries as “natural allies”, a phrase increasingly used by Americans as well. Following the trauma Americans experienced on September 11, India was one of the first countries in the world to step forward with a pledge of unconditional and unambivalent support for the U.S. in its quest to bring to justice those responsible for the terror attacks in New York and Washington. The administration of George W. Bush, already keen to upgrade relations with Delhi, took notice. Prior to the February 27 Godhra attack that touched off the bloodshed in Gujarat, this new and more sanguine relationship between the U.S. and India was widely viewed by Americans as in the national interest. it remains so today; Gujarat has not changed this calculation. And yet, it is neither possible nor practical simply to pretend that Gujarat did not happen. The violence in Gujarat, and the steps the Indian Government might take in coming months in response to those events, could have a significant impact on American views of India, and hence, on political and public support in the U.S. for a close and collaborative U.S.—;India partnership. Credible reports have recently suggested that substantial sums of money are sent from Indians resident in the U.S., and from American citizens of Indian origin, to groups and organizations in Gujarat and elsewhere in India that are directly linked to the violence in Gujarat. I do not know if these accounts are true. But respected Indian journalists have uncovered disturbing linkages. If these reports prove accurate, then it is possible that such financial transactions violate U.S. anti-terrorism statutes. Alternatively, issues of fraud may be at issue. Responsible sources report that some U.S. residents make financial contributions to overseas religious groups in the belief that these funds are to be used for religious or humanitarian purposes, when in fact the monies so raised are, used to promote religious bigotry. In either event, it is probably advisable for the American Government to hold an official inquiry into fund-raising in the U.S. by groups implicated in Gujarat violence, to ensure that U.S. laws are not being violated. Legitimate organizations need not fear such an investigation, which would serve to clear their names and reassure potential donors about the legitimacy of their fund-raising activities. Nor would such an inquiry be new or unusual. The U.S. has acted in the past to regulate or even to band fund-raising activities by groups advocating violence and ethnic or religious intolerance in other countries, as well as activities where fraud may be an issue. Since September 11, both the Bush administration and other Governments have shut down a number of groups whose ostensible purposes were to collect funds for Muslim charities, but which actually served to finance terrorist networks. The Gujarat violence, Lone’s assassination, and most recently, the designation of L.K. Advani as Deputy Prime Minister and most likely successor to Mr. Vajpayee have all raised new concerns about India’s future among India’s friends in the U.S. An official U.S. investigation into Gujarat-related fund-raising, voluntarily facilitated by the Government of India, would go far towards easing those concerns and further strengthening the new partnership between our peoples."
Albanian Voters May 25, 2001
James Traficant, D-OH
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American Embassy Security Act Of 1999 July 21, 1999
Eliot Engel, D-NY
