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Occurrences in the Congressional Record

Entry Title Date
National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2017 June 6, 2016
Thom Tillis, R-NC
"Madam President, I am here today to talk about a very important event in American history. Seventy-two years ago today, six American and four British and Canadian divisions began the assault on Adolf Hitler‘s Fortress Europe, on what German Field Marshal Rommel famously referred to as “the longest day.”"
Recognizing Dent Middle School Students April 27, 2016
Joe Wilson, R-SC
"Tessa Giusto won in the Junior Historical Paper category for her work discussing Plato and Locke and how they influenced U.S. politics. Hannah Hedley won in the Junior Individual Documentary category for her entry on Oskar Schindler. Sofia Crowley and Gabby Snow won in the Junior Individual Performance category for their project on Japan. And finally, Katie Pittman, Lauren Price, McKenna Wright, and Mariya Medvedchikova won in the Junior Exhibit Group for their project on Adolf Hitler."
Authorizing The Speaker To Appear As Amicus Curiae On Behalf Of The House March 17, 2016
Luis Gutierrez, D-IL
"We have Go Back to Africa and Hitler salutes, and all of this is becoming more and more what we expect, the reality we see in 2016."
We Must Confront Evil In The World March 14, 2016
Kevin McCarthy, R-CA
"The Jewish people of Europe were systematically murdered by Hitler, but the world was too afraid to see the truth. The scales were only lifted from their eyes when millions were already dead. At the time, people made excuses for their decision to look away. They said the politics were too dicey, or it wouldn’t be diplomatic, or sometimes they couldn’t believe that such evil exists."
Nuclear Agreement With Iran January 19, 2016
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"Already, right-wing groups … have mounted a strong campaign against the INF treaty. They have mailed out close to 300,000 letters opposing it. They have circulated 5,000 cassette recordings of Gen. Bernard Rogers, former Supreme Commander of NATO, attacking it. And, finally, they are preparing to run newspaper ads this month savaging Reagan as a new Neville Chamberlain, signing an accord with Hitler and gullibly predicting “peace for our time.”"

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