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Cadillac Tax February 25, 2015
Frank Guinta, R-NH
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today on behalf of the estimated 12 million Americans in the middle class who are paying more than $1,000 extra per year because of the excise tax on health care plans included in the ObamaCare legislation called the Cadillac tax. This legislation is set to take effect in 2018; however, employers, labor unions, and municipalities all back home are already preparing for this devastating tax."
The Medicaid Physician Self-Referral Act Of 2015 February 25, 2015
Jim McDermott, D-WA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to introduce the Medicaid Physician Self-Referral Act of 2015. This bill makes a necessary clarification to Section 1902 of the Social Security Act. It provides that Medicaid designated health services claims are subject to the same requirements as Medicare designated health services claims under the Physician Self-Referral Law. Currently, there is uncertainty among stakeholders regarding the extent to which the requirements of the Physician Self-Referral Law apply to Title XIX of the Social Security Act. As a result, an important tool for fighting fraud in the healthcare system—which has successfully been employed for many years in the Medicare program—is underutilized in the Medicaid context. Congressional action is needed to provide legislative clarity that will strengthen the integrity of the Medicaid program in this area. Health care providers subject to the Physician Self-Referral Law should not be able to avoid penalties simply because a claim is a Medicaid claim rather than a Medicare claim. Both programs involve taxpayer money and we need to ensure that law enforcement officials have the tools they need to combat fraud, waste, and abuse. Although the law has long provided that the Medicaid and Medicare programs are on equal footing with respect to the Physician Self-Referral Law, this bill leaves no doubt that Congress intends this to be the case."
Honoring Sister Clare Carty February 25, 2015
Michael Fitzpatrick, R-PA
"After two decades of work, Sister Clare left St. Mary to serve in the development of Home Health Services for Catholic Health East, and once she retired from health care administration, she devoted her time to the Sisters of St. Francis. Sister Clare was instrumental in establishing the Mother Bachmann Maternity Center, Children’s Health Center, Family Resource Center, and Bucks County Health Improvement Project."
In Honor Of The 150Th Anniversary Of The University Of Kentucky February 25, 2015
Andy Barr, R-KY
"With humble beginnings in 1865, the school began as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky University. In the time since its founding, the University of Kentucky has maintained its traditional values while also extending and enhancing its multifaceted mission of teaching, research, service, and health care. The University of Kentucky has progressed from its early innovative roots to become a vibrant and diverse place of development and potential."
Serving Our Nation’S Veterans February 25, 2015
Doug LaMalfa, R-CA
"I am also grateful, on the positive, for the many staff members of the VA—many, former veterans themselves—who care about this. They process many of these claims and make sure veterans are served. But we see there are a lot of holes in the system, obviously, that are making many veterans not have the confidence that they are going to be served, that they are going to get their claims processed, or indeed get health care if they need it later."

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