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Entry Title Date
Recognizing Joseph H. Boer November 18, 2015
Billy Long, R-MO
"Born in Holland, Boer attended culinary school and apprenticed in distinguished restaurants including the Hof Ragaz Spa Hotel in Switzerland before becoming a sous chef at the Belgian Embassy in Den Haag, Netherlands. He was later drafted for service in the Dutch Armed Services where he became skilled in cooking for entire battalions of anti-aircraft personnel."
Honoring Military Veterans From Nassau County, Florida November 2, 2015
Ander Crenshaw, R-FL
"Over the years I have had the honor of recognizing over two thousand veterans in Florida’s Fourth Congressional District. This year, I am honored to commend the following men and women for their service to our country and to salute them for a job well done: John W. Ashmead; Emily Jo Baumgartner; George P. “Pat” Beamer; Ula E. Bennett; John S. Billings; Thomas Blackwelder; Robert S. Bolan, Jr.; Joseph H. Bottoni; Harry E. Bowman; Paul Henry Brown; Stanley R. Bunch; Gerald B. Burford, M.D.; G. Kyle Burford; Robert R. Capps; Edward M. Coop; William Larry Cravey; Noah S. Crawford; Steven John Crounse; Andrew J. Curtin; Cara A. Curtin; Robert J. De Angelo; Harry Duccilli, Jr., M.D.; Samuel O. Entriken; M. Daniel Fullwood; Erving Gilyard; Thomas J. Gora; Leo Green; Eugene Rawson Griffin, III; John Halliday; James W. Hendricks; Walter A. Hickey; Thomas J. Higginbotham; Henry L. Hines, Jr.; Roy Holland; Darryl J. Hooper; Roger L. Horton; James II. Jones; Gordon E. Jonsrud; Edward Lee Kaywork; Conrad Kohlman; Gene A. Kyzer; Erik Larsen; Joseph R. Laspina; Andrea E.I. Latza-Meires; Leonard L. Lyons; Susan L Marden; William J. Marsh; Paul N. Massing; William G. McKeown; Patrick A. Meires; Gerald R. Miller; Presley K. Mitchell; W. Patrick Monaghan; Victor X. Monroy; Alva Barry Moody; Cynthia J. Morley; John D. Morley; Albert F. Nelson; Mary A. Nuttall; Alice Faye Overstreet; Kenneth B. Overstreet; Albert D. Owens; LeRoy Owens; Kenneth W. Pennington; George T. Pippin III; Gordon A. Plugge, Jr.; John D. Pruitt; Francis R. Quattrene; Josef I. Reece; Charles E. Revels; Sylvester Ross, Henry M. Rothschild; John W. Scherer; Eddie W. Shepherd; Edwin C. Sherer; Cleo F. Smith; John W. Stephens, Jr.; Dale C. Stickrath; Rick Traum; Jerry A. Tyner; James Bruce Underwood; Dumas J. Vines, Jr.; Willie F. Watson; Ralph L. Wickson; Thomas T. Workman; Jesse L. Wright; Edward A. Zack; and Nello R. Zortea."
Honoring The Crew Of El Faro October 13, 2015
Ander Crenshaw, R-FL
"Sylvester Crawford Jr. of Lawrenceville, Georgia; Michael Davidson of Windham, Maine; Michael Holland of North Wilton, Maine; Mitchell Kuflik of Brooklyn, New York; Jeffrey Mathias of Kingston, Massachusetts; Dylan Meklin of Rockland, Maine; Richard Pusatere of Virginia Beach, Virginia; Danielle Randolph of Rockland, Maine; Jeremie Riehm of Camden, Delaware; and Steven Shultz of Roan Mountain, Tennessee are also mourned as are Piotr Krause, Marcin Nita, Jan Podgorski, Andrzej Truszkowski and Rafal Zdobych of Poland."
Honoring The Memory Of The Crew Of The El Faro October 9, 2015
Chellie Pingree, D-ME
"Four people from my State, the State of Maine, were aboard the El Faro: Michael Holland, of North Wilton; Dylan Meklin, of Rockland; Danielle Randolph, of Rockland; and the captain, a man of great experience, Mike Davidson, of Windham. "
Honoring The Memory Of The Crew Of The El Faro October 9, 2015
Bruce Poliquin, R-ME
"Captain Michael Davidson was 53, Second Mate Danielle Randolph was 34, Michael Holland was 25, Mitchell Kuflik was 26, and Dylan Meklin was 23."

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