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Entry Title Date
Recognizing Louis Spadaccino April 7, 2014
Michael Fitzpatrick, R-PA
"Mr. Speaker, duty, honor, country and responsibility are the core values said to be shared by our “Greatest Generation.” Louis Spadaccino of Holland, Bucks County, PA was no exception. Sadly, Lou passed away April 3 at the age of 90."
Protecting Volunteer Firefighters And Emergency Responders Act Of 2014—Motion To Proceed—Continued March 27, 2014
Christopher Murphy, D-CT
"Madam President, George Holland was a pretty exceptional kid. When he was 14 years old, he went through something that I do not think any of us can even imagine what it is like to go through. His parents got into a heated argument. They were estranged at the time. It became so violent that it culminated in his mother fatally stabbing his father. He was 14 years old, and he lost his dad and then saw his mother get sent away to prison."
Recognizing Auburndale City Hall March 26, 2014
Daniel Webster, R-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to recognize Auburndale City Hall on the occasion of its addition to the National Register of Historic Places. Designed by Polk County architect Roland Buckley and contractor Paul Smith, the 87-year-old Italian Renaissance-style building has housed the library and Chamber of Commerce, most of the cities departments and even jail cells throughout its existence. It is currently home to the city’s Information Technology Office. Noted for its Romanesque architecture, open arches and ornate masonry work, City Hall is now among four National Historic buildings in Auburndale. It joins the Holland Jenks house, the Baynard House and the Auburndale Citrus Growers Association Packing House. It is the twelfth city hall in Florida to have secured a spot on the Register. It is a privilege to serve the residents of Auburndale, and I thank them for their tremendous contributions to the Central Florida community. "
Our First Freedom March 25, 2014
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"You compare the beliefs of the Pilgrims who came from Holland to England and then here—they wanted religious freedom so they could serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; they could follow their Christian beliefs without being persecuted or without having a government say that you don’t have any right to practice those beliefs—compared with the Supreme Court Justices, in effect, saying, gee, they could just pay the fine and it would be a lot cheaper than $475 million in penalties they will have to pay. Actually, one Justice had the nerve to say: I believe that was called a tax and not a penalty."
March 6 From A Historical Perspective March 6, 2014
Ted Poe, R-TX
"1) Buchanan, James, Alabama; 2) Fishbaugh, William, Alabama; 3) Fuqua, Galba, Alabama; 4) White, Isaac, Alabama; 5) Baker, Isaac G., Arkansas; 6) Thompson, Jesse G., Arkansas; 7) Warnell, Henry, Arkansas; 8) Jennings, Gordon C., Connecticut; 9) Grimes, Albert (Alfred) Calvin, Georgia; 10) Melton, Eliel, Georgia; 11) Shied, Manson, Georgia; 12) Wells, William, Georgia; 13) Wills, William, Georgia; 14) Lindley, Jonathan L., Illinois; 15) Bailey, Peter James III, Kentucky; 16) Bowie, James, Kentucky; 17) Cloud, Daniel William, Kentucky; 18) Darst, Jacob C., Kentucky; 19) Davis John, Kentucky; 20) Fauntleroy, William H., Kentucky. 21) Gaston, John E., Kentucky; 22) Harris, John, Kentucky; 23) Jackson, William Daniel, Kentucky; 24) Jameson, Green B., Kentucky; 25) Kellogg, John Benjamin, Kentucky; 26) Kent, Andrew, Kentucky; 27) Rutherford, Joseph, Kentucky; 28) Thomas, B. Archer M., Kentucky; 29) Washington, Joseph G., Kentucky; 30) Despallier, Charles, Louisiana; 31) Kerr, Joseph, Louisiana; 32) Ryan, Isaac, Louisiana; 33) Garrand, James W., Louisiana; 34) Smith, Charles S., Maryland; 35) Flanders, John, Mass.; 36) Howell, William D., Mass.; 37) Linn, William, Mass.; 38) Pollard, Amos. Mass. 39) Clark, M.B., Mississippi; 40) Millsaps, Isaac, Mississippi; 41) Moore, Willis A., Mississippi; 42) Pagan, George, Mississippi; 43) Parker, Christopher Adams, Mississippi; 44) Baker, William Charles M., Missouri; 45) Butler, George D., Missouri; 46) Clark, Charles Henry, Missouri; 47) Cottle, George Washington, Missouri; 48) Day, Jerry C., Missouri; 49) Tumlinson, George W., Missouri; 50) Cochran, Robert E., New Hampshire; 51) Stockton, Richard Lucius, New Jersey; 52) Cunningham, Robert W., New York; 53) Dewall, Lewis, New York; 54) Evans, Samuel B., New York; 55) Forsyth, John Hubbard, New