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Entry Title Date
The Future Forum February 25, 2015
Eric Swalwell, D-CA
"I wonder what my colleague from Massachusetts, Mr. Moulton, someone who flies home, logs a lot of miles going back and forth between Washington and his district, flying into Logan, you look those transportation safety officers in the eye every week when you are coming to Washington and getting off the plane in Boston, what is the morale going to be among our TSA workforce, among our Border Patrol workforce if they still have to do the job as the threats escalate but we are not going to pay them?"
Honoring The Fuguitt Elementary School Honor Guard February 24, 2015
David Jolly, R-FL
"I am honored to recognize Fuguitt Elementary School’s honor guard members today: in third grade—Romeo Greene, Sean Lange, Blake Logan, Levita Maafu, Troy Mason, George Mercado, Walit Morton, Daniel Mattrass, Micah Timberlake, and Bryce Young; in fourth grade—Domenic Barclay, Johnnie Chattman, Ari Davis, Matthew Kosinski, and Tyrek Tripp; and in fifth grade—Jon Dameron, Anthony Gonzalez, William Maafu, William Muscu, Steven Suero, and Andra Witchard."
Honoring The Waskom High School Wildcats, 2014 3-A, Div Ii State Football Champions February 12, 2015
Louie Gohmert, R-TX
"The exceptional athletes who comprise this team of champions are Kevin Johnson, Keileon Johnson, Trace Carter, Jaire Jackson, Junebug Johnson, Kaleb Haynes, Eric Stephens III, Pedro Rodriguez, Lucas Norton, Cullum Ditmore, Dylan Harkrider, Jake Gillard, Chan Amie, Mike Reason, Kyle Kyker, Dillon Benton, Michael Jaeger, Kyle McInnis, Hernan Rico, Victor Tapia, John Lumpkin, Tony Ratcliff, Morgan Browning, Jose Chavarria, Kyle Adams, Brandon Latham, Logan O’Connor, Christian Smith, Jack Smith, Dylan Powell, Jeremy D’Agostino, Hunter Johnson, Jacob Bennett, Dylan Hudson, Matt Norris, Bradley Cochran, Ty Carter, Jason Jinks, Tay Green, Vicente Segura, and Matt Padron."
Congratulating Logan Guleff On Winning “Masterchef Junior” January 21, 2015
Steve Cohen, D-TN
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Memphian Logan Guleff on winning the second season of “MasterChef Junior.” At age 11, Logan was among thousands of children ages 8 through 13 who auditioned for the show. His culinary experience helped him to not only be selected as a show participant but to also triumph over his competitors and take home the grand prize."
Recognizing The Cannon Lake All Stars September 16, 2014
John Thune, R-SD
"Canyon Lake was led by manager Rich Hegre and assistant coaches Scott Spencer and Steve Richey. The athletes of the 2014 Canyon Lake all-star little league team, in alphabetical order, are as follows: Colton Hartford, Matthew Hegre, Jake Kostenbauer, Mason Litz, Logan Miller, Bridger Nesbit, Dylan Richey, Adam Salter, True Synhorst, Daniel Vigoren, Cooper Voorhees, and Blake Weaver."

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