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Entry Title Date
End President Obama’S Lawless And Delusional Refugee Resettlement Program April 27, 2016
Marsha Blackburn, R-TN
"Islamic radicals want to attack America. It is no secret to the American people. However, President Obama and this administration seem not to recognize this."
Ideological Extremism Is Spreading Across The Globe April 27, 2016
Jeff Fortenberry, R-NE
"Mr. Speaker, keeping you safe depends upon the men and women who are willing to put themselves on the front line for our security. We do remain the strongest country in the world militarily and economically. Unfortunately, though, I cannot report that the world is growing any calmer or more stable or more secure. Ideological extremism is spreading across the globe and, most alarmingly, is manifested in ISIS’ twisted Islamic ideology."
Combating Terrorist Recruitment Act Of 2016 April 26, 2016
John Katko, R-NY
"Mr. Speaker, America continues to witness the largest convergence of radical Islamic threats in the history of our country."
Personal Explanation April 26, 2016
André Carson, D-IN
"Despite missing the vote, I remain strongly opposed to H.R. 4820, the Combating Terrorist Recruitment Act. As a former Homeland Security official and a Member of the House Intelligence Committee, I understand the importance of a complete intelligence picture to counterterrorism operations. As this bill indicates, part of understanding threats to our homeland is receiving testimony from reformed terrorists. Responsible collection would involve looking at threats from every angle, including Islamic, right wing, environmental and other types of extremism. This bill fails in that regard, choosing instead to focus on those associated with foreign terrorist organizations."
Protect And Preserve International Cultural Property Act April 26, 2016
Ed Royce, R-CA
"This is a critical measure. The Islamic State, or ISIS, continues to wreak havoc throughout Iraq and Syria. It is laying a path of death and destruction in its wake, and it has inspired deadly attacks around the world and deadly attacks here at home."

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