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The Culture Of Opposition Needs To Change November 18, 2015
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"Mr. Speaker, Chuck Rosenberg, the acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, recently called the notion of smoking medical marijuana a joke."
West Virginia’S Drug Epidemic November 17, 2015
Alex Mooney, R-WV
"The most dramatic reason for Jefferson County to become a HIDTA is the high drug use statistics of the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. Cocaine use the past year is 16 percent above the national average, and nonmedical use of pain relievers is 15 percent above the national average. Illicit drug use other than marijuana in the past month is 27 percent above the national average."
Congressional Black Caucus November 2, 2015
Robert Scott, D-VA
"So all around the country, cities, States, and businesses are eliminating that box to check, talking to people and seeing if they are actually qualified for the job, and those that are qualified can get the job. Obviously, some violations, if you have got an embezzlement charge and you are trying to get a job in a bank, or child molestation at a daycare center, you know, but a lot of them, if it is a 20-year-old marijuana possession charge or something like that, compared to your credentials, compared to everybody else head and shoulders, well, people can overlook a 20-year-old conviction. You never would have gotten to that point if you had to check the box. That is why the ban the box campaign is so important."
Trade Act Of 2015 October 29, 2015
Bernard Sanders, I-VT
"In 2014 there were 620,000 marijuana possession arrests. That is one arrest every minute. According to a report by the ACLU, there were more than 8 million marijuana arrests in the United States from 2001 to 2010—8 million marijuana arrests—and almost 9 in 10 were for possession. Arrests for marijuana possession rose last year nationwide even as Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia became the first States in the Nation to legalize personal use of marijuana."
Legalizing Marijuana October 21, 2015
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"Mr. Speaker, advocates from the new emerging marijuana industry in Oregon are descending on Capitol Hill at a very critical time for this fledgling industry."

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