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Entry Title Date
Ungass Reflections April 27, 2016
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"Now, the United States is moving ahead at reform at the State and local levels. Forty States now provide some access to medical marijuana. Four States and the District of Columbia deal with adult use, and there will be four or five more States that will join this year."
Marijuana Debate April 14, 2016
Earl Blumenauer, D-OR
"Mr. Speaker, as we struggle to deal with the epidemic of opioid addiction and thousands of deaths from overdose, it is ironic that later this afternoon I will be part of a debate at the Brookings Institution about whether or not marijuana should continue to be a Schedule I controlled substance because, according to the statute, it has no medical value and a high potential for abuse."
Comprehensive Addiction And Recovery Act Of 2015 March 9, 2016
Lisa Murkowski, R-AK
"As I have spoken this afternoon on opioid addiction, and perhaps more specifically to heroin addiction, I always feel compelled to mention that in my State, and particularly in Anchorage, we have seen a spike of “spice” abuse. This is a synthetic marijuana. More and more, we are seeing individuals who are being sent to the hospital. It is our firefighters who seemingly are responding to more spice and more heroin incidents than they are responding to fire calls. Recognizing that it is not just heroin, but it is other drugs that are truly wreaking havoc on our families and our communities, we need to unite together to make a difference."
Comprehensive Addiction And Recovery Act Of 2015 March 7, 2016
Jeff Sessions, R-AL
"You have to have leadership from Washington. You can’t have the President of the United States of America talking about marijuana like it is no different than taking a drink, saying I used marijuana when I was in high school and it is no different than smoking."
Comprehensive Addiction And Recovery Act Of 2015—Motion To Proceed February 29, 2016
Rob Portman, R-OH
"Twenty years ago it was more marijuana and cocaine, but I think the lesson we have all learned is these drugs will come and go in terms of their severity and their impact on our communities and our families, but it is always going to be there, and we need to keep up the fight."

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