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Excessive Regulation By The Clinton Administration February 28, 2000
Craig Thomas, R-WY
"From April 1, 1996, until March 31, 1999, Federal agencies issued nearly 13,000 final rules. Of these, 188 were major final rules that each carried an annual cost of more than $100 million in our Nation’s economy."
Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions February 25, 1998
Christopher Bond, R-MO
"Despite strong support for the CRA, Congress thus far has been hesitant to use the streamlined procedures for reviewing a regulation provided under the CRA. In fact, since enactment of the Congressional Review Act, more than 7,400 new regulations have been issued—on average 25-30 per day. While many of these rules are routine and others certainly would have survived Congressional scrutiny, the fact remains that more than 110 major final rules have been issued, each having an annual affect on the economy of $100 million or more."
Increasing The Public Debt Limit March 28, 1996
Don Nickles, R-OK
"Upon issuing a final rule, a Federal agency must send to Congress and GAO a report containing a copy of the rule and also send to GAO or if requested, to Congress, the complete cost-benefit analysis, if any, prepared for the rule and the agency’s analyses required by the Regulatory Flexibility and Unfunded Mandates Acts. For major final rules, GAO shall provide within 15 days to the appropriate committee an assessment of the agency’s compliance with the regulatory flexibility, unfunded mandates, and cost-benefit analyses performed by the agency."

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