"Lutfi Xhaferi, Muhamet Bajrami, Fadil Salihu, Naser Osmani, Rijad Begu, Isak Abazi, Xhemshit Ferati, Shaqir Pllana, Afrim Salihu, Ibrahim Bajrami, Sylejman Bejtullahu, Xhevdet Bejtullahu, Agron Pllana, Nexhat Brahimi, Hazir Peci, Milaim Hajrizi, Fehmi Hasani, Shaban Duraku, Adem Tahiri, Rushit Strana, Isa Aliu, Ferit Pllana, Kaplan Salihu, Sami Hasani, Nuhi Januzi, Behxhet Maloku, Besim Brahimi, Sabit Strana, Rexhep Uka, Hamit Maleta, Ismet Pllana, Xhelal Bejtullahu, Hajrullah Peci, Agim Peci, Ismail Peci, Miftar Gashi, Feti Asllanaj, Sejdi Lahu, Skender Sadiku, Sejdi Zekaj, Fazli Kadriu, Ramadan Bislimi, Skender Haxha, Shaban Zuhranaj, Bajram Rukolli, Imer Haziraj, Xhevat Mustafa, Zani Mustafa, Sabit Arifi, Bexhet Zeneli, Miftar Sahiti, Mustafa Ramadani, Sabri Osmani, Agim Islami, Aziz Islami, Kadri Durguti, Abdyl Klecka, Behajdin Klecka, Burim Ejupi, Sabit Shehu, Zeqir Shehu, Jusuf Kollari, Xhevdet Durguti, Mehdi Kollari, Arben Shala, Destan Nurshaba, Mujedin Korenica, Veton Mulija, Beqir Kollari, Fahredin Dina, Bashkim Hoxha, Arsim Haska, Fadil Isma, Esad Kasapi, Zijadin Miftari, Eshref Klecka, Selami Sharku, Lan Isufaj, Rasim Isufaj, Njazi Isufaj, Naim Hadergjonaj, Rasim Selmanaj, Jahir Agushi, Visar Muriqi, Ragip Ahmeti, Ramadan Gashi, Fatmir Shishani, Agim Leka, Hazir Stoliqi, Gani Ahmetxhekaj, Muje Zekaj, Salih Zariqi, Jakup Rexhepi, Bajram Gashi, Nezir Bajraktari, Mustafe Mehmetaj, Arben Bajraktaraj, Nexhat Dervishaj, Deme Ramosaj, Shaban Mehmetaj, Sadik Haradini, Ramiz Isufaj, Ministet Shala, Ismet Pacarizi, Izet Zenuni, Gani Baqaj, Sali Gashi, Skender Bajraktari, Llmi Zeneli, Xhafer Qufaj, Gezim Zecaj, Bujar Goranci, Muhamet Gashi, Xheme Morina, Florim Zukaj, Asllan Asllani, Shpend Dobrunaj, Luan Ahmetxhekaj, Besnik Ismaili, Xhavit Museshabanaj, Driton Zukaj, Llmi Karaxha, Nikolle Markaj, Uke Golaj, Dervish Zukaj, Rasim Gjota, Skender Hajdari, Ardian Kumnova, Flamur Krasniqi, Isak Hoti, Ramadan Morina, Ismet Krasniqi, Demir Limaj, Lavdim Tetaj, Arsim Krasniqi, Arton Krasniqi, Avni Shala, Hazir Krasniqi, Llir Krasniqi, Fahri Krasniqi, Zhuje Gashi, Muhamed Avdiaj, Bekim Istogu, Azem Buzhala, Faik Topalli, Nysret Hoti, Nazim Zenelaj, Adnan Topalli, Musli Leku, Remzi Morina, Avni Memia, Avdi Kabashi, Ibrahim Ferizi, Visar Demiri, Bekim Rama, Tahir Rraci, Blerim Camaj, Reshat Nurboja, Brahim Gashi, Astrit Elshani, Hasan Verslaku, Avdullah Lushi, Lush Marku, Mustafe Gjocaj, Rrustem Jetishi, Bekim Maci, Asllan Nebihi, Afrim Verslaku, Kujtim Jetishi, Avdyl Maci, Skender Hoxha, Muhamet Kicina, Fadil Avdyli, Bajram Avdyli, Sokol Syla, Hasan Berisha, Luan Mazrreku, Enver Hoxhaj, Ismet Gashi, Zeqir Gashi, Fadil Topalli, Bujar Sylaj, Agim Gashi, Hetem Elshani, Isa Topalli, Flurim Haxhymeri, Haki Haxhimustafa, Beqir Alimusaj, Bajram Shala, Gazmend Zeka, Fadil Jetishi, Isa Shala, Isuf Shala, Ylber Dizdari, Milaim Cekaj, Musa Krasniqi, Ismet Berbati, Ramiz Gjocaj, Deme Batusha, Reshat Suka, Tahir Panxhaj, Syle Salihu, Ismet Isufi, Uke Rexha, Fehmi Kukiqi, Arsllan Selimi, Fetah Shala, Milazim Shehu, Nait Hasani, Riza Alia, Gani Cekaj, Sefedin Morina, Sadri Terdevci, Habib Morina, Elmi Morina, Rexhep Morina, Isa Morina, Lajet Mola, Sylejman Bajgora, Feriz Corri, Raif Hasi, Smail Hasi, Rrahim Limani, Sadik Limani, Jakup Limani, Agim Nimani, Besnik Heta, Afrim Rucaj, Qamil Pllana, Hashim Mecinaj, Shemsi Shaqiri, Avdush Hysi, Miftar Dobra, Nexhat Ahmeti, Fadil Ajeti, Bahri Istrefi, Bedri Qerimi, Nexhat Mustafa, Izet Miftaraj, Fuat Bucinca, Reci Dosti, Naim Haziri, Sali Azemi, Kenan Hasani, Rifat Dobra, Shaban Rexhepi, Daut Rrahmani, Ali Haradini, Latif Ismaili (minor), Fehmi Jashari, Naim Peci, Gani Arslani, Muharrem Zymeri, Elmaz Hasani, Ukshin Hasani, Hakif Duraku, Sherafedin Hasani, Jashar Istrefi, Rrahman Istrefi, Gani Muja, Rrahman Ahmeti, Ferid Zeneli, Duka Aliu, Nuredin Jashari, Ilmi Jashari, Hajro Brahimi, Fahri Berisha, Naim Pllana, Shkelzen Pllana, Fehmi Pllana, Megdia Pllana, Behxhet Sejdiaj, Faik Sejdiaj, Bekim Sejdiaj, 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Hasan Rama, Ramadan Nishori, Hidajim Morina, Sadik Bytyci, Enver Hashani, Besim Rama, Valon Berisha, Nexhat Shulaku, Edmond Dushi, Naser Shurnjaku, Visar Dushi, Agim Hoda, Mustafe Ahmeti, Arsim Bakalli, Menduh Duraku, Muhedin Zeka, Kreshnik Hoda, Admir Pruthi, Nexhmedin Baraku, Mehdi Ferizi, Fisnik Zhaveli, Muhamet Guta, Faik Mustafaj, Selami Curraj, Artan Nasi, Yll Kusari, Yll Ferizi, Peraprim Efendija, Arbnor Koshi, Petrit Vula, Idriz Feta, Jeton Rizniqi, Genc Xhara, Behar Hoti, Qamil Haxhibeqiri, Fahri Hoti, Adnan Hoti, Fatmir Tafarshiku, Shpetim Hoxha, Esat Ahma, Hysen Juniku, Yll Pepa, Erdogan Mati, Shkelzen Nura, Esat Zherka, Shpend