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Entry Title Date
Counterterrorism Advisory Board Act Of 2016 May 16, 2016
John Katko, R-NY
"Mr. Speaker, we are seeing the greatest convergence of radical Islamic threats in history, with more than 40,000 jihadist fighters traveling to the battlefield in Syria and Iraq."
Ideological Extremism Is Spreading Across The Globe April 27, 2016
Jeff Fortenberry, R-NE
"Thousands of Europeans have left the Continent for the battlegrounds of Syria and Iraq. These radicalized fighters, passport holders—hardened by war and dedicated to jihadist militancy—pose a security risk to their countries of origin in the West. Even some so-called Americans have joined the ranks of terrorist organizations that are metastasizing across the Middle East and North Africa. San Bernardino demonstrated to all of us that the United States is far from immune to the cancer of ISIS’ expansion."
Potential Drawdown Of Land Forces April 18, 2016
Steve Russell, R-OK
"Instead, we see Russians reigniting the cold war, Iranians destabilizing the Middle East, North Koreans firing nuclear missiles with the aim to range the United States, and Islamic jihadist death-cult extremists committing acts of barbarity akin to the Middle Ages. We also see tensions rising with our trading partner, China, and the seeds of potential unrest in the Pacific."
Violence Against Christians Is Genocide March 17, 2016
Ted Poe, R-TX
"This morning, the State Department labeled these atrocities as genocide. This is mass genocide by ISIS and other radical jihadist groups that is taking place throughout the world."
Amplifying Local Efforts To Root Out Terror Act Of 2016 February 29, 2016
Barry Loudermilk, R-GA
"Radicalization is also a clear and present danger to Americans. The number of cases of homegrown terrorism is growing nationwide. Since September 11, 2001, there have been 139 homegrown jihadist plots."

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