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Honoring Ms. Marina Torres June 24, 2016
Mike Thompson, D-CA
"A resilient fighter, Ms. Torres has overcome two different forms of cancer. Now in remission, she is an outspoken advocate for early cancer screening and expanding access to health care. During retirement, she plans to continue her support for at-risk children and for expanding education in the Calistoga community."
Zika Virus Funding June 23, 2016
Mitch McConnell, R-KY
"We also have an opportunity to support our veterans. This agreement substantially increases critical resources to ensure veterans receive benefits and health care they have earned. It will enhance the oversight and accountability at the VA. It will help improve quality of life on military bases for soldiers and their families. It will also advance critical national security projects like missile defense."
Congratulating Columbus, Ohio, On Winning The Smart City Challenge June 23, 2016
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"We can’t think about problems like this in a vacuum. It isn’t just a health care problem. It is a public works problem, and that includes transportation. The “Smart Columbus” plan will measure missed prenatal and pediatric visits so we can align our transportation system with the goal of reducing infant mortality by 40 percent and cutting in half the racial health disparity."
Abie Abraham Va Clinic June 21, 2016
Phil Roe, R-TN
"Mr. Speaker, I move to suspend the rules and pass the bill (H.R. 5317) to designate the Department of Veterans Affairs health care center in Center Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, as the “Abie Abraham VA Clinic”, as amended."
Female Veteran Suicide Prevention Act June 21, 2016
Jeff Miller, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent to take from the Speaker’s table the bill (S. 2487) to direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to identify mental health care and suicide prevention programs and metrics that are effective in treating women veterans as part of the evaluation of such programs by the Secretary, and for other purposes, and ask for its immediate consideration in the House."

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