Musacana, Adriatik Pula, Labinot Pula, Gezim Sada, Bekim Jota, Emin Delia, Zog Delia, Alb Delia, Yll Delia, As Ahmeti, Yll Kastrati, Adnan Haxhibeqiri, Gazmend Zhubi, Gent Nushi, Enver Dula, Mithat Buza, Bekim Rragomi, Aliriza Truti, Skender Zhina, Petrit Jakupaj, Elmi Tahiri, Agim Muhaxheri, Faton Hoda, Agron Pula, Tahir Kajdomcaj, Florent Trudi, Adriatik Vokshi, Ymri Ahmeti, Armond Koshi, Atli Kryeziu, Dukagjin Pula, Jusuf Brovina, Gani Gexha, Sulejman Brovina, Hasan Halilaj, Halil Guta, Albert Koshi, Fatos Dautaga, Sami Morina, Luan Xheka, Tahir Skenderaj, Bjerem Juniku, Sabit Beqiri, Dijamant Mici, Nexhat Vehapi, Fadil Lushaj, Binak Haxhija, Avdyl Precaj, Xhamajl Thaci, Nazim Morina, Flamur Pana, Fatos Deva, Musat Ukaj, Ardian Tetrica, Driton Aliaga, Bekim Mullahasani, Bashkim Mustafa, Besfort Mullahasani, Driton Ballata, Diamant Manxhuka, Rinor Lama, Fatmir Pruthi, Ferhat Luhani, Bekim Musa, Petrit Kepuska, Mithat Guta, Agim Hasiqi, Gembi Batusha, Hysni Hoda, Hivzi Perolli, Mazllom Grushti, Jeton Bytyci, Bujar Hasiqi, Petrit Sahatqija, Vllaznim Radogoshi, Imer Guta, Shefqet Bokshi, Kastriot Zhubi, Florent Zhubi, Edmond Shtaloja, Burim Dobruna, Isa Axhanela, Driton Xhiha, Hasan Zeneli, Rasim Rexha, Haqif Ilazi, Bilbil Duraku, Sejdi Bellanica, Defrim Rifaj, Nehat Binaku, Enver Berisha, Jakif Mazreku, Hysni Krasniqi, Haki Elshani, Avni Koleci, Shaban Kolgeci, Rexhep Agilaj, Arif Kabashi, Azem Nedrotaj, Xhevat Shukolli, Zaim Catapi, Milaim Kabashi, Xhavit Kolgeci, Maliq Sokoli, Haxhi Ukaj, Ramadan Kokollari, Arben Basha, Feriz Haziri, Sedji Haziraj, Hazir Zenelaj, Xhavit Krasniqi, Milaim Matoshi, Mustafe Kolgeci, Arsim Gashi, Emin Kryeziu, Sherif Ilazi, Arsim Ziba, Defrim Kiqina, Zenel Ademi, Fadil Xhulani, Qamil Rama, Pjeter Cira, Bilbil Shehu, Isuf Bardoshi, Ilir Kortoshi, Osman Tortoshi, Sulo Kuqi, Sulejman Deliu, Gazmend Krasniqi, Zil Qipa, Shaban Rama, Jahe Sadrija, Muharrem Pajaziti, Naser Tahirsylaj, Muhamet Tahiri, Arben Dobani, Besim Zogaj, Xhavit Gashi, Sali Cunaj, Fatmir Kokollari, Nezir Zogaj, Naim Baleci, Agron Borani, Rakip Mirena, Bekim Krasniqi, Rexhep Luzha, Ramiz Bajrami, Ali Gashi, Ramadan Berisha, Abdullah Cunaj, Sinan Bytyci, Shemsi Gallopeni, Shefqet Kabashi, Fazli Pranca, Musli Avdyli, Ibrahim Isufaj, Sulejman Bytyci, Muharrem Qypaj, Ahmet Demiri, Xhafer Shala, Sami Gashi, Agron 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Prison of Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia): Bedri Zymer Shabanaj, Liman Shefki Haxholli, Sami Kamer Ajeti, Rasim Xheladin Muja, Luan Ajet Statovci, Gezim Nazmi Statovci, Enver Hamit Sekiraqa, Bekim Ilmi Istogu, Sylejman Bejtullah Sopjani, Isak Iljaz Kurshumlija, Lek Mihilja Pervulfi, Ragip Syle Ahmeti, Fehim Rustem Vrelaku, Ilmi Musli Karagjani, Bekim Avdulla Mazreku, Agim Sylejman Kelmendi, Rexhep Rushit Musliu, Hysni Rrustem Nursedi, Izet Sadik Sadriu, Faton Zymer Malaj, Muharrem Jahe Krasniqi, Naser Bajram Istogu, Abdyl Jusuf Jetishi, Riza Hajdar Dembogaj, Zeqir A. Pacolli, Gani Asllan Daci, Liman Fazli Aliu, Muhamer Avdiu, Shkumbin S. Malaj, Lah Haxhi Mataj, Sheremet Zenel Ahmeti, Halip Hajrullah Reshica, Bajrush Muharrem Xhemaili, Gent Jakup Nushi, Dem Halil Ranoshaj, Xhemajl Muharrem Muharremi, Xhavit Shaban Mustapani, Ahmet Sefe Ahmeti, Skender Sylejman Gjiha, Fahri Rexhep Ejupi, Bastri Jahim Azemi, Iljaz Gani Gashi, Shefqet Aziz Kosumi, Jakup Hasan Ademi, Behar Kadri Zymeri, Florijan Hilmi Istogu, Habib Shaban Shabani, Shaip Male Berisha, Hasan Ahmet Jashari, Halim Ramadan Musliu, Abullah Haxhi Hoxha, Ajet Liman Zariqi, Agron Beqir Ejupi, Asllan Jusuf Zekaj, Skender Haxhi Kelmendi, Ridvan Shaip Salihu, Rasim Ramadan Zota, Bekim Nevruz Ragipi, Bajram Mustafe Tahi, Uke Mehmet Goxhaj, Halil Hajrullah Nashica, Bajrush Muharrem Gjemaili, Xhemail Muharrem Muharremi, Ahmet Sefa Ahmeti, Fahri Rexhep Ujupi, Iljaz Gani Gashi, Jakup Hasan Ademi, Ergjylent Elbasan Gashi, Arben Ahmet Bajraktari, Adem Jusuf Morina, Nezir Tafil Sh., Bekim Ibrahim Istogu, Afrim Ismet Uka, Drestan Islam Sukaj, Fadil Kosum Gashi, Bujar Xhafer Goranci, Fejzullah Hasim N., Ramiz Ibrahim