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Entry Title Date
Remembering Philip Crane November 19, 2014
Mark Kirk, R-IL
"With the passing of Phil Crane, Illinois and Washington have lost one of its greats. Thank you, Phil Crane, for your service to the State of Illinois and to our country."
Tribute To Former Representative Lane Evans November 13, 2014
Steny Hoyer, D-MD
"I join with the many whose lives he touched and made better throughout Illinois and across the country in paying tribute to Lane Evans and his legacy. I want to thank Representative Cheri Bustos for organizing this special order in Lane’s memory and for carrying his work forward in Illinois’s 17th District."
Honoring The Lives Of Former Representatives Phil Crane And Lane Evans November 13, 2014
Rob Woodall, R-GA
"I cannot imagine what this institution would be today without the groundwork that he laid those many years ago and continued groundwork he continued to lay until the day he left this institution. It is a proud legacy from the great State of Illinois, and I am grateful to my friend for allowing me to come down and talk about that tonight."
Honoring The Service Of Lane A. Evans November 13, 2014
Jan Schakowsky, D-IL
"Lane Evans was the first member—or maybe Danny Davis—the second—in our delegation to endorse for Senator a young Barack Obama. Lane proudly brought him to western Illinois and was always a great supporter."
Recognizing The Life Of Regis Groff November 12, 2014
Diana DeGette, D-CO
"Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor the life of one of Denver’s most respected residents, former Colorado State Senator Regis Groff, who passed away on October 5 at age 79. This remarkable man merits both our recognition and gratitude for his unwavering efforts to stand for what’s right. He leaves behind an impressive record of leadership in social justice and education, and he made an enormous impact on many lives. Regis Groff wasn’t afraid to fight the tough battles when he knew he was standing up for others. He worked to strengthen education and to ensure a fair system for everyone. He was an educator, a state senator and a community servant. We in Colorado are fortunate to have had Mr. Groff laboring for equality in our community. The legacy that he leaves behind should inspire us all to continue his fight with a measure of dedication with which he worked. Born in a small town in Illinois, Regis Groff first came to Denver while serving in the United States Air Force, where he was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base for several months. He returned to Illinois and attended Western Illinois University earning a BA in 1962. When it came time to settle down and raise a family, he chose to make Denver home. He taught at Smiley and Lake Junior High Schools before starting an African-American history class at East High School. Later he earned a master’s in Education from the University of Denver in 1972. A long-standing interest in politics led him to run for the Colorado State Senate. He was successful in his bid and served from 1974 to 1994. During those twenty years, he demonstrated time and again his willingness to fight for fairness and justice, including an effort to divest Colorado from South Africa’s apartheid government. He cites the highlight of his time in the Senate as passing legislation that established a holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. in Colorado. His colleagues recognized his leadership and elected him the first African-American Minority Leader of the Colorado State Senate. His efforts were also rewarded with numerous awards from the community, including Legislator of the Year from the Associated Press. Roy Romer appointed Regis as the first Director of the new Youthful Offenders System. His dedication to community service then continued in his role as Executive Director of the Metro Black Church Initiative. He was selfless to the end. As a teacher, Mr. Groff had an impact on countless students. I hope some of them are as inspired by him as I am and will carry on his work to fight the good fight. His talents and perseverance are an example for us all. Please join me in commending Regis Groff. His leadership in the search for justice and equality enriches our lives and builds a better future for everyone living in Colorado."

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