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In Honor Of Ssgt Michael Wayne Schafer May 21, 2015
Robert Wittman, R-VA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today in honor of a real American Hero, SSGT Michael Schafer of the United States Army, 2nd BATTALION, 173 Airborne. Mike served in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He received the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, and the Silver Star. Michael was killed in Oruzgan in combat on July 25, 2005 as part of a quick response team while helping fellow soldiers under fire. He is survived by his wife Danielle, son Devin, his mother Karen and step-father Daniel Barr, his father Mark Schafer, retired Navy of Williamsburg, his sister Sarah, and two brothers, Mark Shafer and Timothy Barr. Today and every day let us all remember all of those selfless heroes like Michael and their families who give that last full measure in the name of freedom. Michael wanted to become a Ranger, but due to a loss of hearing in combat, was told he should retire. Instead, he chose to return to his brothers in combat and died on his last tour. Albert Caswell penned the following poem, “Our America’s Son”, in honor of Michael Shafer this Memorial Day."
Tribute To Larry Arft May 21, 2015
Tammy Baldwin, D-WI
"I am grateful for Larry Arft’s contributions to the people of Beloit and to the people of Wisconsin, and I thank him for his service. I know his presence and personal commitment will be missed. I wish him and his wife Karen all the best in the years ahead."
Helen Gordon Davis May 21, 2015
Kathy Castor, D-FL
"Mr. Speaker, I am honored to recognize the outstanding work of a trailblazing public servant and one of the champions of the Florida equal rights and civil rights movements, the late Florida State Senator Helen Gordon Davis, who represented the Tampa Bay area in the Florida Legislature from 1974 until 1992. Senator Davis devoted her public service career to confronting and changing the inequalities in economic, legal and social status for women and African Americans. She was a true pioneer for pay equity for women. In 1980, Mrs. Davis was presented with the Florida ACLU Bill of Rights Award as a testament to her dedication for civil liberties for all. Senator Davis was elected to the Florida State House of Representatives in 1974 as the first woman from Hillsborough County to be elected to the Florida Legislature. She was subsequently re-elected six times. In 1988, Senator Davis successfully ran for the state Senate where she fought for economic equality for women, and sponsored the first legislation on sexual harassment. Among her many achievements, Mrs. Davis created the Marriage License Trust fund for Spouse Abuse Centers, Court Depositories for Child Support Payments, the Displaced Homemakers for Divorced Women Act, and doubled the penalties for hate crimes. With passion and courage, Mrs. Davis paved the way for future generations of Hillsborough County women in politics. Before her time as an influential legislator, Mrs. Davis was president of the League of Women Voters of Hillsborough County from 1966-1969. In 1971, Mrs. Davis founded Florida’s first women’s center which sought to help women succeed in the workplace and helped many gain tangible professional and life skills. Mrs. Davis was the first recipient of the League of Women Voters of Hillsborough County’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Mrs. Davis was born on Christmas Day, 1926 in Brooklyn, New York. Originally a stage actress, Mrs. Davis moved to Tampa in 1948 with husband Gene Davis, where she was a high school drama teacher and regular fixture in the community theater. Although Mrs. Davis passed away on May 18, 2015, her legacy will continue through her broad-based legislative accomplishments, the Women’s Centre in the Hyde Park community of Tampa, and the women she championed both professionally and personally. Mrs. Davis is survived by her daughters Stephanie and Karen, her son Gordon, her sister Jeanne, and her two grandchildren. On behalf of the Tampa community, I am proud to recognize Helen Gordon Davis for her dedication to Hillsborough County, the State of Florida, and to women everywhere."
Recognizing Karen Love May 20, 2015
Rob Portman, R-OH
"Mr. President, I wish to recognize Karen A. Love upon her retirement from the Department of Defense, DOD, after over 36 years in civil service."
Honoring Dr. Margaret “Peg” Burke Lee May 20, 2015
Jan Schakowsky, D-IL
"Dr. Lee has contributed to multiple educational events across the world, including in China, Netherlands, Thailand, and Spain. She was part of a diplomatic delegation to India where she traveled with Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Karen Hughes and five other college and University presidents to build bridges to American higher education through meetings with government, university, and business leaders. In addition, Dr. Lee is the author of several monographs on global education in community colleges and the critical role of language learning in developing cultural competence."

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