Isufaj, Avdyl Beqir Kreqka, Imer Bajram Zhushi, Mirsad Vesel Bashota, Izet Sabri Zenuni, Mehmet Rexhep Gashi, Osman Haxhi T., Fejzullah Zenel Abdyli, Bexhet Ise Gashi, Zeqir Abdullahu, Shkeqim Rrahim Selimi, Syle R. Murati, Kujtim H. Sh., Musa Hajriz Gashi, Abedin Mugaj, Osman Isuf Hoti, Ramiz Riza Sopjani, Braim Muharrem Isufi, Muhamet Bexhet Thaci, Azem Hazir Sylejmani, Avdi Zejnullah Ajeti, Sokol Xhafer Jakupi, Xhevat Esat Aziri, Qamil Abaz Abazi, Sinan Sylejman Kelmendi, Kastriot Qazim Jetishi, Beqe Isuf Ukshini, Arber Shefqet Pervuku, Ahmet Mustafe Kapitaj, Besim Muhamet Zymberi, Mexhdet Ramadan Kida, Mustafe Emin Shaqa, Rexhe Brahim Jakupi, Faton Vesel Istogu, Bahtir Hamdi Bahtiri, Rexhep Tafil Topalli, Feriz Aziz Kaqili, Isuf Asllan Sylaj, Besim Hasan Jashari, Rrahim Avdi Nika, Florim Sadri Dervishi, Tomorr Haxhi Hoxha, Shaban Haxhi Hoxha, Agim Like Brahimi, Shkelzen Ramadan Kida, Mersin Beqir Berisha, Durak Riza Gerbeshi, Shaban Hamez Frasheri, Bujar Ibrahim Cuni, Beqir Akil Abazi, Kamber Syle Bucolli, Hasan Beqir Mula, Haxhibeqir Masar Ajdini, Avdyl Xhabir Skilferi, Enver Muhamed Dula, Agim Sadri Ceku, Gani Elez Baqaj, Behxhet Kadir Krasniqi, Sabri Bajram Arifaj, Hazir Mustafe Stoliqi, Hysen Abdyl Blakqorri, Idriz Bajram Cufaj, Basri Mehmet Dragusha, Shpetim Feriz Gashi, Arben Jakup Gashi, Zenel Asllan Myftari, Gani Xheme Ahmetgjekaj, Hajredin Hajdar Hyseni, Arton Ruzhdi Bashota, Shpend Fazli Dobruna, Xhemsat Male Shehaj, Avni Brahim Memija, Haki Osman Haziraj, Adnan Ismajl Topalli, Hysni Xhelaladin Dautaj, Bujar Hasan Sylaj, Sylejman Faik Bytyci, Fadil Zenun Xhavitaj, Fazli Myftar Franca, Zijadin Abdullah Blakqorri, Valdet Qazim Jetishi, Nebi Dibran Rama, Fitim Nazmi Halimi, Remzi Idriz Dacolli, Fehmi Zejnullah Uka, Zenel Myftar Jetishi, Nazim Xhavit Halili, Gazmend Mustafe Tahiraj, Halil Sylejman Xhelili, Agim Nure Jetishi, Hilmi Tahir Begolli, Ekrem Zejnel Jusufi, Azem Hasan Hasani, Skender Sokol Topalli, Sevdie Rrahman Muratoviqi, Xhevat, Shaban Tahiri, Sherif Zeqir Demaj, Halil Muhamet Kadrijaj, Nizat Morina, Ylber Shane Kastrati, Mehmet Bane Kelmendi, Luan Selman Ahmetgjekaj, Skender Rame Bajraktari, Arsim Shaban Berisha, Hashim Ramadan Krasniqi, Halil Sahit Lika, Suat Beqir Lushtaku, Refik Hamdi Hasani, Bedri Izet Ademi, Sali Syle Ramaj, Bashkim Mehdi Sadiku, Hysni Sejdi Drenica, Azem Ramadan Jegrova, Afrim Feriz Seferi, Zymer Hamit Toplani, Safet Rexhep Kelmendi, Blerim Sadik Shatri, Behxhet Ymer Rmoku, Rexhep Selim Koca, Rexhe Fazli Gashi, Rasim Muhamet Selmanaj, Enver Ibrahim Thaci, Luan Syle Bajrami, Behar Gani Jetishi, Jeton Zymber Mala, Strellci i eperm, Abedin Mursel Meha, Prekazi ulte, Sahit Musli Pllana, Leskoshiq, Valon Idriz Gashi, Balince, Kline, Besim Muse Ramaj, Prishtina, Nexhat Murat Krasniqi, Negroc, Gllogoc, Bekim Sadri Cikaqi, Doberdelan, Bislim Selan Bajraktari, Klina e eperme, Bashkim Shefqet Diorani, Terstenik, Gllogoc, Isat Selim Shala Barileve, Prishtine, Sali Syle Gashi, Kline, Hysni Rrustem Podrimcaku, Krejkovm Gllogoc, Arben Rize Shabani, Dashevc Skenderaj, Dervish Kadri Zukaj, Peje, Ministet Xhafer Shala, Prizren, Syl Abdullah Abdyli, Likoshan, Skender Smail Asani, Likoshan, Sylejman Sali Bajgora, Hertice Podujeve, Ekrem Selim Leci, Barileve, Fadil Jashar Makolli, Prishtina, Gani Kadri Elshani, Gllogoc, Xhevat Bexhet Podvorica, Dumosh, Podujeve, Abaz llaz Krasniqi, Vucjak, Gllogoc, Muj Halil Zekaj, Cerobreg, Decan Ismet Islam Suljka, Obri Gllogoc, Aziz Ibrahim Hamzaj, Gjinovce Suha Reke, Gazmend Rafret Zhubi, Gjakove, Qerkin Mehmet Brajshori, Sharban Prishtine, Gezim Muhamet Zecaj, Samodrexh, Suhareke, Fatmir Bajram Canolli, Marevc, Prishtine, Selim Sadri Sutaj, Lluka e Eperme, Decan Xhemshir Rafat Aliti, Cikatov, Gllogoc, Alban Muharrem Elshani, Korotic, Gllogoc, Muharrem Gashi, Prishtine, Isuf Haxhi Hadri, Gjakove Skender Beke Mekaj, Nabrgje, Peje, Pashk Pren Cuni, Talibare, Gjakove, Burim Syl Morina, Suhareke, Ramadan Bajram Jakupi, Prapashtice, Safet Balja, Gllareve, Kline, Ramiz Shefki Sylejmani, Koncul Bujanoc, Yenel Haxhi Kolmehaj, Strellci i eperm, Decan, Hasan Mustafe Alija