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Equal Pay September 16, 2014
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"I look at Illinois and I can see it in Belvidere where the Fiat Chrysler plant is working three shifts. I see it at the Ford plant on the South Side of Chicago. They are working three shifts as well."
Promoting Job Creation And Reducing Small Business Burdens Act September 15, 2014
Randy Hultgren, R-IL
"I am especially pleased that the bill includes my own legislation, the Encouraging Employee Ownership Act of 2014, or EEOA. This bipartisan provision would make it easier for companies in Illinois and nationwide to let hardworking employees own a stake in the business they are a part of."
Revitalize American Manufacturing And Innovation Act Of 2014 September 15, 2014
Daniel Lipinski, D-IL
"I have seen the devastation in my district and across northeastern Illinois. And I get frustrated, just like countless other Americans do, when I go to the store and I cannot find the words “made in the U.S.A.” on any product."
Second District Manufacturing Tour September 10, 2014
Robin Kelly, D-IL
"Mr. Speaker, this August work period, I had the pleasure of meeting with businesses and workers across my district as part of my Second District Manufacturing Tour. I was fortunate to witness firsthand the creation of products made in Illinois and had the privilege of hearing from workers about what Congress could be doing to support America’s workforce."
Congratulating Steve Plunkett For Receiving The National Association Of Letter Carriers’ Hero Of The Year Award September 10, 2014
Cheri Bustos, D-IL
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Mr. Steve Plunkett of North Pekin, Illinois and celebrate his receipt of the National Association of Letter Carriers’ Hero of the Year Award. Mr. Plunkett, a local letter carrier, was finishing his shift as a troubling scene unfolded in the parking lot of the East Peoria Post Office. Employees witnessed a man forcibly lead a tearful young boy towards the back of the post office. Recognizing the child’s distress, Plunkett and his colleagues sprang into action and confronted the man; little did the post office employees know that they had intercepted a registered sex offender. The man fled the scene and Plunkett followed, using his cell phone to capture pictures as well as his license plate number; images which led to his arrest several hours later. Plunkett’s actions thwarted a kidnapping attempt and contributed to the conviction of a dangerous criminal, earning him one of the highest honors a letter carrier may receive. Sexual predators are every parent’s nightmare and, as the mother of three sons, I commend Mr. Plunkett for his courage. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Plunkett demonstrated bravery and selflessness, much to the credit of his character, and I can think of no one more deserving of the National Association of Letter Carriers’ Hero of the Year Award."

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