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Program July 29, 2014
Harry Reid, D-NV
"Mr. President, at approximately 10:45 a.m. tomorrow morning, there will be a cloture vote on the Bring Jobs Home Act. If cloture is not invoked, there will be an immediate cloture vote on the motion to proceed to S. 2648, the emergency supplemental appropriations bill."
The Introduction Of The Restore Opportunity, Strengthen, And Improve The Economy Act July 29, 2014
Eleanor Norton, D-DC
"Mr. Speaker, today, I introduce the Restore Opportunity, Strengthen, and Improve the Economy (ROSIE) Act. Millions of workers are part of the “federally dependent workforce” and hold low-wage jobs with federal contractors. Seventy percent of these workers are women and 45 percent are people of color. With so many workers dependent on federal contracts, the federal government has the ability to use its purchasing power to incentivize private-sector firms to create good jobs for American workers, rebuild the middle class, address income inequality, and invigorate the economy by increasing the purchasing power of working Americans."
Highway And Transportation Funding Act Of 2014 July 29, 2014
Thomas Carper, D-DE
"Madam President, let me say to our Republican colleagues, this bill is going back to the House. We can send it back to the House correcting what I think is a misguided approach on pension smoothing. We can knock out that $3 billion pension smoothing. We can set a dynamic that will ensure we do something this year—that we do our jobs this year and get it done."
House Republicans’ Shameful Diversion Techniques July 29, 2014
Jerrold Nadler, D-NY
"Mr. Speaker, 6 years ago, President Obama and the Democratic Congress took office. When they took office in January of 2009, the economy was in free fall, and we were losing 800,000 jobs a month—losing 800,000 jobs a month, but the Congress went to work, and under the guidance of President Obama, we passed the American Recovery Act, we saved the American automobile industry, and within 14 months, we were gaining 250,000 jobs a month. We turned around over 1 million jobs a month, from losing 800,000 to gaining 250,000 in 14 months."
21St Century Endangered Species Transparency Act July 29, 2014
Steve Pearce, R-NM
"This year in New Mexico, the lesser prairie chicken was listed as threatened which, again, put people out of jobs. Ben Tuggle, the Fish and Wildlife Service director in New Mexico said they felt pressured by the lawsuits—not by the science, but by the lawsuits. This is what it looks like dealing with the Endangered Species Act in the West today."

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