Kraljan, Gjakove, Agron Shaban Prokshi, Brbatovc, Gllogoc, Abdullah Islam Bajraktari, Gllogoc, Arsim Idriz Hasani, Podujeve, Fatmir Ismail Shishani, Dobroshec, Ramiz Shefki Vitia, Marevc, Xhevdet Sherif Murseli, Shtrubullov, Gllogoc, Sadri Idriz, Krasniqi, Makoc, Osman Rrahman Murati, Tupall, Medvegj, Xhevdet Adem Stublla, Alabak, Podujeve, Xhavit Xhafer Ajazi, Dobratin, Brahim Bahtir Grbeshi, Marec, Ali Rrustem Berisha, Graboc, Agim Muse Buzoku, Marec, Bajram Pacolli Marec, Nysret Sadik Sadiku, Veternik, Ilir Idriz Krasniqi, Vrahovc Peje, Yoje Sefer Gashi, Peje, Arsim Isa Krasniqi, Prishtine, Agim Isa Krasniqi, Prishtine, Naser Selim Pajaziti, Orlan Podujeve, Shaban Imer Mehmetaj, Rudice, Kline, Blerim Zeqir Shala, Vucjak Gllogoc, Kadri, Shyqyri Derguti, Rahovec, Arbnor Nexhat Xhemajli, Peje, Remzi Zenel Tetrica, Gjakove, Jahir Sadik Agushi, Drenoc, Avni Sylja, Mulliq, Xhem Sadri Morina, Ratkovc, Florin Zokaj Belege, Decan, Salih Selman Zariqi, Baice, Xhemail Avdi Elshani, Krajkove, Ekrem Shejki Ejupi, Sekirac, Podujeve, Sejdi Tahir Bega, Jezerc, Nezir Rexhep Bajraktari, Radice, Kline, Hasan, Ali Ademi, Karaq, Vushtrri, Nazif Ahmet, Culani, Baice, Neki Selajdin Sadiku, Gjakove, Isuf Smajl Hajrizj, Kecekoll, Avdi Abdullah Vitija, Hajvali, Barsi Bajram Gashi, Vrbica, Gjilan, Ismet Mahmuti, Podujeve, Arif Toskaj, Novo Selle, Peje, Driton Osman Berisha, Gjakove, Avdi Zeqir Pacolli, Marec, Agim Vrshevci, Domanek, Bekim Shala, Trud, Prishtine, Nexhid Hamid Zani, Abedin Mustafe, Mehmeti, Kline e mesme, Ismet Pacarizi, Dragobil, Namon Murati, Topalle, Enver Beselica, Prishtine, Pjeter Buzhalja, Peje, Tefik Shabani, Prishtine, Albert Sadiku, Peje, Mitat Buza, Gjakove, Valdet Halilaj, Trdevc, Haki Mahmut Demaj, Sreoce, Decane, Rrustem Letaj, osekhil, Gjakove, Hazir Krasniqi, Negroc, Mustafe Mehmetaj, Rodice, kline, Tefik Salihu, Trstenik, Fatmir Krasniqi, Lukare, Brahim Beke Pepoci, Dujake, Gjakove, Jakup Rexhepi, Gilogoc, Ramadan Gashim Svrhe, Kline, Visar Muriqi, Peje, Fazli Hajdari, Dobroshec, Besnik Ismaili, Tucevac, Kamenice, llmi Zenili, Petric, Kline, Xhafer Cufaj, Prilep, Decan, Aslan Selim Asllani, Brovine, Gjakove, Predrag Ismail Hasani, Dobruska, Istok, Zija Xhelili, Prelepnica Gjilane, Haki Kastrati, Radost Rahovec, Nikoll Markaj, Radac Gjakove, Naser Shporta, Prizren, Migjen Shala, Truda, Prishtine, Baki kamani, Prishtine, Bekim Begolli, Trnove, Podujeve, Sabit Thaci, Ilapushnik, Faruk Dakaj, Cerovik, Veli Kajtazaj, Prishtine, Nexhmedin Gashi, Hajvali, Shefqet Beqa, Dac, Kacanik, Bujar Maksuti, Prishtine, Muhamet Bega, Jezerc, Ferizaj, Riza Tahirukaj, Luka e eperme, Decan, Hajriz Murati, Shakovice, Rexhep Veseli, Shkup, Abdullah Gjunaji, Konjush, Sali Kautaj, Shillove. City Prison of Krushevc (Serbia): Veli Zogaj, Agim Qemal Bajrami. City Prison of Vranje (Serbia): Njazi Hajdari, Besim Ramadani, Fadil Kallaba, Sabit Hoxha, Mubijan Arifi, Ejup Morina, Bekim Bunjaku, Shefik Maksuti, Ziadin Mehmeti, Murat Baralia, Fehmi Lecaj, Naim Shaqiri, Muharrem Bajrami, Xhemajl Xhemajli, Rasim Rulani, Bejtullah Novobrdalia, Jeton Vllasalia, Besim Ahmeti, Shaban Asani, Adem Asani, Ramiz Bajrami, Ahmet Aliu, Zulfi Gashi, Ruzhdi Jashari, Bajram Demiqi, Rrustem Demiqi, Fahri Baftia, Islam Lipovica, Zeqir Morina, Fevzi Lekiqi, Fazil Abdullahu, Xhevat Demiri. City Prison of Zajecar (Serbia): Braim Mehmet Shala, Cane Nimon Shoshaj, Isat Ramadan Shoshaj, Agim Syle Shoshaj, Fazli Zenel Shoshaj, Kamber Zenel Shoshaj, Vedat Ramadan Shoshaj, Selman Sadik Cekaj, Xhevdet Rama Qorraj, Afrim Avdi Blakaj, Afrim Shaban Alilaj, Mustafa Rrustem Alilaj, Fetah Uke Alilaj, Sali Shaban Asllani, Mentor Dervish Balaj, Fahri Rrustem Balaj, Arbnor Xhelal Bajraktari, Arianit Xhelal Barjaktari, Ilir Avdi Barjaktari, Avni Musa Barjaktari, Muharrem Rexhep Barjaktari, Ibish Musa Pepaj, Agim Halil Berisha, Muhamet Iber Berisha, Aziz Iker Kerisha Xhavit Idriz Berisha, Skender Isa Berisha, Rasim Maxhun Berisha, Mujo Maxhun Berisha, Ramiz Muharrem Berisha, Osman Rame Berisha, Zenun Selim Berisha, Kujtim Smajl Berisha, Shefqet Sokol Berisha, Tahir Musa Berisha, Muharrem Musa