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Finance Committee Accomplishments December 17, 2015
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"In addition to TPA, the Finance Committee developed legislation to renew some of our most vital trade preference programs, including preferences for Haiti and countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Generalized System of Preferences, or GSP, Program. These programs are key tools in our arsenal for assisting developing nations and providing important benefits for job creators and consumers here at home. The preference bill was signed into law after getting a near-unanimous vote in both the House and the Senate."
Celebrating Sixty Years Of U.S.-Lao Diplomatic Relations December 7, 2015
Betty McCollum, D-MN
"Good evening. Ambassador Sayavongs and Madam Sayavongs, I am honored to be with you tonight to celebrate sixty years of diplomatic relations between our countries, as well as the fortieth anniversary of the Lao PDR. My relationship with the people of Laos is very special and I strongly support strengthening our bilateral relations. My home is Minnesota. In my congressional district, I represent tens of thousands of Hmong and Lao-Americans who call Laos their ancestral home. They have family in Laos. Their traditions come from Laos. And, they care deeply about the future of Laos. More than anyone, I would like to acknowledge Mr. Chao Lee who has been on my congressional staff since 2001, for guiding me and advising me. He is with us tonight and I would like to thank him for his work on behalf of U.S.-Lao relations. Over my fifteen years serving in Congress I have taken many steps to strengthen this relationship. I was a supporter of normalized trade relations with Laos at a time when many people were fighting about the past rather than working to build a new future. I have always supported increased U.S. funding for UXO clean—a terrible legacy of war that harms the Lao people. And, in 2006, I had the pleasure of celebrating a very special Christmas in Vientiane during a visit to your beautiful country. Ambassador, I am committed to working with you to strengthen our future together. We will work as partners to address issues important to both our countries—economic development, increased trade, and access GSP, as well as improving human rights and human development to ensure that all Lao people, including women and girls, are free to live full, productive lives. Ambassador, I wish your government much success as Laos chairs ASEAN next year. I know the Obama Administration will work as a partner to ensure next year’s ASEAN Summit is a success and they will have my full support. Again, congratulations Mr. Ambassador on your country’s 40 years. Thank you."
Trade Preferences Extension Act Of 2015 June 24, 2015
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"Mr. President, today I rise to commend my colleagues on passage of the Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015. This legislation provides timely extension of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, or AGOA, Program, and preferential treatment for products from Haiti. And, this legislation finally reauthorizes the Generalized System of Preferences, or GSP, Program which has languished since July of 2013. I am very pleased we have been successful in this effort."
Defending Public Safety Employees’ Retirement Act June 24, 2015
Orrin Hatch, R-UT
"Once we vote to pass TPA, we will then be voting to invoke cloture on the Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015. This bill will reauthorize and improve three of our trade preference programs: the Generalized System of Preferences, or GSP; the African Growth and Opportunity Act, or AGOA; and tariff preferences for Haiti. I want to take some time to reiterate why each of these programs is important. "
Irs Bureaucracy Reduction And Judicial Review Act June 17, 2015
Chris Van Hollen, D-MD
"The bill also retroactively renews and updates the General System of Preferences (GSP), which reduces trade barriers by allowing various products from developing countries to enter into the U.S. duty-free. This program expired in July 2013 and I am glad to see that it has finally been renewed."

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