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Additional Statements May 19, 2016
Steve Daines, R-MT
"Newman also partakes in Big Sky Honor Flights, an organization whose mission is “to recognize Montana World War II Veterans for their sacrifices and achievements by flying them to Washington, D.C., to see their memorial at no cost.” Upon one flight’s return in 2013, he was a part of the celebrating crowd that welcomed the veterans back at the Billings Logan International Airport with loud cheering and waving of American flags. Newman said, “It’s an honor to be able to stand for them and give them the recognition they deserve.”"
Remembering Wally Henderson May 12, 2016
Richard Durbin, D-IL
"Wally was a past president and longtime board member of the Abraham Lincoln Association, a distinguished group of Lincoln scholars. In 2009, the Lincoln Association awarded him its Logan Hay Medal, for his work in preserving and making more accessible buildings and landmarks associated with President Lincoln’s life."
Honoring The 2016 Armed Forces Enlistees From Fredericksburg, Va May 10, 2016
Robert Wittman, R-VA
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the 121 high school seniors in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area who plan to enlist in the United States Armed Forces after graduation. These students have excelled in their academic and extracurricular activities, and I offer my sincere congratulations upon their high school graduation. Altizer, Zachary; Barrett, Isiah Thomas; Buckley, Jacob Thomas; Croce, Reed; Dingus, Adam Jacob; Dreyer, Jacob Clark; Eiley III, Raymond; Fones, Sean Tyler; Gill, Tyler James; Gordon, Jarrett Reid; Hanse, Martin; Hardy, Tanner Ramsey; Hebdon, Curtis Allen; Higgins, Draylon C; Holmes, Gregory Rolland; Jackson, Anthony; Kelly, Benjamin Wyatt; Knowles, Trent Hunter; Krieter, Jacob Andrew; Krieter, Joseph Paul; Lawson, Ethan William; Lisovich, Thomas Jerome; Lloyd, Coby Jacob; McAllister, William Edward; Michalechen, Alec; Moore, Jahlil; Nelson, Jacob Robert; Oliviera, Logan; Ross, Mathew Andrew; Shay, Matthew Ellis; Sivigny, Douglas; Tibbs, Lytesha Tayquona; Vangorder, Tanner Clyde; Ziadeh, Clinton Austin. Manuel, Jackson; Ewer, Winter; Patterson, Chance William; Gaskins, Taquana Athalia; Foley, Michael Andrew; Andah, Kow Issiw; Pierson, Thomas Richard; Huber, Colby Toler; Hayes, William Cody; Leitch, Nicholas Ashley; Apperson, Brandon Alex; Martinez, Carlos Everardo; Kirkpatrick, Jacob Aaron; Ruff, Jordan Thomas Philip; Dileo, Robert Gerard; Rock, Desmond Marcell; Gainey, English Blake; Whitaker, Bradley Eugene; Cook, John Lee; Bermudez, Brency; Broussard, Nicole Lynn; Shivers, Jonathan Jay; Snyder, Andrew Thomas; Kinsella, Sean William; Green, Heaven Leigh; Lee, Kelsey Reed; Sublett, Gregory Allen; Sanat, Reza Emanuel; Mariner, Robert Anthony; Abielmona, Mazen; Silver, Benjamin Isaac Landon; Good, Connor David; Straughan, Jessica Lee; Aron, Curtis Davion; Stillabower, Adam Bradley; Sampath, Vimal Ganapathy; Dogra, Praveen; Sanit Asante, Kweku; Valencia Alvarez, Mario Gabriel; Cory, Hunter; Dunn, Sean; Garcia, Jose; Grant, Jame; Isom, Khaliyah; Licht, Benjamin; Moffo, Borian; Owens, Tomomi; Patterson, Arielle; Smith, Toby; Abdullah, Arahim; Cross, Nygel; Sporney, Kory. Dejesus, Sarah; Herin, Justin; Travers, Carrington; Williams, Namon; Lowery, Krystal; Lober, Zachary; Gilstrap, Jaclyn; Alexander, Mikayla; Patton, David; Deputy, William; Smith, Gary. Auerbach, Anthony; Baskerville, Dre’Shawn; Beitzel, Nathaniel; Castellino, Rachel; Dale, John Barron; Davis, Brody Logan; Eubanks, Lamont; Fuller, Corey; Gray, Kevin; Hicks, Zahn; Holman, Andrew James; Holmes, Kendall; Howard, Alxendra; Hunley, David; Jolly, Autumn Nicole; Mamboyo, Juan E. Balguin; McGovern, Samuel; Mullins, Blaine; Prince, Colton Dean; Proudfoot, Garrison A.; Savoie, Henry; Soper, Charles Grayson; Stauber, June Maria, Jacob, Lydia. These students will be honored by the Greater Fredericksburg Chapter of Our Community Salutes at their 5th Annual Military Enlistee Recognition Ceremony on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in thanking these young men and women and their families for their dedication to serving this great Nation. We owe them and the many Americans who have served, and will serve, a debt of gratitude."
Congratulating Logan Martin Swearengin On Receiving The Boy Scouts Of America’S Eagle Scout Rank April 27, 2016
Billy Long, R-MO
"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Logan Martin Swearengin, of Springfield, Missouri, on his recent achievement of the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) top rank of Eagle Scout."
Congratulating Austin Bailey Swearengin On Receiving The Boy Scouts Of America’S Eagle Scout Rank April 27, 2016
Billy Long, R-MO
"Austin’s promotion to Eagle Scout is even more significant given that his brothers, Ethan and Logan, also achieved the Eagle Scout rank. To have one Eagle Scout in a family is remarkable, but to have three is beyond exemplary. Austin and his brothers’ achievements are a testament to their family’s reverence for focus and commitment."

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