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Entry Title Date
Issues Of The Day May 19, 2016
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"Washington has warned repeatedly that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps controls broad swaths of the Iranian economy. The IRGC remains sanctioned by both the United States and the European Union because of the central role it plays in Iran’s illicit conduct. When the U.S., EU, and U.N. removed sanctions from several hundred Iranian banks and companies, there were no assurances that the conduct of those banks and companies had changed."
Frank R. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act May 16, 2016
Ed Royce, R-CA
"Two months ago this Chamber made history by declaring that the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS, is committing genocide against religious and ethnic minorities. It has committed mass murder, beheadings, rape, torture, slavery, and the kidnapping of children, among many other atrocities. ISIS dynamites churches and flattens ancient monasteries, hoping to erase the very existence of religious groups that disagree with their brutal world view."
Counterterrorism Advisory Board Act Of 2016 May 16, 2016
John Katko, R-NY
"Mr. Speaker, we are seeing the greatest convergence of radical Islamic threats in history, with more than 40,000 jihadist fighters traveling to the battlefield in Syria and Iraq."
Unleashing America’S Economic Potential May 13, 2016
Ryan Zinke, R-MT
"In another disturbing demonstration of a lack of process, internal management, and compliance, SOCAFRICA’s executive oversight agency for communications security (COMSEC) and specifically, the handling of sensitive cryptographic keying material noted a pervasive lack of compliance in SOCAFRICA’s COMSEC program during a staff assist visit. Discrepancies in COMSEC are a national security concern, and reportable at all times. Their discovery during the assist visit threatened to shut down SOCAFRICA’s communications, and the numerous operations they supported. Rear Admiral Losey learned that his COMSEC vault and COMSEC managers were not certified, and that there were a significant number of cryptographic keys in Africa that had not been documented as properly destroyed. The was perplexing as Rear Admiral Losey recalled the receipt of commendatory correspondence from USSOCOM for an excellent internal management control program only a couple of months before his arrival at SOCAFRICA. This program is designed to apply additional oversight on sensitive or high impact functions of a command, to include COMSEC. Given that the program was commendable on one hand, and failing on another, an investigation was initiated. The investigation revealed that the COMSEC oversight portion of the internal management program was falsified with backdated compliance checklists, and an unsupported statement of compliance. Staff processes, staff function and compliance, fell squarely in Mr. Jones job responsibilities. Again, Rear Admiral Losey handled the correction of this issue administratively at the lowest level possible. By all evidence reviewed, it appears that Rear Admiral Losey did his best to ensure that SOCAFRICA was able to provide critical support to service members deploying into complex security situations and at risk, while preserving Mr. Jones equities as a civil servant. These areas included Somalia and boundary states, South Sudan, Libya, Uganda and countries impacted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and Joseph Kony, as well as a dozen more countries in the Trans-Sahara and Islamic Maghreb regions—areas where Al Qaeda and Boko Haram were spreading."
Additional Statements May 11, 2016
John Boozman, R-AR
"She was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as the chief of staff of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Afghanistan Transformation Task Force and then the Headquarters International Security Assistance Force, where she helped lead the transformation of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as it transitioned to self-rule."

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