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intelligent transportation system

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Issues Important To Americans July 24, 2009
Peter Hoekstra, R-MI
"What are some of the things that we’re going to be building in Michigan with our stimulus dollars? $500,000 to renovate a facility which may house yoga or children’s movement classes. $6.9 million to put in 29 intelligent transportation system signs in four west Michigan counties. I’m assuming that these big electronic signs will be put up to warn the motorists about the potholes that are ahead because we’re building signs instead of repairing the roads."
Earmark Declaration July 22, 2009
Christopher Lee, R-NY
"Description of Request: Provide an earmark of $500,000 to provide a fully-integrated Intelligent Transportation System for the buses of the Livingston Area Transportation Service (LATS)."
Earmark Declaration July 15, 2009
Lamar Smith, R-TX
"Description of Request: I have secured $500,000 for the City of Austin to deploy their Intelligent Transportation System. It is my understanding that the City of Austin has developed an intelligent transportation systems (ITS) deployment plan as part of its efforts to improve mobility information for residents, reduce congestion, improve mobility and improve air quality. Specific components of the system include: a traffic and transportation website with live streaming capabilities; variable message boards that inform drivers of traffic congestion, accidents, and other emergencies ahead, and alert drivers to alternate available routes; surveillance and detection cameras to monitor live roadway conditions, provide public access to special event and road closure information, detect traffic incidents quickly, and manage traffic control signalization remotely. The City of Austin will match any federal funds that the delegation secures for this project. I certify that neither I nor my spouse has any financial interest in this project."
Applauding The Men And Women Who Keep America Moving And Recognizing National Transportation Week May 17, 2004
Jon Porter, R-NV
"I could go on, but I will conclude by saying I am encouraged every day by the new technologies that are constantly being developed to move us in ways that are faster, more efficient and environmentally sensitive. In Las Vegas, we are seeking to become the first community to deploy high-speed Maglev rail technology to better link us to southern California. We are also deploying Intelligent Transportation System technology known as the FAST system to warn us of traffic delays and Amber alerts."
Transportation, Treasury, And Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 2004 October 23, 2003
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"For the Sacramento region, $5.5 million in new funding is included to improve transportation. Most of these funds—$4 million—will be used for job access to help under-served communities get to work. The remaining funds will be used to improve the Intelligent Transportation System."

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