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Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015 September 17, 2014
Lou Barletta, R-PA
"With what we know now, this is not a perfect plan by any means, and I trust the President will listen to the counsel of his military advisers. American military strength will be evident in powerful air strikes, but on the ground, we will be relying on a fighting force trained quickly by American personnel. These are not seasoned fighters. These are just regular people—doctors, pharmacists, plumbers, or laborers. They are not soldiers, although very shortly we will be asking them to be."
Highway And Transportation Funding Act Of 2014 July 29, 2014
Barbara Boxer, D-CA
"I hope we will see a lot of support for the amendment that Senators Carper, Corker, and I brought forward because we do away with pension smoothing. So if you do not like pension smoothing, vote for that one; and we cut back the money so we can take this whole thing up in December and give some certainty to all the groups out there, whether it is the Chamber of Commerce or the general contractors or the cement people or the gravel people or the AFL-CIO or the laborers. All these folks want to make sure we are not just doing a little cut and paste and get us up against the next thing."
Bring Jobs Home Act—Motion To Proceed July 24, 2014
Jack Reed, D-RI
"A recent letter from 62 national organizations, including the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the American Public Transportation Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Laborers‘ International Union, echoed the White House’s warning: If we don’t shore up the trust fund, we put at risk 100,000 construction projects that support more than 700,000 jobs, including 3,500 jobs in my home State of Rhode Island."
Highway And Transportation Funding Act Of 2014 July 15, 2014
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"If we would have heard from Peter Ruane from the Road Builders in person; Tom Donohue from the Chamber; Rich Trumka from the AFL-CIO; Terence O’Sullivan, the eloquent leader of the Laborers‘; from the AAA and the truckers, Bill Graves, they wouldn’t endorse this approach. They would be talking about our getting down to business. But the Republicans would not allow us a hearing, not for 43 months. So they are reduced to offering tepid letters of support so the whole system doesn’t fall apart."
Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month June 24, 2014
Elizabeth Esty, D-CT
"I have met with dairy farmers in Connecticut who cannot find enough laborers to work on their farms. Farmers are demanding that Congress reform our immigration system to provide a reliable and stable workforce, so that they can continue to provide local food, milk, and cheese for our families."

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