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Entry Title Date
Alaska Rural Roads System February 15, 2012
Lisa Murkowski, R-AK
"Mr. President, we are dealing with the Transportation bill, and let me say I hope we truly deal with the Transportation bill eventually because there has been a great deal of work on this measure by the chairman and the ranking members of the relevant committees, and I thank them for the hard work they have put into this. I support their efforts to give States long-term security for moving forward with Federal highway aid and transit programs. I support the efforts to give States that long-term security for planning purposes, improve the project approval process, and reduce duplicative and excessive programs. However, I do have very serious concerns with certain aspects of the legislation proposed. Most particularly, and the reason I have come to the floor this evening, is to discuss what this legislation does to the Indian Reservation Roads Program. This is the program known as IRR."
Department Of Defense Appropriations Act, 2012 July 11, 2011
Rush Holt, D-NJ
"My amendment would give the Defense Department $20 million to initiate suicide prevention and counseling calls to help prevent these reservists from taking their own lives, as Coleman Bean, my constituent, tragically did in September 2008. For reservists like Coleman Bean of East Brunswick, New Jersey—those in the IRR, Individual Mobilization Augmentees, and Inactive National Guard members—there remains no dedicated suicide prevention programs to help them cope with the war-time experiences. These reservists need our help, and I’m pleased my amendment was accepted."
Personal Explanation July 6, 2011
Rush Holt, D-NJ
"Like many of his buddies, he saw the horrors of war firsthand, and, like some, he sought treatment from the VA for his diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder when he returned home in 2004. He was honorably discharged from active duty in 2005, and, like other Army members, Coleman Bean still had 4 years of reserve duty commitment through what is known as the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) program. He was recalled to duty in Iraq in 2007 through the IRR and was assigned to serve in northern Iraq. When he returned to New Jersey the following year, he was still suffering from the symptoms of PTSD but managed to conceal his condition from even those closest to him. No one reached out to him. Tragically, he took his own life in September 2008. Ironically, tragically, a few weeks after Coleman took his life, the VA called to say that his appointment was ready."
National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2012 May 26, 2011
Howard McKeon, R-CA
"(a) Coverage for Certain IRR Members.— (1) In general.—Subsection (a) of section 1076e of title 10, United States Code, is amended to read as follows: “(a) Eligibility.—(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), the following individuals are eligible for health benefits under TRICARE Standard as provided in this section: “(A) A member of the Retired Reserve of a reserve component of the armed forces who is qualified for a non- regular retirement at age 60 under chapter 1223 of this title but has not attained the age of 60. “(B) A member of the Individual Ready Reserve described in subsection 10144(b) of this title who served on active duty for an aggregate of not less than one year beginning on or after September 11, 2001. “(2) Paragraph (1) does not apply to a member who is enrolled, or is eligible to enroll, in a health benefits plan under chapter 89 of title 5.”. (2) Termination.—Subsection (b) of such section is amended— (A) in the subsection heading, by striking “Standard”; (B) by striking “the member becoming” and inserting “a member described in subsection (a)(1)(A) becoming”; and (C) by inserting before the period at the end the following: “or a member described in subsection (a)(1)(B) becoming eligible for TRICARE coverage under any other section of this chapter”. (3) Section heading.—The heading of such section is amended by striking “WHO ARE QUALIFIED FOR A NON-REGULAR RETIREMENT BUT ARE NOT YET AGE 60” and inserting “AND "
Ike Skelton National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2011 December 17, 2010
Rush Holt, D-NJ
"In May when the House passed this bill, it contained a suicide prevention provision that I authored, named in honor of Sergeant Coleman S. Bean of East Brunswick, New Jersey. Coleman did two combat tours in Iraq. In between and after those tours, he sought treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. Because Sergeant Bean was a member of the Individual Ready Reserve, IRR—a pool of Reserve soldiers not assigned to any unit but available for mobilization if needed—he could not get treatment for his condition because the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs refused to take ownership of Sergeant Bean and the thousands like him."

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