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Entry Title Date
Honoring Vietnam Veterans And North Dakota’S Soldiers Who Lost Their Lives In Vietnam March 12, 2015
Heidi Heitkamp, D-ND
"Kenyon “Ken” Bean was born May 25, 1946. He grew up in Williston. He served in the Army, 35th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division. His date of death was May 19, 1967. He was 20 years old. Ken was the oldest of three. Ken’s sister Cheryl and brother Lowell remember his wonderful sense of humor and his strong desire to farm."
A Tribute In Honor Of The Life Of Carl Djerassi, Ph.D. February 11, 2015
Anna Eshoo, D-CA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor an extraordinary American, Carl Djerassi, a chemist, novelist, poet and philanthropist who excelled in each of these fields. He was the child of two physicians, born in 1923 in Vienna, Austria, and he died on January 15, 2015, at his home in San Francisco, California. Dr. Djerassi is best known as the “Father of the Pill”, the birth control pill which brought about a cultural revolution. He is less well known for his part in the development of antihistamines to treat allergies, and the synthesis of cortisone. Educated at Kenyon College and the University of Wisconsin, his first job was with the Swiss company, Ciba. From there he went to Syntex, then a small company in Mexico. He became a professor at Stanford University in 1959, and founded Zoecon, a manufacturer of non-toxic pesticides in 1968. He published over 1,200 articles and 7 monographs on chemical subjects."
Highway Trust Fund July 22, 2014
Lamar Alexander, R-TN
"Leopoldo was born in Venezuela and comes from a patriotic Venezuelan family, but he was educated in the United States which is where I met him. I met him when he was a student at Kenyon College. In fact, I made the graduation speech, when I was Secretary of Education, to the class in which he graduated, and he was a friend of my son who was also a student. I watched him over the years. He went on to Harvard and obtained a master’s degree at the Kennedy School. He could have stayed in the United States and had a very successful career, but he chose instead to return to the country he loved, Venezuela. He was elected mayor of a municipality at the age of 28 in an important area outside of Caracas. Four years later he was reelected with 81 percent of the vote. He is a rising star in Venezuela. There is no brighter star rising in the skies of Venezuela."
Legislative Session July 21, 2014
Ted Cruz, R-TX
"Every American should take an interest in Mr. Lopez’s fate. Not only is he a good friend to our country, having attended both Kenyon College and Harvard, he also advocates the sort of political and economic reforms that would return Venezuela to its historic place as a close partner to the United States, a development that would be of great advantage in our hemisphere."
Recognizing The Volunteers For The Prince William Area Agency On Aging June 26, 2013
Gerald Connolly, D-VA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the volunteers for the Prince William Area Agency on Aging. The Prince William Area Agency on Aging is one of more than 670 agencies in the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. The Agency of Aging works to maintain the independence and quality of life for adults and their families. Volunteers work alongside professionals serving as advocates, educators, and coordinators implementing programs and services for the senior members of the tri-jurisdictional areas of Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. Volunteers assist with the Bluebird Tour Program, Disability Service Board, Virginia Health Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program, Agency on Aging Tax Aid, Commission on Aging, Long Term Ombudsman Program, and the Senior Centers and Adult Day Healthcare. It is my honor to enter into the Congressional Record the names of volunteers for the Bluebird Tour Program: Bill Barnhart, Trudy Burks, Brian Fulton, Diane Fulton, Fran Harrod, Mary Kay Portell, Wanda Pulliam, Ray Vanderbilt, Chester Smith, Nancy Smith. It is my honor to enter into the Congressional Record the names of volunteers for the Disability Service Board: Phyllis Aggrey, Michael Bizik, Nona Bond, James Bryant, Janice Buie, Ashley Cavossa, Barbara Diehl, Mark Fletcher, Lillian Garland, Melvin Padgett, II, Diane Raulston, Karen Smith, Paul Weisenberger, Karen Williams. It is my honor to enter into the Congressional Record the name of the following volunteer for the Virginia Health Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program: Robert Gainer. It is my honor to enter into the Congressional Record the names of the following volunteers for the Tax Aide Volunteers Program: Ronald Bond, William Burston, Mary Coleman, John Kirzl, VaLoris MacDowell, Bob Martin, Mike Martin, Lee Schumacher, Elizabeth Smolen, Gail Strickland, Bruce Willey. It is my honor to enter into the Congressional Record the names of volunteers for the Commission on Aging: Willard Bennett, Raymond Beverage, Sandra Dawson, Edna Garr, Jane Lakata, Frank Maresca, Len Postman, Richard Sienkiewicz, Mary Shufelt, Nancy West. It is my honor to enter into the Congressional Record the names of volunteers for the Long Term Ombudsman Program: Nancy Bireley, Celeste Cole, Pat Giusti, Judy Kenyon, Fred Knox, Carol Leet, Barbara Ondo, Carol Sturz. It is my honor to enter into the Congressional Record the names of volunteers for the Senior Centers and Adult Day Healthcare: Jo Adell, Marie Akins, Mathilda Alexander, Joann Amidon, Martha Andrews. Gorrell Angel, Grant Angel, Jean Angel, Lynn Ashe, George Ashley, Sally Au, Emelda August, Alleen Bagley, Bobsonm Bangura, Stanley Baranowski, Yon Barker, Sharon Bauer, Nancy Bell, Beverly Bendekgey, Barbara Betton, Arline Blanke, BettyAnn Blanton, Doris Bodwin, Suzuyo Bolvin, Zile Brannon, James Branscome, Carol Brauzer, Felicia Brown, Peggy Bruhn, Laura Buckenmeyer, John Bucsko, Dom Bumbaca, Effie Bumbaca, Margie Byrne, Doris Caporale, Helen Caporaletti, Kit Carney, Olive Carrington, Francis Chergosky, Gene Chumley, Luis Cifuentes, Elizabeth Clemens, Katherine Cooke, Sheila Copeland, Catherine Corner, Margaret Covington, Ollie Cross, Maryls Daack, Ronald Daack, Edgar Davis, Paul Davis, Pauline Davis."

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