York; 56) Jones, John, New York; 57) Tylee, James, New York. 58) Autry, Micajah, North Carolina; 59) Floyd, Dolphin Ward, North Carolina; 60) Parks, William, North Carolina; 61) Scurlock, Mial, North Carolina; 62) Smith, Joshua G., North Carolina; 63) Thomson, John W., North Carolina; 64) Wright, Claiborne, North Carolina; 65) Harrison, William B., Ohio; 66) Holland, Tapely, Ohio; 67) Musselman, Robert, Ohio; 68) Rose, James M., Ohio; 69) Ballentine, John J., Pennsylvania; 70) Brown, James Murry, Pennsylvania; 71) Cain (Cane), John, Pennsylvania; 72) Crossman, Robert, Pennsylvania; 73) Cummings, David P., Pennsylvania; 74) Hannum, James, Pennsylvania; 75) Holloway, Samuel, Pennsylvania; 76) Johnson, William, Pennsylvania; 77) Kimble (Kimbell), George C., Pennsylvania; 78) McDowell, William, Pennsylvania; 79) Reynolds, John Purdy, Pennsylvania; 80) Thurston, John M., Pennsylvania; 81) Williamson, Hiram James, Pennsylvania; 82) Wilson, John, Pennsylvania. 83) Martin, Albert, Rhode Island; 84) Bonham, James Butler, South Carolina; 85) Crawford, Lemuel, South Carolina; 86) Neggan, George, South Carolina; 87) Nelson, Edward, South Carolina; 88) Nelson, George, South Carolina; 89) Simmons, Cleveland Kinloch, South Carolina; 90) Travis, William Barret, South Carolina; 91) Bayliss, Joseph, Tennessee; 92) Blair, John, Tennessee; 93) Blair, Samuel C., Tennessee; 94) Bowman, Jesse B., Tennessee; 95) Campbell, James (Robert), Tennessee; 96) Crockett, David, Tennessee; 97) Daymon, Squire, Tennessee; 98) Dearduff, William, Tennessee; 99) Dickinson, Almeron, Tennessee; 100) Dillard, John Henry, Tennessee; 101) Ewing, James L., Tennessee; 102) Garrett, James Girard, Tennessee. 103) Harrison, Andrew Jackson, Tennessee; 104) Haskell, Charles, M., Tennessee; 105) Hays, John M., Tennessee; 106) Marshall, William, Tennessee; 107) McCoy, Jesse, Tennessee; 108) McKinney, Robert, Tennessee; 109) Miller, Thomas R., Tennessee; 110) Mills, William, Tennessee; 111) Nelson, Andrew M., Tennessee; 112) Robertson, James Waters, Tennessee; 113) Smith, Andrew H., Tennessee; 114) Summerlin, A. Spain, Tennessee; 115) Summers, William E., Tennessee; 116) Taylor, Edward, Tennessee; 117) Taylor, George, Tennessee; 118) Taylor, James, Tennessee; 119) Taylor, William, Tennessee; 120) Walker, Asa, Tennessee; 121) Walker, Jacob, Tennessee. 122) Abamillo, Juan, Texas; 123) Badillo, Juan Antonio, Texas; 124) Espalier, Carlos, Texas; 125) Esparza, Gregorio (Jose Maria), Texas; 126) Fuentes, Antonio, Texas; 127) Jimenez, Damacio, Texas; 128) King, William Phillip, Texas; 129) Lewis, William Irvine, Texas; 130) Lightfoot, William J., Texas; 131) Losoya, Jose Toribio, Texas; 132) Nava, Andres, Texas; 133) Perry, Richardson, Texas; 134) Andross, Miles Deforest, Vermont; 135) Allen, Robert, Virginia; 136) Baugh, John J., Virginia; 137) Carey, William R., Virginia; 138) Garnett, William, Virginia; 139) Goodrich, John Camp, Virginia; 140) Herndon, Patrick Henry, Virginia; 141) Kenny, James, Virginia; 142) Main, George Washington, Virginia; 143) Malone, William T., Virginia; 144) Mitchasson, Edward F., Virginia; 145) Moore, Robert B., Virginia; 146) Northcross, James, Virginia. 147) Zanco, Charles, Denmark; 148) Blazeby, William, England; 149) Bourne, Daniel, England; 150) Brown, George, England; 151) Dennison, Stephen (or Ireland), England; 152) Dimpkins, James R., England; 153) Gwynne, James C., England; 154) Hersee William Daniel, England; 155) Nowlan, James, England; 156) Sewell, Marcus L., England; 157) Starr, Richard, England; 158) Stewart, James E., England; 159) Waters, Thomas, England; 160) Wolfe, Anthony (Avram), England; 161) Wolfe, son age 12, England; 162) Wolfe, son age 11, England. 163) Burns, Samuel E., Ireland; 164) Duvalt, Andrew, Ireland; 165) Evans, Robert, Ireland; 166) Hawkins, Joseph M., Ireland; 167) Jackson, Thomas, Ireland; 168) McGee, James, Ireland; 169) Rusk, Jackson J., Ireland; 170) Rusk, Jackson J., Ireland; 171) Ward, William B., Ireland; 172) Courtman, Henry, Germany; 173) Thomas, Henry, Germany; 174) Ballentine, Richard W., Scotland; 175) McGregor, John, Scotland; Robinson, Isaac, Scotland; 177) Wilson, David L., Scotland; 178) Johnson, Lewis, Wales; 179) Brown, Robert, France. 180) Day, Freeman H.K.; 181) Garvin, John E.; 182) George, James; 183) McCafferty, Edward; 184) Mitchell, William T.; 185) Mitchell, Napoleon B.; 186) Roberts, Thomas H.; 187) Smith, William H.; 188) Sutherland, William Depriest; 189) White, Robert; 190) John (last name unknown)."

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