Berisha, Driton Ibish Blakaj, Gezim Muharrem Blakaj, Rexho Haxhi Bucollli, Bujar Ismajl Mavraj, Ramiz Emshir Cernovrshanin, Rashid Emshir Cernovrshanin, Bekim Caush Dautaj, Fidan Aziz Dervishaj, Kemajl Hasan Dobra, Shefqet Arif Dreshaj, Arif Bajram Dreshaj, Agim Zymer Dreshaj, Hasim Kadri Dukaj, Avni Kadri Dukaj, Fadil Smajl Berisha, Florent Isa Ukaj, Atdhe Bajram Gashi, Isuf Bajram Gashi, Bashkim Caca Gashi, Jusuf Ibish Gashi, Haxhi Smajl Gashi, Arif Smajl Gashi, Ajet Mujo Gecaj, Armend Ibrahim Grudi, Sadri Muharrem Haxhiaj, Jahe Sali Haxhiaj, Adem Zeqe Halili, Dem Isuf Haradinaj, Armend Shpend Hasaj, Zeqo Adem Hasaj, Afrim Smajl Hasaj, Agron Zenel Hasanaj, Islam Ajet Hysenaj, Isa Smajl Hysenaj, Rrustem Sadri Husaj, Zenel Idriz Husaj, Huharem Sadri Idrizaj, Burim Osman Kabashi, Faruk Isuf Kabashi, Imer Sherif Kelmendi, Milazim Haxhi Kelmendi, Mustafa Jusuf Kelmendi, Fidan Rama Kelmendi, Erzen Ramaden Kelmendi, Safet Rama Kabashi, Agron Avdyl Krasniqi, Gani Tahir Krasniqi, Xhavit Selman Kuqi, Kujtim Mehmet Leka, Labinot Ali Lipoveci, Tahir Adem Madonaj, Ahmet Binak Mahmutaj, Bedri Binak Mahmutaj, Lavdim Beqir Mavraj, Besar Dema Mavraj, Petrit Emin Mavraj, Hamdi Feriz Mavraj, Ragip Januz Mavraj, Fadil Miftar Mavraj, Nazmi Muharem Navraj, Aush Musa Mavraj, Kadri Musa Mavraj, Abedin Nezir Mavraj, Nesret Nezir Mavraj, Muhamet Nezir Mavraj, Hasan Ali Mazrekaj, Rustem Ali Mazrekaj, Rame Selman Mazrekaj, Avni Adem Mehmetaj, Durim Ramadan Mehmetj, Hajdar Ramo Mekaj, Miftar Ramo Mekaj, Smajl Shaban Miftaraj, Selim Binak Morina, Arkin Azem Muqkurtaj, Muhamet Qamil Thaqi, Muhamet Mustaf Qetaj, Shaban Bajram Muriqi, Kaplan Bajram Muriqi, Kaplan Selim Nikqi, Hys Selim Nikqi, Ymer Beko Nitaj, Sefer Beko Nitaj, Besim Ismet Nitaj, Zenel Miftar Nitaj, Zeke Hajdar Osmanaj, Arben Sadri Osmanaj, Shaqir Ahmet Osmanaji, Shaqir Ahmet Osmanaj, Faton Ymer Osmani, Fitim Osman Osmani, Ymer Ukshin Osmani, Xhemaji Justafe Lajiqi, Valdet Muhemet Lekaj, Ramadan Tahir Keimendi, Sulo Qazim Rexhaj, Elzen Ahmet Rexhaj, Agush Muherem Rexhaj, Mehmet Musa Rexhaj, Mustafa Tahir Rexhaj, Agron Zenun Rexhaj, Rexho Ahmet Fetahaj, Qazim Sejdi Sejdijaj, Ahmet Haxhi Sulaj, Shefqet Hasan Thaqi, Ismet Xhemo Tuzi, Azem Xhemo Tuzi, Azem Xhemo Tuzi, Hajim Haki Vranezi, Zeqe Mete Zeqa, Mexhid Mehmed Zeqaj, Aziz Mehmed Zeqaj, Nukman Zeqir Zemaj, Agim Haxhi Zumeri, Vegim Qamil Zuna. City Prison of Leskovac (Serbia) Ali Hajdin Zeneli, Bekim Syl Kalamoshi, Murtez Dam Islamaj, Shkelzen Selmon Zukaj, Sherif Zeqir Krasniqi, Shaban Binak Thaqi, Shkelzen Xhemaji; Muslijaj, Beqir Arif Beqiraj, Isuf Smajl Ymeri, Kadri Smajl Ymeri, Gazmend Siqan Bajrami, Xhevdet Rem Bajrami, Beqir Tahir Loxhaj, Vllaznim Brahim Perxhexhaj, Agron Ibrahim Koqaku, Binak Mislim Selmonaj, Beke Smajl Selmonaj, Sadik Lush Danaj, Musa Nazir Beqiraj, Nimon Maxhun Zekaj, Islam Miftar Qestaj, Kujtim Ymer Salihaj, Xhafer Meta Maloku, Rexhe Xhemajl Abdulahu, Arif Salih Fetahaj, Skender Ali Mehmeti, Abdulah Sadik Hoxha, Behar Adem Bahri, Shaban Rustem Hadergjonaj, Ndrec Zef Kqiro, Idriz Halil Ramoni, Zef Ndue Markaj, Ali Dervish Curaj, Shaqir Azem Hajdaraj, Fazli Zeke Rexhaj, Kristijan Gjoke Bibiqaj, Brahim Rexhep Salcaj, Nikol Frat Berisha, Islam Rame Qekaj, Isuf Bajram Krasniqi, Isuf Bajram Krasniqi, Shpetim Bajram Hoti, Deme Hasan Bunjaku, Lutfi Zeke Miroci, Smajl Muharem Ramqaj, Haxhi Muharem Zubaj, Zija Rasim Humaj, Xhafer Zenel Lotaj, Bekim Adem Memaj, Riza Rustem Mavraj, Xheme Elez Mavraj, Sami Rame Shala, Him Misin Balaj, Valdet Beqir Barjaktari, Naim Gjon Tuzi, Rame Mehmet Muqaj, Musli Qazim Berisha, Hamdi Elez Mavraj, Arif Deme Neziraj, Afrim Bilal Shabani, Selmon Hisen Osmanaj, Haxhi Duqa Mehmetaj, Izet Nezir Kuqi, Ferad Sali Berisha, Zenel Syle Iberdemaj, Musa Tahir Blakaj, Deme Maxhun Berisha, Nexhmedin Tahir Mavraj, Avni Zenun Balaj, Ilo Shefki Seniku, Zef Pren Bicaj, Deli Mustafe Mavraj, Sali Musa Belaj, Ragip Azem Vranezi, Mahmutaj Rame Nexhaj, Fadil Ramadan Quliqi, Milazim Sadik Blakaj, Iso Rexhep Kelmendi, Xhelo Shaban Shala, Naim Dervish Balaj, Faruk Azem Kelmendi, Riza Rame Ceku, Ismajl Sherif Kelmendi, Nexhat