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Unanimous Consent Requests—Executive Calendar February 8, 2016
Amy Klobuchar, D-MN
"We have two countries, Norway and Sweden, that are members of NATO, that have joined us in the fight against Islamic extremists, that have joined us in the fight against ISIS. This is no way to treat them."
Obama Administration’S Handling Of Iran February 4, 2016
Brian Babin, R-TX
"Shortly before President Obama’s final State of the Union address, news broke that 10 U.S. sailors had been captured by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard."
Religious Liberty February 4, 2016
Harry Reid, D-NV
"As defenders of democracy, we must stand against the bigotry wherever it arises. Doing so is the only way to ensure that we stay true to our fundamental values. As election season begins to kick into high gear, I encourage the American people to heed the call that President Obama made yesterday at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, when he closed by saying, “We have to reaffirm that most fundamental of truths—we are all God’s children, all born equal with inherent dignity.”"
American Leadership And Syria February 4, 2016
Lindsey Graham, R-SC
"Well, let’s get a little closer to the region. John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been saying for 3 years now that if we don’t end the war in Syria—which means requiring the Islamic State, or ISIL, to be destroyed with a ground component and not by the air alone—we are going to get hit here at home and a Paris-style attack is coming our way. This strategy to destroy ISIL will never work. President Obama is trying to pass it on to the next the President. We have been begging the President to change his strategy in Iraq and Syria before we get hit here at home."
Unanimous Consent Requests—Executive Calendar February 4, 2016
Amy Klobuchar, D-MN
"These are allies who are taking in refugees by the thousands. These are allies who are at our side in the fight against Russia to stand up against their aggression in Ukraine. They have stood with us in the fight against Islamic extremism. They have stood with us in the fight against ISIS. And what do we say to them? You can have ambassadors from Russia or from China, you can have ambassadors from every country but not from the United States of America."

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