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Expressing The Sense That There Should Be Established A National Americans Of African Immigrant Heritage Month (African Immigrant Heritge Month) September 28, 2013
Yvette Clarke, D-NY
"Whereas, In the 2000s Africans in the US were primarily beneficiaries of the highly popular State Department program known as the Diversity Visa lottery program;"
Immigration May 9, 2013
Steve King, R-IA
"Under our legal immigration policy, if you’re going to measure the merit of the applicants to legal immigration into the United States and you score it according to the merits of the individual applicant, only between 7 and 11 percent of our legal immigrants are even scored on their ability to contribute to America. All of the rest of them are coming through on something that doesn’t have anything to do with their ability to contribute to this society. Seven to 11 percent is all. So 89 to 93 percent of legal immigrants are going to come on something other than merit: family reunification, asylum, visa lottery program, to give you a few. And that’s legal, not counting the illegal, which is 40 percent visa overstays and 60 percent illegal border crossings."
Personal Explanation September 25, 2012
Brad Sherman, D-CA
"I have consistently opposed the diversity visa lottery program. However, there are substantial flaws in H.R. 6429. Congress should consider abolishing the diversity visa lottery through the regular process with full debate and with the consideration of amendments."
Conflict Between Iran And Israel March 5, 2012
Steve King, R-IA
"So if they need to go to the back of the line, do they really understand that the lines don’t start in the United States? The lines for legal immigration into the United States start in foreign countries where people have an aspiration to come here, and they apply for a visa and eventually a green card to come here; and that line, those lines, when you add up all of the lines of the various visas that are out there—H 1Bs, H 2Bs, the visa lottery program, the list goes on and on—you add up all of that, the lines to get in, waiting to come into the United States legally are 50 million long—50 million. Fifty million people are waiting in foreign countries to come to the United States legally, and I hear constantly the wait’s too long. We need to accelerate coming into the United States."
Student Loan Debt October 26, 2011
Steve Cohen, D-TN
"It was this realization that led me, as a State senator, to pass the Tennessee Education Lottery program that gives scholarships to our Tennessee students."

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