Januz Kabashi, Bajram Rexhep Kelmendi, Nexhdet Isuf Bajramaj, Avni Nimon Shoshaj, Idriz Zeko Blakaj, Halil Sait Gashi, Hamdi Ymer Shoshaj, Blerim Ymer Kelmendi, Hasan Adem Cocaj, Adem Sheremet Berisha, Tahir Isuf Barjaktari, Skender Hasan Shoshaj, Skender Rizo Shabaj, Avdyl Mahmut Husaj, Xhavit Musa Dresh, Arif Cafe Hysaj, Luarez Jusuf Kelmendi, Muhamed Zeke Bajraj, Fadil Binak Qalaj, Florim Deme Gashi, XHafer Deli Gashi, Halil Adem Gashi, Arif Rexhep Gashi, Sejdi Qerim Gashi, Gezim Rame Kabashi, Ise Ali Kabashi, Mustafe Duat Bajramaj, Riza Ibish Ukaj, Flakron Hajdar Nekaj, Blerim Bajram Beqiraj, Qerim Bajram Elshani, Rifat Hasan Nurina, Shaban Osman Gashi, Xheme Rexhep Berisha, Ali Deme Qelaj, Sejdi Binak Ahmeti, Sulejman Sejdi Zekaj, Ismajl Rexhe Zekaj, Abdulla Avdi Zekaj, Ise Rame Tahiraj, Sadri Ali Zekaj, Tahir Rize Alijaj, Valon Osman Zekaj, Zeqir Osman Morina, Rexhep Tahir Kurtaj, Ramadan Avdije Zekaj, Mustafe Feka Nimonaj, Ismajl Shaban Hysa, Bashkim Deme Gashi, Shaban Deme Gashi, Syle Rexhep Bytyqi, Pajzit Hazir Gashi, Xhevat Xhemaj Gashi, Arben Mehmet Gashi, Zenun Bajram Bajrami, Enver Mehmet Gashi, Bajram Zenun Bajrami, Nezir Tahir Gashi, Haser Sadik Gashi, Fadil Daut Gashi, Nimon Nezir Gashi, Mehmet Ibrahim Gashi, Avni Rrustem Mavraj, Mehdi Memet Zeqaj, Driton Bali Hysaj, Hajredin Binak Mavraj, Agim Myftar Abdullahu, Bajram Rame Kelmendi, Sadri Rexhep Kelmendi, Berat Murat Kabashi, Isa Shaban Shabaj, Ramiz Sadik Berisha, Valdet Sali Mavraj, Jahe Elez Mavraj, Mentor Qaush Dautaj, Rrustem Hajdar Mamaj, Florent Ali Lipoveci, Rame Tahir Haziraj, Gazmend Hasan Kameraj, Albert Rexhep Salihi, Bekri Sadik Rrustemaj, Avni Rezi Shala, Nezir Hajdar Latifi, Hasan Jusuf Ukaj, Pjeter Matej Ndrecaj, Pal Pren Ndrecaj, Riza Mete Sadrijaj, Xhafer Musa Zeneli, Rasim Adem Hysenaj, Hasan Puka, Muharem Donaj, Vesel Murta, Bashkim Arif Bajrami, Eduard Rifat Muharemi, Mal Tahir Ajdinaj, Vladimir Momqillo Vrdar, Vladimir Tonko Dupalo, Blerim Uke Hetaj, Suad Etem Hetaj, Shefqet Isuf Osmanaj, Xhafter Isuf Osmanaj, Mehmet Qazim Krasniqi, Qaush Nezir Shpatollaj, Ramadan Ahmet Sopjani, Neset Xhemajl Zhabeli, Esat Ibrahim Zeka, Musa Omer Sinani, Tahir Arslan Mehmetaj, Dede Mark Gecaj, Hamze Gani Luboja. City Prison of Nish (Serbia): Hasan Zeneli, Ramadan Kokulaj, Arben Basha, Jahir Mazreku, Sejdi Haziraj, Haxhi Ukaj, Ferik Haziri, Mustafe Alimusaj, Hasan Shala, Haqif Ilazi, Enver Berisha, Milaim Kabashi, Hysni Krasniqi, Mexhit Zenelaj, Arif Kabashi, Arsim Kabashi, Defrim Rifaj, Rexhep Aliaj, Hazir Zenelaj, Sejdi Belanica, Bylbyl Duraku, Selim Kadriu, Rizo Gjekiq, Zaim Qatani, Zadin Berisha, Xhavit Krasniqi, Nijazi Kryeqiu, Xhevat Daciq, Sylejman Ziba, Arsim Ziba, Xhemajl Salauka, Murat Kabashi, Arben Llugaxhiu, Arben Kolgeci, Emri Loshi, Arben Morina, Jemin Kryeziu, Hasan Istogu, Milaim Kastrati, Hasan Muqa, Burim Bllaca, Selim Gashani, Uke Ndrecaj, Nazmi Franca, Zymer Gashi, Vesel Llugaxhiu, Uke Kolgeci, Osman Llugazhiu, Mehdi Gashi, Avni Kolgeci, Daut Gashi, Xhevat Shukolli, Agron Perteshi, Maliq Shukolli, Nasuf Dvorani, Mustafe Kolgeci, Naser Hysaj, Sokol Morina, Sherif Berisha, Ismet Krasniqi, Shaban Quipi, Neqir Shala, Hilmi Krasniqi, Arton Krasniqi, Shaban Kolgeci, Hamit Buzhala, Xhavit Mala, Abdullah Shala, Shefqet Topolani, Riza Krasniqi, Sahit Ziba, Gezim Ziba, Asllan Lumi, Skender Hoti, Milazim Kolgeci, Lum Matoshi, Naim Leku, Gani Ibali, Milaim Matoshi, Haki Elshani, Sali Loshi, Uke Thaqi, Xhavit Kolgeci, Gazmend Bytyqi, Sherif Hamza, Sedat Kolgeci, Isa Ismalaj, Ramadan Morina, Asim Morina, Selim Lokaj, Selim Gashi, Demir Limaj, Ali Xhulliqu, Mustafe Berisha, Brahim Berisha, Muhamet Rama, Mehemet Memqia, Agim Lumi, Shkelzen Zllanoga, Halim Shatri, Gani Balia, Isak Hoti, Adrian Haxhaj, Vehbi Mhuarremi, Lavdim Tetaj, Fazli Gashi, Arben Lukaj, Asman Kastrati, Muje Prekupi, Visar Balovci, Ralif Qela, Libum Aliu, Shaban Beka, Arif Vokshi, Agim Sylaj, Ilaz Dugolli, Ilaz Bislimi, Brahe Beqiraj, Agron Ramadani, Enver Dugolli, Ramadan Nisholli, Skender Recaj, Besim Rama, Avdija Mehmedoviq, Dine Gjocaj, Zejnullah Shala, Selman Ukehazhaj, Maliq