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Keystone Xl Pipeline September 18, 2014
John Hoeven, R-ND
"Mr. President, tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of the application for approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Six years. Six years ago, September 19, 2008, the TransCanada company applied for a permit for approval to cross the Canadian border to build the Keystone XL Pipeline from Hardisty, Canada, down to Cushing and ultimately the gulf coast, to provide not only oil from Canada but to move oil from States such as my State of North Dakota, of light, sweet Bakken crude, oil from Montana, to our refineries here in the United States. Six years ago, that application was filed, effective tomorrow. So we are here today to talk about the need not only for a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline but for approval of this vitally important project."
Keystone Pipeline September 18, 2014
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"Let’s look at a place in Texas where we see the tar sands oil being refined. This is Port Arthur. We have had visits from the Port Arthur community, and they said, please, we want to bear witness to the fact that this is what it looks like when these tar sands are burned. It hurts the health of our people. Residents along the gulf coast are suffering from asthma, respiratory illness, skin irritation, and cancer, and to get to the gulf coast the tar sands will be transported by pipeline through communities in environmentally sensitive areas in six States. It will pass through key sources of drinking water."
Honoring The Life Of Northwest Florida’S Beloved Molly Martin September 15, 2014
Jeff Miller, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the life of Northwest Florida’s beloved Molly Martin who passed away late August 15, 2014. Molly was a passionate and devoted wife, mother, and grandmother and matriarch of McGuire’s Irish Pub, a staple in Northwest Florida frequented not only by locals but tourists from around the world. The Gulf Coast community and all of the lives she touched with her warm demeanor and radiant personality mourn her loss. Born in Stamping Ground, Kentucky, on October 31, 1936, Molly eventually made her way to Pensacola, Florida, where she joined in marriage the love of her life, William “McGuire” Martin in 1977. In the same year, she and McGuire opened McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, where McGuire served as the cook, bartender, and designer. Molly was the hostess, waitress and entertainer. McGuire and Molly’s success only grew, and they expanded their franchise to Destin, Florida. They founded Flounders (Pensacola Beach) in 1982; McGuire’s Irish Pub (Destin) in 1996; Crabs (Pensacola Beach) in 2000; and Vinny McGuire’s Pizza (Destin) in 2011. To some, Molly will be remembered for her passion for singing; to others, she was an accomplished business woman; and to many of the young servicemembers stationed throughout the Gulf Coast, she became a mother away from home. Those who knew Molly best, however, will remember her heart full of love and her devotion to family. Molly was a loving daughter to Ralph Lee Parker and Edith Clare Wright-Parker; sister to Lena, Edna, Jean, and Evelyn; mother to Charmaine McGowan, Nannette McGowan, John David McGowan, Joseph Parker McGowan, Suzannah Darling McGowan, William (Billy) Nathaniel Martin, James Edward Martin, and Amy Elizabeth Martin; grandmother to twenty-four; great-grandmother to eight; aunt; and a loving wife to McGuire. Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the United States Congress, I am privileged to honor the life of Mrs. Molly Martin. My wife Vicki and I offer our prayers and sincerest condolences to McGuire, her children, grandchildren and her entire family and friends. Molly’s impact on Northwest Florida will never be forgotten, and she will truly be missed."
Magistrate Judge John C. Gargiulo September 10, 2014
Steven Palazzo, R-MS
"Upon graduation, John began his legal practice at an insurance defense firm, serving the Gulfport and Mississippi Gulf Coast region."
Energy Action Team July 22, 2014
Randy Weber, R-TX
"Shale gas development, which is booming because of innovations like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling—despite this administration—is leading to billions in new investments in my district alone, billions in my District 14 on the gulf coast of Texas, for example. Chevron Phillips Chemical Company is investing $6 billion to build two polyethylene plants in Sweeny, Texas, bringing 400 new permanent jobs and 10,000 new construction jobs to my district alone. You all know polyethylene is used to produce common plastic products we use every day, and it is derived from natural gas. In addition to many other projects, two companies in my district are waiting to invest billions—with a “b”—of dollars in liquefied natural gas export facilities, which would bring an untold number of new construction jobs to my State and the Nation."

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