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National Hemp History Week June 4, 2015
Ron Wyden, D-OR
"American farmers were growing this product as early as the 1600s, before our Nation was even founded. The Declaration of Independence, colleagues, was written on paper made from hemp. In the 1800s and early 1900s, it was used to make rope, heating oil, and textiles. During World War II we used it as part of the Hemp for Victory Program to support our soldiers. But everything got changed when hemp got wrapped up with marijuana in Federal regulations, and it has been banned ever since. Are they related? Maybe industrial hemp and marijuana are related species, but one should not be confused with the other, much like a Chihuahua and a St. Bernard. Mixing hemp in with a ban on growing marijuana is based on a lot of misconception. No matter where Members of this body come down on medical or recreational marijuana, industrial hemp and marijuana might be related plant species, but there are big differences between them, such as their chemical makeup."
Medical Marijuana June 1, 2015
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"Mr. Speaker, there is a quiet revolution taking place across America to reform and modernize our marijuana laws. For over half a century, the official position has been one of prohibition, of incarceration, of obfuscation, and willful ignorance; yet almost 20 million Americans use marijuana every month."
Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations The Right To Appeal Act May 20, 2015
Rand Paul, R-KY
"The thing is, do we really need that? Do we need to come in the middle of the night looking for marijuana or any kind of drug? Couldn’t we come in the daytime and knock on the door and say: We have a warrant."
H.R. 2028 And H.R. 2029 May 1, 2015
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"During consideration of this bill, I offered an amendment that would have allowed VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients in the states where it was legal if they so choose. Our veterans should have the same medicines available to them as everyone else, and we should not prohibit VA doctors from consulting with their patients in accordance with their medical training and state law. I am disappointed that my amendment very narrowly failed, but I remain encouraged that we continue to build momentum in this issue, and gained significantly more bipartisan support than last year."
Democracy Is In Great Danger April 23, 2015
Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA
"The second bill I would like to mention today is H.R. 1940. H.R. 1940 was submitted by me yesterday. Basically, I would like to call the attention of my colleagues and the American people to the importance of H.R. 1940. What it does is sets a policy concerning the Federal Government that if a State government has legalized the medical use of marijuana last year—now, we are going to include whatever marijuana laws are on the books of various States—that the State law should be what is respected and not the Federal Government coming in to States and local communities where people have decided that they don’t believe that the police and Federal action and court action should be used against people who use marijuana."

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