Muharemoviq, Rexhep Oruqi, Shabedin Asallri, Valon Berisha, Idriz Musliu, Luz Marku, Blerim Camaj, Naim Lushi, Musa Krasniqi, Leonard Krasniqi, Hasan Vrelaku, Ismet Berbati, Isa Shalaj, Arif Vrelaku, Fadil Jetishi, Arbnor Koshi, Hasan Rama, Esat Shehu, Luan Sejdia, Shefqet Vokshi, Elmi Gjulani, Naim Krasniqi, Ismet Alia, Maki Degolli, Hil Qira, Nazim Zenelaj, Artan Hasi, Blerim Krasniqi, Arsim Jullashi, Naser Shunjaku, Meduh Duraku, Faik Mustafa, Kreshnik Hoxha, Fisnik Zhaveli, Bislim Zoqaj, Asllan Selimi, Dylber Beka, Arben Selmoni, Avdi Kabashi, Faton Hoxha, Fatmir Tafarshiku, Asim Bakalli, Filip Pjetri, Shefqet Kabashi, Mithat Zeka, Shpend Ganinmusa, Besnik Mezini, Muhamet Guta, Muhedin Zeka, Jeton Xharra, Nexhmedin Varaku, Lulzim Qerimi, Yll Kusari, Endogand Mati, Mustafe Gjocaj, Agron Dvorani, Bekim Krasniqi, Fadil Topalli, Bashkim Jusufi, Ruzhdi Morina, Huhamet Kiqina, Ylber Dizdari, Astrit Elshani, Rrustem Jetishi, Ramiz Gjocaj, Enver Hoxha, Hekuran Qarri, Rexhep Sejdiu, Jusuf Shala, Hysen Reka, Xhavit Gashi, Naim Baleci, Ismajl Musa, Naser Kalimshi, Isa Alia, Gani Quekaj, Hddin Alia, Esat Afma, Hysen Juniku, Ismet Gashi, Shpejtim Hoxha, Naim Zejna, Hamdi Hareqi, Azem Krasniqi, Hasan Berisha, Selim Qekaj, Sali Hameli, Kadri Jahaj, Naser Qerimi, Ramadan Avdiu, Boge Hereqi, Riza Alia, Jeton Alia, Bekim Maqi, Kujtim Jetishi, Bajram Avdyli, Naim Lulaj, Sami Gashi, Avdyl Maqi, Luan Mazreku, Sami Hasani, Arton Morina, Genc Kida, Sali Mariqi, Bali Beqaj, Nuhi Bokaj, Avdi Rrahmani, Flamur Godeni, Isuf Zekaj, Hajrullah Samadraxha, Gani Gexha, Fatmir Bytyqi, Afrim Caka, Skender Sina, Adnan Brovina, Sylejman Brovina, Agim Muhaxheri, Remzi Krasniqi, Jusuf Brovina, Jahir Shala, Skender Tasholli, Bashkim Berisha, Ymer Krasniqi, Arif Meta, Ismet Beqirai, Tahir Hyseni, Feriz Zabelaj, Fejzi Krasniqi, Sadik Rexhaj, Rrahim Aliu, Fatmir Malaj, Reshat Behluli, Adriatik Vokshi, Flamur Hana, Genc Batusha, Rifat Thaci, Xhemajl Thaci, Dritero Baleta, Befort Mullahasani, Binak Haxhijai, Shefki Frazlijaj, Kastriot Gerkuqu, Tahir Kajdomqai, Florent Rudi, Feriz Bozhdaraj, Driton Aliaga, Hysni Hoxha, 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Kazakstan’S Presidential Election March 16, 1999
Christopher Smith, R-NJ
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to bring to the attention of my colleagues concerns about the general prospects for democratization in Kazakstan, considering the disturbing news about the presidential elections in that country earlier this year. On January 10, 1999, Kazakstan held presidential elections, almost two years ahead of schedule. Incumbent President Nursultan Nazarbaev ran against three contenders, in the country’s first nominally contested election. According to official results, Nazarbaev retained his office, garnering 81.7 percent of the vote. Communist Party leader Serokbolsyn Abdildin won 12 percent, Gani Kasymov 4.7 percent and Engels Gabbasov 0.7 percent. The Central Election Commission reported over 86 percent of eligible voters turned out to cast ballots."
Kazakstan’S Presidential Election February 23, 1999
Christopher Smith, R-NJ
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to bring to the attention of my colleagues disturbing news about the presidential elections in Kazakstan last month, and the general prospects for democratization in that country. On January 10, 1999, Kazakstan held presidential elections, almost two years ahead of schedule. Incumbent President Nursultan Nazarbaev ran against three contenders, in the country’s first nominally contested election. According to official results, Nazarbaev retained his office, garnering 81.7 percent of the vote. Communist Party leader Serokbolsyn Abdildin won 12 percent, Gani Kasymov 4.7 percent and Engels Gabbasov 0.7 percent. The Central Election Commission reported that over 86 percent of eligible voters turned out to cast ballots."

Popularity by state

  1. 100.0% New York
  2. 36.3636363636% Ohio
  3. 13.6363636364% Indiana
  4. 9.09090909091% New Jersey

Popularity by party

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