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Commemorating The Bridge Dedication Ceremony For Mr. Allen T. Small November 17, 2015
Richard Hudson, R-NC
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life of Mr. Allen Thurman Small and to commemorate the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Bridge Dedication ceremony in his honor. This is a fitting dedication for a man who gave so much to the City of Concord and the state of North Carolina. Up until the day he tragically passed in 2006, Mr. Small was a public servant who deeply cared about his community. He served as a member of the Concord City Council from 1997 through 2006 and spent more than three decades in public education. During his public education career, Mr. Small was an educator and principal at three different Concord-area schools: Wolf Meadow Elementary School, Coltrane-Webb Elementary School, and Logan High School. Mr. Small, who was the first African-American to serve as principal of a desegregated school in Concord, was committed to ensuring every student received a high quality education that prepared them to be engaged citizens of the community. During his tenure on the city council, Mr. Small dedicated his time and resources toward bringing jobs back to Concord and growing the city’s economy, all in the hopes of leaving the children he devoted so much of his life to with a better future than he ever had. Following his passing, Mr. Small’s city council seat has been occupied by his wife, Ella Mae, who has served the City of Concord with honor and distinction, and has continued to build upon Mr. Small’s legacy as a dedicated public servant. On Monday, November 9th, the North Carolina Department of Transportation held a bridge dedication ceremony for Mr. Small in his beloved City of Concord. The “Allen T. Small Bridge” is located on Cabarrus Avenue West over the Norfolk Southern Railroad, and serves as a gateway in to the heart of downtown Concord. Mr. Speaker, please join me today in commemorating the life of Mr. Allen Thurman Small for his service to the Concord community and his commitment to bettering the lives of everyone in his community, particularly those of our area’s young students."
Honoring The Service Of Juan Felipe Herrera November 2, 2015
Jim Costa, D-CA
"Born in Fowler, California in 1948 to migrant farmworker parents, Mr. Herrera spent his early life living in tents and trailers with his family throughout the San Joaquin Valley and the Salinas Valley following the seasonal crops. His experience as a campesino has strongly influenced his works. Traveling from the San Joaquin Valley to San Diego’s Logan Heights and San Francisco’s Mission District gave him three distinct California experiences, which is where he draws his inspiration from. Growing up in the ‘60s and attending college in the ‘70s during the Chicano Movement inspired Mr. Herrera and his writing style, which fuses wide-ranging experimentalism with reflections on Mexican-American identity."
Paying Tribute To Ellen Rosenthal For Her Outstanding Service To Conner Prairie October 28, 2015
Susan Brooks, R-IN
"As a personal friend and admirer of Ellen for over a decade, it is truly a privilege to honor her today for her many accomplishments. On behalf of the grateful constituents of Indiana’s Fifth Congressional District, I congratulate Ellen on the occasion of her retirement. We congratulate her on her remarkable career and extend a huge thank you for all of the wonderful contributions she has made to Conner Prairie and the Hoosier community. I wish the very best to Ellen, her husband, Dr. Ted Logan, and her three sons, Daniel, Sam, and Paul as she enjoys a well-deserved retirement."
In Recognition Of The 25Th Anniversary Of The White House Initiative On Educational Excellence For Hispanics October 26, 2015
Juan Vargas, D-CA
"While there are 230 programs included in the catalog, I would like to honor three organizations in California’s 51 District: Barrio Logan College Institute, Reality Changers, and the San Ysidro Vanguard Education Foundation."
A Tried And True Tradition: Texas Barbecue October 6, 2015
Ted Poe, R-TX
"Tin Roof has been a staple in our community for 14 years, and over the years, I’ve eaten there so often that I consider the owners, Ronnie and Nancy Webber, to be friends. Ronnie and Nancy decided to open Tin Roof soon after Ronnie retired from the Houston Police Department. Not content with retirement, they purchased a historic home, located close to Memorial Park, which was used during World War II to house military personnel at Camp Logan. A developer was going to tear it down until the Webbers saved it. They moved the structure to Atascocita and outfitted it in Texas-themed decor."

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