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Farc Demands Immunity April 23, 2015
Carlos Curbelo, R-FL
"Just this past weekend, reports from Colombia claim that a naval convoy delivering medical and humanitarian care to remote communities in Colombia‘s Amazon region twice came under attack by FARC forces. Attacking medical personnel is considered a war crime by international law."
Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act Of 2015 April 15, 2015
Jason Chaffetz, R-UT
"Can we do things better? Yes. Part of that is weeding out the bad apples. If you are sitting there watching pornography on your computer 4 hours a day, then you should be fired. If you are a DEA agent down serving in Colombia and you have sex slaves coming before you paid by them, then you should fire them. If you are a Federal worker thumbing your nose at the Federal Government, not paying your taxes, then you should be eligible to be fired by the supervisor. That supervisor, don’t we trust them to make that decision and say: You know what? This person is so vital, they do such good work, we are going to keep them?"
Trade Transparency March 12, 2015
Sherrod Brown, D-OH
"The concerns we have and the concerns an increasing number of Senators have about trade promotion authority, about fast track—they changed the name because they knew the public did not like fast track, so they tried to obscure it by coming up with some technical-sounding name—trade promotion authority. We have increasingly seen the public rising up against these trade agreements because we have watched them for some 20 years, and we have seen the damage the North American Free Trade Agreement did to the United States, to our economy, and to workers around the world. We have seen that has been sort of a prototype for the next generation of CAFTA and other agreements in Colombia and Peru and now the Trans-Pacific Partnership."
Executive Session February 12, 2015
Jack Reed, D-RI
"On the cyber front, China is engaged in massive theft of U.S. intellectual property from American industry and government, which threatens our technological edge and sows distrust and profound misgivings. China will remain one of the Department’s most persistent and complicated challenges. With the focus on so many crises overseas, it is easy to overlook the challenges on our own continent. We have a violent threat of transnational organized crime in our own hemisphere. When the United States faced a threat stemming from violence and the drug trade in Colombia in the 1990s, it dedicated significant resources and entered into a decade-long commitment to provide training and other enabling assistance."
Our Southern Border And Immigration Reform February 10, 2015
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"The other item that came home to me was that we spend a huge amount of money on these measures—one-quarter of a trillion dollars in the last 10 years on securing our borders. We spent less than 1 percent of that trying to help—along with Mexico, Colombia, and the Inter-American Development Bank—the countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to become less places of desolation and fear. We want to help them. It is not for us to do this by ourselves. It is not our job. What do they say at Home Depot? You can do it; we can help. In this case it would be like Colombia. In Colombia, 20-some years ago, what happened was a bunch of gunmen rounded up their supreme court justices, took them into a room and shot them to death—11 justices of their supreme court. Colombia was oppressed on the one hand by leftist guerillas and on the other hand by narco drug lords. A lot of people said they were going down. But they made it, in part with our help and Plan Colombia."

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